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   It’s attracted, it’s not pursued.

If you want to catch up with the girls you like, learn how to attract them. When it comes to attracting girls, the best way is to give her a sense of mystery.

“How to attract a woman instantly—-teach you how to attract girls, let her like you!”

Mystery can be fatal to girls, it can make them curious about you, it can generate a constant stream of enthusiasm and interest, it will make her want to explore you.

So she started trying to reach out to you, get to know you, and talk to you. But the feeling you give her is more mysterious, more indiscerptible. So she was more curious, more want to explore you clearly, so formed a virtuous circle. Girls in the process of exploring you will gradually, unknowingly attracted to you, like you.

Next, we’ll talk about how to give girls a sense of mystery, how to attract girls, let them like you.

“How to attract a woman instantly—-teach you how to attract girls, let her like you!”

1, elusive and interesting combination

Since it is a sense of mystery, it is natural not to let girls see through you at a glance, otherwise, there is no mystery.

It’s like a secret room escape, five minutes to clear the customs, what’s the point, not challenging at all, it will make girls lose interest in you.

Take two examples!

For example, a girl asks you what your occupation is!

You can say: this road is not I open, this tree is not I planted if you want to pass this pass, leave to buy road money, guess what occupation?

This will make girls curious, is it a robber, in fact, you are just a highway tollman.

You can also say: I, but great. My job is to use advanced computer technology to perform customized, personalized analyses of various types of numbers using the principles of statistics, logic, and mathematics.

“How to attract a woman instantly—-teach you how to attract girls, let her like you!”

This sounds very tall, but it’s really just a report statistician.

It’s boring to say your profession directly, it makes your chat boring, and a lot of careers aren’t really good to say. Although every population shouts that everyone is equal and that careers are not cheap, is this really the case?

I’ll tell you, “Yes!”

But everyone has a scale in their heart, in the end, how, we all know in the heart.

Back to the subject, let’s think about how to make your career interesting!

These will make girls feel very interesting to chat with you, very happy, you are very special, she will like to be with you feeling. Love is sometimes simple, this is the beginning of your love.

2, if you are far away, suddenly close

The meaning of the word is well understood, but how to do it is a technique. Some people freeze girls and suddenly disappear for a few days.

You need to consider two questions, the first is that you freeze after the girls will miss you, want to contact you? If girls don’t take you to heart at all, your freezing is not effective.

The second is, can you pull the relationship back after you freeze it? This involves the question of ad access, that is, if a girl feels that you are out of control and can’t get your love, then she’ll be far away from you.

The right thing to do is to take these three situations into account:

01, in different time periods, to chat, such as noon in the morning-evening.

02, the length of chat time, such as half an hour or an hour.

03, chat mood, is the enthusiasm like fire or relatively cold.

This is the right thing to do if you are far away. A few days after disappearing, the girl may have been frozen to death by you.

3, let the girl have a sense of loss, fully mobilize her emotions

Many people think that chasing girls need to take advantage of the hot iron, step by step, do not let go of any opportunity to upgrade the relationship.

This is not in line with my concept, I think we should try to improve ourselves, to attract girls. If it’s flowery, butterflies come from themselves.

Chasing girls too tight will make girls feel pressure, will let them want to escape you, and the foundation is unstable. The foundation is very important when the tall buildings rise flat. Now the divorce rate is very high, is because in the love period too hasty not enough to understand, and then the passion fades after can not face plain life. I think love should be slowly given, a long flow of fine water.

Love is sweet, girls also enjoy the process of love, so you may wish to extend the process of love. Let the girl feel lost is to mobilize the girl’s emotions, let her love you deeper and stronger.

There are many ways to make a girl feel lost, such as sending a girl home at the end of a date, and downstairs at her house, you look the girl in the eye. Dim light, gentle eyes, the girl thought you were going to kiss her, so she closed her eyes.

That’s when you give her a brain bomb and say with a bad smile: Are you thinking about something ashamed? At this time the girl will be angry, with small fists in her chest, mouth shouting “disgusting”. Thinking about how you are so inexplicable, with a full sense of loss.

At this point, then hold her face up with both hands and kiss it quickly. In this process, the girl’s mood swing is very big, the girl will love you love to die alive. 

To sum up, want to attract girls, to the girl mystery is to let her wonder, if she is far away from, and then fully mobilize her emotions. And let the girls explore you.

For example, just know, feel that you look good, after a while, found that you sing very good. After a while, I found that you can still play the guitar, dance and dance is also good. After a while, you find that you feed the stray cat again. The girl thought back: Wow, so loving! This process of exploring you is the process of falling in love with you.

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