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Today, we say that when we meet and get along with girls for the first time, we should pay attention to these 7 points to further develop.

1. Use the chance to create fate.

Men who interact by accident are more attractive to women than men introduced by others or who know each other in the work situation, and if the occasional situation repeats it, girls will be convinced of the existence of fate.

“How to attract a woman instantly—-how to effectively attract and catch up with girls”

According to my practice survey and understanding, most of the girls believe in the descent, constellations, occasional, they often take this as a witness of fate, an important reference for the beginning of a relationship.

If the other person is at work, check her commute route in detail; deliberately met her in a different place.

These are the women you are “brushing the sense of being”, appear in her world more times, will naturally attract her attention. A special memory is a feminine trait, they are easy to remember one thing, it is easy to accept the frequent people, they will think it is predestined.

“How to attract a woman instantly—-how to effectively attract and catch up with girls”

2. Don’t be too enthusiastic and busy with hospitality

When we first get along, we are still strangers to each other, and at first, we warmly talk to each other, which is the stupidity of chasing girls, because this destroys the beauty of fate.

In the girl’s subconscious, you will feel that you have a picture of bad, so you put up a high wall. Or she’ll think you’re passionate about everyone, your value is invisibly diminished, and you lack curiosity.

Therefore, you should keep a normal heart to treat her can, and do not rush to send gifts and so on.

As the number of chance encounters increases, she breaks the strangeness of you, you give girls a good impression, then your enthusiasm is more effective.

Because at that time, you got along as friends. You are warm, friends should be, she will not feel disgusted, you are easy to get along with each other.

Of course, you can’t be indifferent and passionate about life and work, which can make girls feel that you are easy to get along with and positive.

“How to attract a woman instantly—-how to effectively attract and catch up with girls”

3. Slowly move in and out, don’t be in a hurry to confess.

Confession is an immature and irrational expression from the beginning, and the normal order should be: what do you say when she becomes your girlfriend, not what happens when you tell her to be your girlfriend?

I saw an example on the Internet: a master chasing a month girl, very successful, and finally, both had sex, the woman anxious to ask the man, why don’t you let me be your girlfriend?

Most of our boys say it first, and make a bet on a relationship. However, the results are often not ideal, after being rejected, even friends are difficult to maintain, the meet is also very awkward.

How could a girl easily say yes? How can it be so easy to chase girls? Do you have a foundation between men and women?

Remember, if you’re not handsome and rich, you’re in a hurry to say you’re going to fail.

Maybe you understand girls, but girls don’t necessarily understand you! You have studied all the girls, but the relationship with the girls is still in the stranger stage, such a confession, not failure is strange.

The best way for you to get along with her is to start with a friend, build trust, and develop feelings in later times. With a certain emotional basis, you have a certain strength, you imply that love on the water into the canal. Girls like to roar, preferring the long flow of fine water.

You should also know that love should go in the direction of long-term, should be in the direction of marriage. If you just play or don’t delay the girl’s beautiful future.

“How to attract a woman instantly—-how to effectively attract and catch up with girls”

4. Create a sense of mystery and keep girls curious.

The mystery is an attraction that women can’t resist. They are naturally fond of guesswork and imagination and are far more curious about the unknown than boys.

When you get to know each other, boys don’t reveal too much information, let girls be curious about you.

If you tell her everything. She knows you well, no curiosity, over time, will get tired of you.

5. based on respecting women, be a little overbearing and not be too polite.

In TV dramas or life, we all see a lot of “good boys can’t catch up with girls, and some “bad boys” are popular with girls. This is a question worth thinking about.

In fact, good boys show that women as “nannies” as the same care, is indeed done to girls, but girls will not buy, because that kind of care, too “cheap”.

Girls like challenges, good boys can easily get them, lack challenges. Girls like to be cared for again, so good boys are the best plan b for girls.

“Bad boy” is not the same, he gave girls some challenges, when necessary, with a little surprise, even in front of the girls show bullying, occasionally expresses a little concern, but also play a little sweet words, the girls’ emotions and thoughts mobilized, so that girls have a strong interest.

So, when chasing girls, don’t be particularly polite, it’s best to be aggressive and remember that you’re not a babysitter.

It’s worth reminding that the “bullying” here is based on respect for women. Because no woman would like a hooligan who doesn’t do evil, an unreasonable mix-up.

6. Cultivate common interests and find common topics.

It is important to get along with girls and develop common interests. You can borrow some opportunities to spend time with her.

For example, she likes sports, you may as well go running; This increases the time you spend with her and lets her know that your interests match.

When chatting every day, have a common topic. Some boys chatter, or silent, this is the big taboo of chatting with girls. Do a good chat, to the following five points.

First, understand the girl’s character and hobbies.

This can visit her FB, the circle of friends to understand, according to different personalities, hobbies, to take targeted chat.

Second, don’t talk too much.

Many boys like to talk, regardless of the girl’s feelings, people are disgusted.

Third, don’t talk too long.

In the early stages, each other have a lot of curiosity and topics, but can not affect your normal work, but also remember to leave some topics to the future.

If the beginning of enthusiasm to say nothing, the back will be slowly cold, nothing to say.

7, learn to praise.

Many boys are afraid of girls to feel their own flattery, so see girls do an excellent or excellent performance, and dare not praise.

In fact, at the beginning of the first knowledge, praise girls is a very good magic weapon, which will leave a good impression on girls.

First, praise to grasp the timing and refinement.

For example, she is wearing a new dress today, which is purple. You should say, “The clothes you’re wearing today suit you very well, especially this purple stripe, which suits your temperament.” ”

Second, the praise of the occasion.

Generally speaking, proper public praise can win the likes of others, but overdoing it can be embarrassing.

If you can, praise her behind her back, if your words reach her ears, she will be happy and will gradually pay attention to you, because praise is a signal of good feelings, especially behind the praise, will be imagined.

Third, praise should be sincere.

Don’t just boast about girls, or she’ll think you’re fake because you’re expressing them too obviously.

Besides, she’ll think you’re lifting her. So, in addition to praise, don’t be afraid to point out some of her shortcomings.

These are the six techniques we use at the beginning to get along effectively with girls and catch up with the girls we love.

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