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As a girl is very responsible to tell you, only I like people to chat with me every day, I will be very happy and excited. The others are annoying.

Especially some people who are not familiar with it, ask you every day, “Where do you read in elementary school”, “Where do you read in college”, “How much is your salary”

Super disgusted.

“How to attract a woman instantly—-how to chat with girls to make them feel bored” 

1 Control the frequency of chats

I know you think of each other, I know you are not easy to meet a person you like, I know you have the heart to express.

But don’t use your self-movedness as a reason to harass others. If you’re just a friend to her or someone you don’t know well, go back to your place.

Do friends chat every day? Is there anything I can do to find out what you’re doing? Will you are not let go of any clues to explore your privacy?

No, not even a boyfriend.

Any boy who doesn’t have a strong attraction to me, every day to chat with me, I will be very disgusted. I believe most girls do.

If it’s a strong attraction for us, we’ll take the initiative to talk to you, so don’t worry about missing out on opportunities that never show up.

“How to attract a woman instantly—-how to chat with girls to make them feel bored”

2 Pursuit is not a matter of eagerness

If you’re still new, don’t worry about pushing the relationship forward.

There are a lot of boys who are particularly anxious at the beginning. Some people get caught up in love at first sight or worry that someone else will step up first and want to dominate first.

Two people must get to know each other.

Just did the wrong thing.

One essential factor in eliminating strangeness is time.

You put it, after two or three weeks of contact, her resistance to you will be much lower, and then contact you that the sense of purpose is much weaker.

It’s best to keep your circle of friends active during this period.

It’s going to mess up.

“How to attract a woman instantly—-how to chat with girls to make them feel bored”

3 Adjust your mindset

What’s the purpose of your chat?

The purpose of your chat is to get out and attract her

Don’t chat to ease your loneliness

Your loneliness passed out, will let the other side feel that you are a very boring person without charm, so no one cares, so you are lonely.

So the more lonely a man is, the more wonderful a man is.

There is a subtle relationship between man and man’s gas field, which we can all feel.

4 Chat should bring positive emotional value to the other person

Because of the girl’s gender bonus, at some point, you can see the girls have a lot of boys to chat with her.

And these girls are highly sought after, so she’s not like you.

Not lonely, do not need to chat to have fun

Some chats are interesting to make us happy. But the others, except for politeness, really don’t bother to reply

We can only waste time, we really have no income and no demand.

5 Don’t talk more about every day.

“Did you eat it” “Go back to the dormitory” “What did you eat at noon” “I had a meeting” “I changed the water for my house” “I ate tomato scrambled eggs”

Like what

I’m here today to show my sense of humour

I’m here today to blur the invitation

I’m here today to get rid of the strangeness

I’m here today to make an offer and so on

Don’t talk aimlessly daily

You think you hide a good purpose, in fact, we all know that the big man’s generous expression is good.

“How to attract a woman instantly—-how to chat with girls to make them feel bored”

6 If your foundation isn’t attractive enough, it’s annoying to talk about it

This should be put in front.

You’re ugly, or you’re too poor, or you’ve done something that everyone looks down on.

It’s no use talking about it.

It’s annoying for you to talk about flowers.

Because of chatting with you and even contact, subconscious feel ashamed, being known is also a very humiliating thing, talk about what?

7 Chat to be polite, don’t be greedy

Some people, people girls just reply to the message, he has been chatting.

Talk about the sea dead stone wasteland old, 12 o’clock in the middle of the night to chat.

I’ve met before, and I’ve said I’m going to sleep, or I’m constantly switching topics. It was really annoying.

I can only ignore going to bed.

Then we became friends and talked about it, and he said he didn’t think he was doing well, so he said he was going to bed.

So he decided to change the subject and behave well…

You chat, once a week, for almost an hour at a time. Don’t have this kind of fan mentality.

8 Make the atmosphere a little more relaxed, first of all, you have to have a relaxed attitude

People say 10 words, you return a small composition.

Do you think it’s appropriate?

The messages we receive with particular caution are very heavy in our hearts. Think people are serious, so we should be careful not to say the wrong thing to hurt people’s hearts.

Really, every girl wants to be a kind little angel in front of her suitors.

But I’m sorry, such a tense atmosphere is not relaxing.

The reason is online when you can’t relax, but it’s super bad. If every time a person appears makes me feel very tired and nervous, do you think you will like this person?

More times directly blackened.

9 Turn around, don’t be out of balance

Simply put, you two chat to the number of words, not too bad.

Your chat subject will be rotating back and forth between you two.

Talk about you, talk about her. Don’t express yourself for a long time. Don’t hold each other for a long time, the sense of demand is too strong to be annoying.

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