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There are basically several reasons for boys and girls to chat.

First, the girls themselves are not interested in you

In this case you have to consider the issue of their own value, here does not expand to say

“How to attract a woman instantly—-how to chat with girls, in order to avoid embarrassing chat to attract women”

Second, boys can’t chat, they can’t guide girls, they can provide topics

This is what we usually say, give you a chance, you don’t use ah.

Today to give you a detailed discussion of how to talk about what topics, and how to extend the topic.

Generally common topics, I divide it into two categories:

1. Topics that can be used to open a chat

a Hobbies

Common there are food, stars, travel, gossip, movies, pets, constellations, variety shows, TV dramas, games, if cut in from hobbies, general topics can be selected in these several. 

For example: just eat with friends, eat a particularly good dessert;  my dog recently gave birth to a puppy, hairy, so cute.

b State sense class

Their own state, the girl’s state, the state of the surrounding society

For example: recently always dream, dream of Zixia fairy, do not know what the moral; just off work, out of the unit; your friend circle photo is good, especially like a person I know; recently about to have a holiday, the street is full of gift-giving people, depressed.

Let’s talk about these topics and pay attention to some questions

Don’t talk about topics that girls don’t care about or like, such as military, politics, history, philosophy, sports. It is mainly a particularly obvious topic of mascuization.

Don’t talk about topics that are too deep and difficult to understand, don’t talk about topics that are too rational.

For topics to share feelings, do not blindly evaluate.

2, pull into the topic of relationship

Past class:

Childhood anecdotes, school experiences, college life, work experiences, and so on can easily resonate emotionally between two people.

Story class:

Other people’s legendary experiences, folk anecdotes, customs, these if you have enough reserves, you can show more to girls

Future planning class:

You can talk about your future plans, your dreams.

Talk about the future, you may as well guide the girls first to say, for example: Tell me what fun your childhood is? / How did you spend your college? / What do you want to be most in the future, what do you want? / Which city do you prefer to live in if you choose?

“How to attract a woman instantly—-how to chat with girls, in order to avoid embarrassing chat to attract women” 

When the girls finish chatting, but also to carry out appropriate eye-catching, such as: I think you are a very thoughtful girl. / I find that we have so much in common.

When we have enough topics, the next step is the way to chat.

A typical chat can continue in three ways.

A. Answer according to the key word of the chat

For example, girls say to you: I am eating, here the key word split is two, I and eat. We can extend according to these two words. That is, use me and eat separately to make sentences. It can be like this

I’m not like you, I’m starving / What’s good about eating, there’s no handsome guy with you

B.  Answer according to the meaning expressed in the chat

This is based on the message and purpose of the chat. For example, the girl said to you: I am eating, this sentence conveys the meaning of a fact and state. When we learn of this fact, we may have a lot of reactions, and that’s what we’re going to give back to the girls. It can be like this

I guess you’ve got your nostrils in one hand, your chicken legs in the other, the apples in your mouth

C. Actively transfer the topic

When you don’t know or it’s hard to give a good answer to a girl’s information in a short time, there’s a good way to move the conversation. For example, the girl said: I am eating. You can do that

I’m watching a movie, the latest one, the hero is so handsome

Having said that, do you understand?

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