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For two people in a relationship, the taste of each other should be the most attractive.

It is well known that a large part of the taste of the human body comes from sweat. Many girls are more sensitive to this taste than boys. (On this point, you can see from some classic urban love dramas in which the male master cheats.) )

So, girls in the identification of their favourite people, the smell will not play a role?

“How to attract a woman instantly—-how to attract more girls? Top SCI: with this “manliness”

On December 31, 2008, a study published in The Journal of Neuroscience, a leading SCI journal, found that women could feel a chemical called “information” in men that hide in men’s sweat and makes them attractive to men.

“Pherotone” – male sterane dsterone (PSP)

We already know that many animals use chemical signals from the body and skin to convey important information, including sexual interest.

Many scientists have studied a “pheromone” called PSP, which can link social behaviour to chemical signals.

Stone is an odour-smelling steroid that is generally higher in men than in women. In women, the levels of stone aldosterone can have a positive effect on mood and cognition and enhance the wake-up function of the sensory nervous system.

The composition of “sex sweat”

In this experiment, the researchers directly studied the “sex sweat” (sexually waking sweat) produced by people in the natural environment, a human sweat consisting of stone and acid, which is thought to be a mixture of sebum glands, endocrine glands, and top secretion gland secretions.

Scholars believe that “sex sweat” is a sonochemical signal that can convey personal identity and reproductive status, and may affect the happiness, fear and anxiety of sweaters.

To examine how the brain functions to deal with human “sex sweats,” the researchers conducted the first functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) study of people’s naturally occurring “sex sweats.”

“Sex sweat” is stronger than other sweats

The scientists then compared “sex sweat” with two other types of sweat (male stone and neutral sweat) and non-society odours (benzene ethanol, PEA).

The researchers tested 19 healthy female subjects and recorded and monitored their olfactory stimulation during their five runs.

During the procedure, inhalation was expressed in “I” and exhalation in “O” indicated that after each olfactory stimulation, the researchers rated their response intensity/pleasure.

“How to attract a woman instantly—-how to attract more girls? Top SCI: with this “manliness”

The results are shown in the figure below. The figure on the left represents the intensity rating, and the right chart represents the level of pleasure, which shows that “sex” and sterane dhitonone (PSP) is more intense than neutral sweats, while phenyl ethanol (PEA) is considered more pleasant than “sex” and neutral sweat.

Show a group of men a sex video

In another study, the researchers recruited 20 heterosexual men and banned them from using deodorants, anti-sweating agents or flavour products, as well as shampoo-free conditioners, soaps and lotions provided by the experimenters.

The researchers then divided them into two groups, one of which had experience watching pornographic videos, and the authors showed them 20 minutes of sex video clips to encourage them to evoke sex and produce “sexual sweats”;

In the process, the researchers collected sweat from their armpits and used iso-permeable electrolytes filled in the palms of their hands to record their skin conductivity.

The researchers then selected three healthy male non-smokers (26, 29 and 29 years old, respectively) to repeat the experiment to test the level of sexual arousal.

As the figure below shows, Sex has the highest number of all emotions, indicating that sexual arousal in the above experiments was successful.

“Sex sweats” make women’s brains more active

The experiment found that men’s skin conductivity was greater during watching 20 minutes of sex video clips than watching educational documentaries.

Next, the researchers asked the female subjects to smell the “sex sweats” and neutral sweats produced by the above experiments, as well as functional magnetic resonance (fMRI) scans of their brains.

Scans found that two areas of the female subjects’ brains were more active when they smelled “sex sweat” than neutral sweats.

The two areas are the olfactory cortical area and the shuttle-shaped area responsible for facial and body recognition, as shown in the figure below.“How to attract a woman instantly—-how to attract more girls? Top SCI: with this “manliness”

Didn’t expect it, sweat also has a factor of love. Love him or her, love her sweat!

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