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Sorry, I don’t have feelings for you!

The word “feeling” makes countless boys deeply distressed and sad. What’s it like? How do you give girls the feeling they want?

Actually, it’s simple.

The feeling that girls say is to see if you have attracted girls, attracted to that is to have feelings, not attracted to that is “I’m sorry, I don’t feel for you.”

“How to attract a woman instantly—-how to attract girls?”

How can we attract girls?

Many boys will adopt a good way for girls, hoping to use their own pay and courting to move girls, so that girls fall in love with themselves.

Good to girls is not wrong, but your pay, your flattery can not move girls. Perhaps you are really moved to the girl, but moved is not love, the girl will not be moved to be with you.

Because love is not a “deal”, not because you are good to her, she will be good to you;

Perhaps your relationships and relationships were good at first, but this will allow her needs to expand indefinitely.

And when you give and please her needs, your “feelings” will expose all kinds of problems, and then the tragedy begins.

Girls are emotional, which is based on feelings to fall in love, the correct way to attract girls is to create mood swings, with mood swings will produce feelings. Today to teach you a few tricks so that girls feel for you.

“How to attract a woman instantly—-how to attract girls?”

The first: mystery

Is to let the girl can not see through you at a glance, let her be curious about you, let her want to explore you. A lot of times it’s the beginning of your story to explore, and the process of exploring is the process of being attracted to you and falling in love with you.

Curiosity kills not only the cat but also her, which makes her deeply involved. It’s like you’re watching a movie, and there’s always someone next to you who tells you what’s going to happen in the next second, so what’s the point? So remember, don’t let her see through you at a glance, more mystery.

Second: comfort

It’s about making her feel comfortable and comfortable with you and say whatever she wants. Chat with you and have a good time with you. Most often, the most offensive thing for a girl is to ask her a lot of questions or to ask her sensitive questions. We should focus more on sharing, more statements, fewer questions.

Third: a sense of distance

A lot of boys talk endlessly, they can’t stop. When it comes to finishing the topic, there’s nothing you can say. Or to the girl yawning to you: “Sleepy, I’m going to sleep.” ”

You’ve finished all the talk, so what are you talking about tomorrow? What’s the bland “what are you doing?” “Did you eat it?”

Interrupt the chat while the girl is talking to you. The first shows that you are a person with a life, the second does not expose the sense of need, the third you chat well hey, the girl also wants to chat with you, after which she may take the initiative to chat with you. Why not do so much in one go?

I know that some boys will also have the idea of keeping a distance, but also want girls to come to you to actively chat.

So secretly decided not to look for her tonight, to see if she would come to me.

“How to attract a woman instantly—-how to attract girls?”

Wait a minute, why don’t you come to me?

Well, I’m not looking for you anymore!

After a while, hey, she sent a circle of friends, or find her!

It’s nice to chat with her!

No, I’ll never look for her tomorrow.

That’s it, your behaviour lets the girl know that you don’t need to look for her, you will take the initiative to find her.

Remember, there’s no fear of being favoured. So this determination is still to be made, disappear for a few days. And you need to adjust your status every day when you’re looking for her and the girls are never active.

There are boys, listen to interrupt the chat, to freeze girls, so to freeze and freeze, know it but do not know why. So the relationship with the girls really cooled down.

You know our goal is to catch up with her and make her your girlfriend. Push her away and pull her back in time. One push and one pull between to better mobilize her emotions.

The best is to suddenly close, if you leave, want to indulge, let women guess you. Don’t let her have the feeling of eating you so that she can make you feel better.

Fourth: a sense of connection

This time girls have been attracted to you, we have to do is to strengthen the sense of contact, so that girls often think of you, like to feel with you. You can talk more about in-depth topics, topics that resonate, interesting things that happen around you, and how you feel.

Fifth: intimacy

And girls chat better than girls come out to play, the best way to enhance intimacy is physical contact. Make a fuss, date holding hands and hugging and kissing.

Don’t be shy, take the initiative, she’s been waiting for you to hold her hand. Don’t miss a good love because you’re shy, if you don’t upgrade your relationship over time, then you’ll enter the friendship zone and become friends.

Sixth: Freshness

After a long time, the passion retreated, you know each other, gradually will feel more and more boring life, so need some freshness.

You can change your image, such as changing your hair, wearing glasses, and wearing different styles of clothes. You can also do more romantic things to give her some surprises. You can also take her out for a walk, the motherland, take her to see different scenery, take her to experience something she has never experienced.

Seventh: Security

This is essential and every girl wants to feel. We can bring girls to meet her family and friends, take her into her own life, but also actively into her life. You can also talk to her about the future and let her know that your future is beautiful.

In fact, many girls are looking for a man like their father all their lives. Dad’s word is very safe. Think about whether when you were little, you felt like your father was omnipotent and like a superman.

Grow up, gradually understand that in fact, a dad is just an ordinary person, is not omnipotent, but, as long as he is very at ease. Dad’s tall image has long been printed in her heart.

So we can do something that makes her admire you. In what girls are good at, we’re good at being a listener. In areas where she’s not good at it, if you’re good at it, play well, and if you’re not good at it, you can try it. Although you may not be able to handle it, you do her will feel good. Women need a man who can lead them.

That’s it, at first keep the mystery, arouse the girl’s curiosity about you, then establish the comfort, let the girl feel comfortable chatting with you, then keep the distance, suddenly close, if you leave, want to indulge fully mobilize her emotions, at the same time do a good sense of contact, intimacy, let her fall in love with you, and finally pay attention to the preservation of love, do a good job of security.

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