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This is the basic temperament, mainly used in the primary stage of chasing girls, to shape their own temperament as the first step in chasing girls. Below are the 6 temperaments I suggest.

1. Take the initiative and show self-confidence.

Self-confidence is the best expression of a person’s spiritual outlook, is to do everything well one of the basic driving forces. Girls may be socially and psychologically “shy” and prefer to see confident boys.

According to an online survey, the three boys most liked by girls are calm, friendly and confident, which shows that self-confidence is important enough. Life encountered worry, in front of her to show more optimism and strength.

“How to attract a woman instantly—-how to attract and catch up with girls effectively?”

Self-confidence is the first step in chasing girls. If you’re afraid and have low self-esteem, the pursuit is basically gone. Remember, you’re chasing girls. instead of girls chasing you. A confident boy is more attractive to girls because the “signals” sent to her are highly energetic.

2. Be responsible and be a mature man.

Many girls like uncles, in addition to the “father complex”, but also can see that they like mature and stable people, rather than childish.

Responsibility is an important embodiment of the mature charm of men, mature men should be brave to take responsibility, such as social responsibility, family responsibility, work responsibilities and so on. A person’s true maturity, not only on the outside of maturity but also should be mental maturity.

When you encounter difficulties and setbacks and dangers, do not cry, do not abandon yourself, do not complain, to calm down. The sense of responsibility can produce the maturity of men, from the maturity of men can be seen in the sense of responsibility.

“How to attract a woman instantly—-how to attract and catch up with girls effectively?”

3. To be opinioned, do not hesitate.

The opinion is an excellent man’s temperament and style of the important embodiment is the woman to men’s score an important plus point.

When you have some problems, you can ask a woman for advice or ask someone to make her feel like you’re not arbitrary or narrow-minded. But you have to have an opinion, preferably a unique one, and be able to make rational decisions right away.

If others say what, you believe in what, by others’ three words and two words led by the nose, then in the female consciousness, you will be judged in other aspects of the only nono, timid fear, not suitable to spend a lifetime together. In this way, it is difficult for you to develop further.

“How to attract a woman instantly—-how to attract and catch up with girls effectively?”

4. Take care of your own image and display high value.

Girls like high-value boys. The high value here is measured by your external image and inner image. Generally speaking, a good external image is more attractive to girls, and a long-term relationship with girls also requires a good inner image. Reflecting high value, you can start from the following aspects.

Take care of your image

Image is very important, this is an era to see the image. Looks are the most intuitive expression of personal image, but every man can not be so handsome, but this does not mean that your image is poor. Because your image also includes dress, speech, behaviour, connotation. Hold on to these, you can win the girl’s good feeling.

External: Whether handsome or not, be clean and tidy, make people look comfortable. Before you go out, remember to organize your clothes, sleeves don’t fold, see go on a date, take care of your whole body, don’t grow a beard, the beard will make girls disgusted; hairstyles can’t kill Matt; the colour of pants should be properly matched; shoes and socks should also learn to match; generally don’t wear key rings to the waist; don’t leave long nails and so on.

Inside: dress reasonable and clean;

“How to attract a woman instantly—-how to attract and catch up with girls effectively?”

5. Show gentle consideration and pay attention to the details.

Men in the display of musculus, if there is a little gentle, this will make the girl in a state of distraught. This can be demonstrated in two ways.

First, compassion for animals, especially small animals and so on, but also to understand the care. Show a kind smile to the kitten and puppy, show love and pity to the little flower grass, and even to an ant, but also full of sympathy and love. Girls will want you to be full of feelings and love for these little things, that the feelings of women are more unquestionable, and she will be more sure of you.

Of course, it is worth reminding that to do this gentle behaviour, one can not be too deliberate, have to grasp the timing. Unwittingly, it often achieves the best results.

Second, to girls to be considerate, pay attention to detail. She had a cold and could buy cold medicine in the name of a friend; But don’t say, “Remember to drink boiled water.” “That would be offensive to girls. Don’t pretend to know a lot about girls’ physiology, girls’ understanding of their own physiology is usually hundreds of times better than boys’.

In the details know how to care for girls, more to win the hearts of girls. A girl’s eyes are a scanner, and when she observes you, your whole body is a QR code, and the smaller the place, the easier it is for her to find the end.

6. Make yourself excellent and have great ideals.

A man must have great ideals. According to a survey, the most popular condition for boys is that men have their own careers and are successful.

It is well known that many successful men, although they look good, a beautiful girl is standing around. The charm of men in their careers fascinates girls the most. Many mature girls are most concerned about whether you have a good economy and quality to let her and future generations live a happy life, rather than the most concerned about your handsome or not handsome.

If she values appearance the most, but you are not handsome, then it is best to give up the pursuit of her earlier. Of course, when you’re well off, girls are likely to look at you.

Therefore, you have to focus on your career, you must strive for success. When you’re good enough, it naturally attracts women to you. You can hold the initiative of love, the selectivity is much greater.

At that time, marrying the girl you like, living the life you want, reaching the top of your life, is no longer a bubble.

These 6 boys should have the temperament, help us effectively attract the attention of girls, is conducive to catch up with their favourite girls. I wish you an early break from your order and win your own beautiful love.

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