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I have occupational diseases, always like to ask girls at what moment to my heart, some have details, some are just a bland scene, summed up:

“How to attract a woman instantly—-chasing girls must see! Ten core rules of attraction”

1. Be considerate

I’ll help the girl cover her head when she’s in the car, so she doesn’t touch the door frame;

I’ll fasten the girl’s seat belt when she gets in the car.

I’ll help the girl open the chair when she’s in her seat;

I’ll hand her paper towels when the girl is full of oil;

I’ll hand over a hamstring when the girl with long hair doesn’t have a rib. 

“How to attract a woman instantly—-chasing girls must see! Ten core rules of attraction”

2. Lead

When the girl says “whatever”, I can directly say where we are going;

When a girl says, “I choose fear,” I can help her make a choice;

When a girl says, “I don’t know what to do,” I can analyze the pros and cons and take her to do it.

“How to attract a woman instantly—-chasing girls must see! Ten core rules of attraction”


3. High emotional security, can help girls resolve embarrassment.

If the girl you’re dating accidentally farts in a lot of people’s elevators, it’s embarrassing.

If you pretend you didn’t hear it, it’s even more embarrassing.

My approach is to apologize to everyone: I’m sorry, I just let it go.

After going out, hurry to find the topic, transfer the topic so that girls out of the awkward state.

Girls will like the boys who break up with her.

It’s an ability.

There are not so many real dangers in life, and the situation is a danger to girls.

4. Don’t ask

Boys with low emotional security are particularly fond of asking.

There is no way to see what the girls’ shifting topics and perfunctory answers mean.

On behalf of people who do not want to say ah pro.

A lot of things, girls want to talk to you, naturally will talk to you.

Believe me, being asked and girls taking the initiative to tell you are two feelings.

5. It’s going to make people laugh

Be able to give comfort and amuse girls when they complain and get emotional.

When a girl scolds someone, it’s not advice but swearing.

When a girl cries, she doesn’t say, “Don’t cry, don’t cry,” but “Cry, lend you your shoulders.”

Not cajoling people is emotional security low does not explain.

6. Have your own focused things to do

Some boys like to put girls first.

After the saddle horse, no matter what they are doing, girls appear, they go straight to girls.

Even if the girl says, “No, you’re busy with yourself.” ”

No matter what you’re busy with, the girl has a message that appears like a dog.

7. Love

Before taking a bag of cod fillets downstairs to feed a dirty stray cat.

It would be afraid of me when it was eaten, so I stood in the distance and recorded this lovely scene.

Whoever thought, this scene makes a girl who doesn’t like me very much, offer to ask me out.

8. Strong and fragile

I lectured late that day and was too tired to walk.

She was standing downstairs when she was about to walk downstairs.

Perhaps seeing my tiredness, she ran over.

The moment I held her, I was paralyzed in her arms.

Like a soldier who has just come down from the battlefield.

Men have to be strong, there is an honour, in front of men.

Remove the mask properly in front of the woman and release the fragile side.

Then she told me that from that moment on, she decided to take care of me for the rest of my life.

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