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 Some women think they can not conquer men in bed, so the house has maintained a very passive state, all by the man in charge, their own housing feeling embarrassed to say. Over time there will be housing fatigue, so women can not always be in a passive state, to actively seduce their men, so that their housing feelings more intense.

“How do girls flirt”

1, if the shadow is present

Some packaging is also needed for sex. First of all, don’t think that a trace is the best expression, in bed, this time is often not frank, more is a modification, that small section of the distance that wants to be hidden, often let the soul of both sides lost a little longer.

Second, be well-wrapped. When a woman wrote to the magazine, she regretted talking about a detail that made her faceless: one night, she went to bed early, thinking that her husband on night shift would not have sex, he went to bed without a bath, and even more, regretted that she was wearing a pair of underwear that broke several holes… When the husband’s palm lamp wanted to appreciate the sleeping beauty, he was startled. She described lying there as bedless and so imageless.

Love-understanding woman, will pay attention to their own image in the bed, do not think in front of “their own people” do not want to be beautiful, do not think that the body in bed, you can easily pass, baby your jade body, will make beautiful dreams do more long. It’s respect for him, it’s respect for himself.

“How do girls flirt”

2, flirting and swearing

In fact, men quite like to flirt, those immoral goblins, perhaps abominable, but those waves make men’s blood boiling, can not be their own. Sex is a kind of physical communication, but also a kind of emotional communication, and if you give up language, it will inevitably affect the harmony and unity of spirit and meat.

Men don’t just like to have sex with their eyes, they also like to have sex with their ears. Sex is a process of feeling, and the full participation of your five officials will make this wonderful sport more perfectly engaged and colourful.

3, slightly fragrant clean

Here, it is worth mentioning that all the “packaging”, the most fundamental premise is: you must be clean, and then with a trace of incense, not too strong, too strong, like being put on the nose to smell 10 minutes of flowers released by the kind of “weird fragrance”!

4, messy hair

However, there is only one place you do not have to pack, that is hair, it is best to remove hair cards, combs, rubber bands, let it “messy”, with a hint of charm, a trace of depravity, a trace of laziness, and a trace of unguarded confusion … The biggest difference between a woman in the bedroom and a woman in the living room is that the former cape exudes sexiness, while the latter hangs a tall bun that reflects a noble forehead and a stubborn neck. The former makes men impulsive, the latter lets men appreciate.

For women, sex is a right, a kind of enjoyment, is a kind of physical and mental participation, is also a kind of emotional creation. Don’t just stick to passively stretch out five fingers, to pick up Ganlu; May wish to plant themselves in the fertile soil of love, grow into a full of poetry and vitality of the grass, and then a dew contained in the leaves moisten a bright flower.

5, hot heart

Many men privately say that they hate the kind of women who die just to do their duty, they are cold, dry Baba, seem to have no sense, and some even have sex, but also think of her wool work! Wonderful sex should be that bed of moonlight, not that cold bed. Take the initiative in sex to take out your LELO shared sex products Lily bar, let you feel the passion together.

Second, husband and wife sex skills

1. Open the window and close the curtains. The slow breeze blowing bare skin, and neighbours may vaguely hear shy moans in the house, all of which make sexual mobilization more full. Or, more boldly, “I’m me” in the car. Worried that the stimulation found will stimulate adrenaline and bring excitement and urgency to the “sex fight”.

2, rub each other’s scalps. There are a lot of nerve endings under the scalp, which also explains why massaging the head feels comfortable. This contact promotes the secretion of oxytocin and makes the husband and wife feel closer together. The move will pave the way for a long period of romantic foreplay before sex. 

3, make good use of the sofa. The husband sits on the sofa, the wife sits face-to-face on his lap, and the wife can swing back and forth when kissing, which sex experts say can bring extreme sexual pleasure, and the crazier the action, the more exciting it is.

4, when fire slow stew. Sometimes, the couple’s sexual mood to slowly mobilize, you can try to use the mobile phone flirting text messages, such as “tell you, I wear your favourite red underwear” text message, will appear in the spouse’s mind sexy scene. When the two returned home, it was self-evident what was going to happen.

5, ice stimulation. Sexologists believe that ice can make sexual contact more intense. Try sliding the ice cubes over each other’s lips and the inside of your thighs. When the other person can’t help it, don’t give up, because sex is about finding happiness, and you’re sure to find a great feeling.

6, descriptive activities. Just say what’s going on during sex, like,挲 “Your hands are on my lap, it feels awesome,” and your partner will know what moves you, what you desire more, and what actions will make you happy. An on-site description of sexual activity prevents the flow of thought and ensures a focus on sexual activity.

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