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First, what flirting skills should women master?

Most women are waiting for their partners to ask themselves to have sex, but sometimes waiting for the words “I want to watch the game,” “I’m going to sleep,” “I’m too tired to work today” and so on, when you complain again will take back your mind? You mustn’t give him some stimulation so that his heart and eyes have no time to think about anything else, and then look at something else.

“How do girls flirt—-what flirting skills should women master”

1, The wig

In front of the game and the romantic encounter, I believe 99% of the men will choose the romantic encounter. So when he’s looking at the ball again, you’re going to create a “romantic encounter” for him. I’ve seen in magazines that more than 15 percent of men say that having sex with a partner, if she’s wearing a wig, makes him feel as if she’s having sex with another woman, creating a “stealth” stimulation in addition to having sex like never before. At a critical moment, a hair set is enough.

Interest: It’s ★★

Power: ★★

2, passion massage

Husband’s work is very busy, then learn a few massage methods, just can deal with always shout tired men, very effective Oh. When he’s “too tired” again, you can give him a massage, but the part of the massage is the foot. The foot has a wealth of nerve endings, some of which are connected to the sex organs, gently massage his foot, can let him feel the unprecedented pleasure, this time, you still have to worry that he has no desire?

Taste: It’s ★★★

Power: ★★★★. 

3, let love spread in the sleep

It’s not that easy to pretend to sleep. Don’t wake him up in a hurry, you can gently approach his body, touch him slowly, then hold him and rub him with your body. If he still has the guts to sleep, you can caress yourself instead and moan gently until you’re about to reach orgasm before climbing on your husband’s body. As long as he is a normal man, I don’t believe he can sleep.

Fun: It’s ★★★★

Power: ★★★★

“How do girls flirt—-what flirting skills should women master”

4, add a little intoxicated

When a man says he’s drunk, he’s usually sober, and he knows what you’re talking about. Therefore, usually drop wine do not touch you can drink a little, slightly intoxicated not only for your cheeks to add red, for your eyes to add a hazy beauty and soft beauty, but also let you release the peace day completely different density and frank beauty.

Taste: It’s ★★★

Power: ★★

5, freezing temptation

Men, especially fat men, are afraid of heat, and this excuse seems to be reliable. What he needs at this point is the temptation of ice. The cream and jelly that have just been taken out of the fridge are all very good flirting babes. One can be used as a lubricant, two can also satisfy the appetite, and this is more interesting than oil-refined lubricants, the most suitable for summer use.

Fun: It’s ★★★★

Power: ★★★

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