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First, women must learn flirting skills

“How do girls flirt—-what flirting skills do women have to learn”

1, the ambiguous clothes

Don’t doubt that wearing at least one dress before you have sex would be better if you could put sexy lingerie on it. Pink silk pyjamas, loose-fitting white shirts or T-shirts, short skirts he sends you… No matter what clothes, the texture should be soft and comfortable, half exposed, so that he has the desire for further peeping. One man involved in the survey once described it this way: “I like to have my wife wear a white cotton T-shirt with one shoulder exposed from the neck, buttocks half-covered, very sexy.” ”

“How do girls flirt—-what flirting skills do women have to learn”

2, the ambiguous light

Light has a subtle effect on mood, in the heat does not need to be full of lights, too bright top light will expose the body defects, and hazy light can make you look more white, charming. Hitting the wall with light, or changing a coloured lampshade, can add to the sex appeal and make his heart shake. Candles can also be used to create a romantic atmosphere.

3, the bed of ambiguity

If the faint tulle, delicate and comfortable sheets, women lying on a large bed, with blankets to cover the lower body, everything is like a fantasy, which often let men want to stop. Comfortable bedding not only relaxes people but also arouses the instinct to enjoy them.

She is wearing a silk dress, white skin, a pair of Twin Peaks, cleavage looming, this body to cover up the sexy dress, will certainly earn enough men’s eyeballs. Recently, men’s health in the United States and the British Guardian at the same time published that in the eyes of men, naked is not sexy, if hidden only let them sell their souls. The more women cover their bodies, the more men want to see them.

4, silent ambiguity

“I was on the phone, and she stood in front of me, silently taking off her coat, sweater, boots… Until there is a pair of panties and a shirt left. It made me unable to breathe and think and wanted to take off the rest of her clothes. 25-year-old A said. Yes, there is nothing more seductive than a woman who doesn’t talk and slowly undresses, but don’t take it off, leaving him room for reverie.

“How do girls flirt—-what flirting skills do women have to learn”

5, interesting ambiguity

During sex, distractions should be eliminated and concentration should be focused on the lower part of the body. This makes sex more explosive and the sexual response more intense. Putting aside distractions, concentrate on the current feelings, and can be used appropriately, when it comes to sex supplies, I believe that many women are no strangers. 

Second, the most practical tips

1, affectionate kiss is the highest state of communication

With a wonderful kiss to express your value to her, let her feel loved, she will be more quickly integrated into the sex. A wonderful kiss is the highest level of communication. Forget the mechanical designation, press her lips, slide the tip of her tongue in, and then hand over her tongue to a deep one. A kiss that really makes her unforgettable is to “feel”. Keep an eye out for her gentle gasps, and when she breathes, grab her pair of watery eyes with your affectionate eyes and let her know how much you value her.

2, close communication is the source of joy

Good use of lips and tongues includes two aspects, one is love. Use lip-to-mouth pairs to serve women, kiss and caress her private parts, and activate her orgasm switch. Another very important aspect is conversation. It’s more important to talk about sex between you than to have sex. Break the diaphragm from time to time, ask her how she really feels, and you’ll benefit from her perspective on the roots of her joy. Also, don’t forget to make a happy voice during sex, don’t be shy, she needs to know and feel that you are truly happy.

3, sexual freshness can provoke both sides of the lust

Sex requires constant innovation, and only innovation can keep sex fresh and never boring. Let her know you’re a big adventurer! Don’t be limited by tradition for your fun – many people forbid new attempts, new searches, not because it causes physical pain, but because of psychological barriers. One of the most provoking is watching each other masturbate, which is not only not insulting but also allows both parties to better understand their partners’ most sensitive areas and improve their sex lives.

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