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Women attract men not only the body but not every man likes to be naked. To get men’s attention and to get more freshness, women can learn the following.

1, childly confession

A childly confession will make your boyfriend feel happy.

When you spend a lot of money on a few tickets for a play, ready to ask your husband to see a play, you can use the child’s naughty tone on the phone and say, “I’m a bad boy.” I bought some tickets for the show, and if I told you how expensive the ticket price was, you would lose your temper. But I promise, as long as you’re not angry, I’ll kiss your toes from your head. “I’m sure your husband listened and would laugh and say, “From the top of your head to your toes, right?” Well, it’s worth it! ”

2, fragility is the secret of feminine

To satisfy men’s innate desire to “protect” women, it is necessary to show “vulnerability” properly. This “vulnerability” can be manifested not only in physiology, a weak wind but also in the spirit of “vulnerability”, such as fear of thunder or easy to shed tears.

“How do girls flirt—-what are the necessary flirting skills for women”

3, appropriate nudity some

Women exposed to too many key parts will be mistaken for “exposed mania”, not correct. So how to show properly is a university asked. A woman with confidence in her neck, wear a V-neck dress, paired with a gold necklace that complements a beautiful neckline; someone with confidence in her shoulders may want to wear a shoulder-cutting, straight-sleeved dress; if you’re worried about too much shoulder exposure, you may want to sew some lace or match your shoulders; and someone with a confident chest can unzip the buttons of a shirt and wear a transparent shirt with a lace bra of the same colour. People who have confidence in their thighs should wear miniskirts. If you wear a long skirt, it is advisable to expose your ankles.

“How do girls flirt—-what are the necessary flirting skills for women”

4, appropriate flirting and swearing

Give your boyfriend a sweet nickname.

Giving your lover a sweet nickname will make you look closer to each other. Surprisingly, some prominent presidents and lawmakers are happy to be nicknamed by lovers. These are men who feel lovely from women’s nicknames are ducklings, handsome guys, melons, small humb balls, little fools, little good-behaved, Hercules, big head, big tiger, teddy bear boss, honey baby, baby egg, spirited bear, Mr. bodybuilding, charming essence.

5, awkward is the lubricant

To make the noise look cute.

The man was late for the appointment, if he said, “Ah! I’m late. “You have to hold back the grumbling and say, “I’m worried if you can’t find a place!” “It was the kindness he deserved for his first late arrival. But if he’s late again next time, it’ll come into play: “Hmm! I’m late again. Punish you for inviting me to dinner! “This level of anger will make him feel good.

6, the use of a fixed brand of perfume

Choosing a fixed brand of perfume that suits you will be your exclusive logo. He smelled the smell and knew you were coming. The average person spills perfume on handmaids and clothes, which not only makes the fragrance easy to disappear but also causes the clothes to cause insect decay. Some women apply perfume to the roots, ears, neck and underarms, which is not good. The best way is to apply perfume around the navel and breasts, and use a small ball of cotton, put perfume in the middle of the bra so that not only to maintain the fragrance for a long time but also to make the fragrance with the heat of the body temperature, overflowing in all sides.

7, not shy

Shyness is a secret weapon for women to attract men and increase their temperament, appear timely and appropriate, then become flattering, is a kind of feminine beauty, such as a naive face suddenly red-and-dizzy girl, no young man will not move. But be aware that this state should not be “overused”, otherwise it will go the other way.

“How do girls flirt—-what are the necessary flirting skills for women”

8, at this time silent, is better than sound

That vein of sentimental eyes, that smile of the look, those manners, that Chu Chu moving face, sometimes better than a thousand words.

9, women want to be popular rather than modestly

The wind flow and the insanity, are related to the feminine flattery, but there is a proportion of difference: the charming performance is just right for the wind, the flattery is too much for the vulgar. Usually, the so-called wind flow is content, the inflow belongs to the after-day. Women who don’t have a windy animal will feel tasteless; those features can be described as slowly: wearing sickening underwear; bad breath; dark teeth; turbid voice; often saying dirty things; making sounds when eating; disinformation.

10, sexy high heels

A pair of suitable high-heeled shoes with thin silk high-waisted pants will make your legs pavilion Yuli, in the eyes of men to add a lot of unspeakable charm.

11, a sigh made him nervous

A gentle sigh could break into his heart.

Induce him to a slightly more emotional bar, where the two sit side by side, then chat as happily as usual for the first 30 minutes, and drink the right amount of wine. After 30 minutes, you start playing with the glass in your hand and stare near his fingertips, quietly sighing: “Alas! He noticed sensitively and looked at you with concern. You immediately quickly avoided his sight, and then gave him a fatal blow, gently “alas” again. His sighs at you are bound to give birth to a lot of speculation, for fear that you will no longer like to be with him. At this time, he will try to check their own is not, and anxious to tell you how much he likes you, the romantic comedy will be further staged, in your arms.

Second, how to improve the libido of couples

1. Schedule an appointment once a week. Couples can’t always stay at home but should walk out of the house in the evening and arrange a traditional date to relive their old dreams. A couple’s date doesn’t require grand romance, just going to the movies or having dinner together can re-create the feeling of the first time you meet.

2, change the colour of the sheets. Make the bedroom an undisturbed, private space so that the two feel more relaxed and intimate, and the sex returns to the couple. Change the colour of the sheets regularly to add freshness, and keep your children and pets sleeping in your bedroom as little as possible.

3, to discuss the distribution of household chores. If both spouses are working full-time, they should share the housework equally and not just let one person do all the housework to reduce the burden. In this way, the couple’s sex in the bedroom will be more intense, outside the bedroom atmosphere will be more harmonious. 

4. put sex on the schedule. Couples who arrange sex time and put it on their to-do list don’t look very romantic. But this is the husband and wife to live a positive life commitment. In this way, the two people will feel that they must complete the agreement on time, so it is not easy to find other excuses.

5, bath to reduce the pressure. Various stress sources in daily life, such as work and children’s grades, can have more impact on a person’s sex life than you think. Before sex, there are simple ways to get rid of distractions in your brain, such as taking a bath or lying down to read a book.

6, healthy light diet. A heart-healthy diet helps to be energetic during sex. Blood flows more difficultly when cholesterol gathers in the arteries, making orgasms harder to reach, according to a study. You can reduce your cholesterol levels by eating more fruits and vegetables and reducing your intake of animal fat and whole-fat dairy products.

7, replace the contraceptive pill. Contraceptive pills may be the biggest culprits in stifling libido, reducing testosterone production, leading to decreased libido, and some pills can even cause sexual pain. As a result, a contraceptive pill that has less effect on its hormone levels can be replaced

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