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 First, how do women flirt in sex?

1, his sexy area can not be let go

Although men don’t have as many sexy areas as women, there are still some. However, these sexy zones need to be explored by yourself, and you can gently stroke his whole body with your fingers while observing his facial expressions and body reactions to find out every part of his sexy belt, and then use his mouth to tease the sexy areas that you dig up, a teasing game that no man can resist.

“How do girls flirt—-sex skills women must learn”

2, touch his private parts

Men are not like women, there are sexy areas all over the body, in the man’s body, the most sensitive, but also the most vulnerable is his. Therefore, you should take good care of it and don’t treat his baby as rudely as before. Don’t make much of a change, you just need to change the grip, let your fingers down to tease his sensitive area, warm his hands around his baby, he will immediately lose his mind for you. Then it’s time for you to enjoy it.

3, strip dancing is no less

“At this time silent than sound,” said this truth, no man can resist a body of a woman who is not wearing a dress, it can be said that this is a man’s animal nature. Therefore, women should make good use of this characteristic of men, when he is busy with other things, flawless care of you, you can quietly stand in front of him, one by one take off their clothes. At this time he had no mind to do anything else.

4, increase the interest in things

An interesting, high-quality sex can be obtained through different gimmicks that can make people feel fresh and add to your sex life, for example, by creating one or two different situations that put you in a situation that will work beyond your imagination. You can also use IDA, its strong vibration and passion rotation of the double effect so that both sides can share the best sex, the greatest degree of intimate contact, your sex life is no longer the same!

“How do girls flirt—-sex skills women must learn”

5, memories are always the best

People have a habit, that is, when travelling like to buy souvenirs, to store good memories, in the sex life can also be so. A scratch, bite, or sexy secret. Kiss marks, let him see people, always think of your wave posture that day. Or, bite his lower lip, make the next day’s tingling feel, remind him from time to time of your performance, you can also be around him, leaving you with small things, such as cute little pants, which will let you occupy his mind all day long.

6. Put on his shirt

No questioning, no doubt, it really works. Sometimes, men do not like the naked female body, that kind of unobstructed feeling is not good, but like to wear clothes, there is a sense of mystery, and has a special sense of wildness, waves. The soft-touch of the clothes, the irregular shaking of your body, is the beauty they enjoy when they have sex. The soft-touch of the clothes always provokes the man’s wild primitive desire. 

Second, a woman’s sexual taboo

1, suddenly patting your ass. “It’s like being kicked and being kicked in the back and being spanked by a woman when you don’t say it in advance,” says Brian. ”

2, bite with your teeth. Some movies use footprints to represent the mark of love, but in reality, both men and women will feel that it is pain rather than love. Frank, 35, said: “Women should be careful not to bite a man’s sensitive and fragile part with their teeth during sex because it’s really painful. ”

“How do girls flirt—-sex skills women must learn”

3, lack of participation. Sex is a two-person sport, and both men and women should be willing to participate and be excited about it. Rick, 26, said: “If a woman is just lying in bed, motionless, it’s very boring. Change your position and get involved and have fun. ”

4, self-awareness is too strong. Increased female awareness does not mean that women become “selfish” in sex. Jason, 45, says women should take into account men’s feelings and men need emotional care.  

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