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1, how to flirt with women’s caressing skills

A woman’s skin has a natural desire to be caressed, hugs and fingers on their skin gently floating dance, can let the woman tremble all over, naturally follow your fingertips to release their desire. So, don’t cherish the time too much, in the sex, “waste” point of time is absolutely worth it, slowly, from undressing, from head to toe a little bit of gently caressing, palms to remember to make warm, gentle movements, every inch of skin slowly caressed, you can not want sex, just imagine yourself as a quiet walk in the beautiful clouds, your fingers dancing.

“How do girls flirt—-how to flirt with women”

2, how to flirt with women’s speech skills

Yellow jokes, lewd stories, provocative innuendo, what is easier than language to impress women, women are naturally easy to be tempted by language, can speak of men are never short of women, haunting love words, but meat can make women’s eyes like silk, heart like the crispness, legs soft, the whole body really become water people, do not be silent in bed, that can only make your woman feel boring, language, is really that sentence, but can mobilize the woman’s innermost desire, women can not be excited.

“How do girls flirt—-how to flirt with women”


3. How to flirt with a woman’s kissing skills

Kissing is not like on TV, kissing at the first hug, and a sexually aggressive woman doesn’t like it too early. A kiss to be hot, to be soft, to belong, to be deep, to live so that women kiss when the water flowing below, this is the man’s kung fu. The general tongue should be in a woman’s mouth constantly touch her tongue, fast and slow, sometimes with a hot kiss for a while, sometimes have to turn the head, let the kiss change angle, the woman will mostly stand, men can hold a soft woman sit down, preferably in bed, no conditions can be on the sofa or anywhere.

How long does sex take to be perfect? 

Researchers surveyed thousands of people and found that male organs were most appropriate for 7-13 minutes. Most of the respondents, especially men, said that if they had sex for more than 13 minutes, they felt tired and did not recover easily. If it’s less than seven minutes, it’s not possible.

The study is said to be designed to make many people understand that the notion that “perfect sex lasts longer” is nonsense. Negative experts explain that people always have unrealistic “assumptions” about sex.

“For example, men should have stout penises, erections have to be strong, and they work tirelessly all night, which is clearly wishful thinking, but many people take it for granted and even take it out as a measure of sexual ability.” As a result, people who have no problems begin to worry about their sexual performance, which over time may trigger a range of sexual dysfunctions.

Men deliberately procrastinate in the hope that women will also be able to enjoy them for a longer period of time and ensure that they reach wonderful commanding heights.

Notes on perfect sex for couples

“How do girls flirt—-how to flirt with women”

1, clean the reproductive organs. Both men and women should be considerate of continuing the cleansing of the external reproductive organs. In addition to regular bathing, but also to be considerate of frequent use of warm water to clean the external genitalia, before and after each sexual survival, to clean each time. In this way, men can prevent foreskins, turtlehead inflammation; Women can prevent inflammation of the reproductive organs and urinary system festering.

2, sex frequency to be scientific. Newly married, couples’ sexual health with the change of age out of the more prosperous, sexual requirements are more urgent, should be personality compassion and moderation. Normal young men and women, early in marriage have 3-4 sex lives per week is not much, but for normal poor people, sex life between needs to be longer, the number of times also less. How long does the interval last? To see the couple’s age, physique, normal events, there is a divine psychological model, motivation. emotions and the degree of weakness. Generally speaking, after sex does not feel tired, do not pull to work and study as a principle.

3, the hard work period is not suitable for sex life. When both or both feel toil, make sure to rest and let God and strength recover. During this period of sexual life is uncomfortable, men gathered in the hard work of sex life, not only sexual pleasure reduction, room after the weakening aggravated, the next day the transmission of God ugly headache, dizziness, tit-for-tinging, no drive at work, waist acid leg heavy, easy to spread God ugly premature ejaculation, impotence and other diseases.

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