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 1, men’s necessary flirting skills

1.1. Give her a pair of sexy panties. If you think it’s too old-fashioned to send regular underwear, choose sexy panties. Find a time when it looks like you don’t want to have sex, such as when you’re eating at a restaurant, hand it to her under the table, and ask her to change it in the bathroom. It may seem exaggerated, but the door of her lust is beginning to open a little bit. Of course, this trick is not recommended for first dates.

1.2, hug her until she wants to leave. A kissing master is the most exciting thing for a woman, but don’t underestimate the power of a passionate hug, especially if she’s holding it. Let her know you don’t want to stop hugging her.

1.3. Her name hangs over her mouth. Women like men to call them by their first names. The more special the method of using her name, the better, for example: call her name in the middle of a sentence, write her name on your shoulder, your hand — any. It’s a painless body, but it’s a pleasure. It makes her happy and she’ll think you care about her.

“How do girls flirt—-how is it most comfortable to flirt with a woman”

2, male population flirting skills

Oral sex should no longer be an unfamiliar form of sex for modern men and women, and pre-sex stimulation is a beneficial weapon for rapidly accumulating excitement. Of course, perhaps women still reject this behavior, but once they try a few times, I believe they will like this feeling, because it is not only physical stimulation, but also to their own men to pay a joy, shyness, moved and happiness, these mixed together, enough to make your woman’s inner feelings surge, and thus quickly excited.

3, men caressing flirting skills

Like babies, women and babies have a natural desire to be caressed, hugs and fingers on their skin gently floating dance, can let women tremble all over, naturally follow your fingertips to release their desire. So, don’t cherish the time too much, in the sex, “waste” point of time is definitely worth it, slowly, from undressing, from head to toe little by little gently caressing, palms to remember to make warm, gentle action, every inch Skin slowly caressed, you can not want sex, just imagine yourself as a quiet walk in the beautiful clouds, your fingers are dancing, and the beautiful goddess will be in line with your beat, in the end you will find that when sex begins, everything is so harmonious and wonderful.

What are the common sexual postures?

1, men and women on

Men and women will need the woman to master the initiative, she can decide for herself whether to stimulate the clitoris to reach orgasm, or by stimulating the G-point to reach orgasm. Both orgasms can be achieved through this posture. To ensure orgasm by stimulating the clitoris, she should be asked to tilt her torso forward and bend her back into a bow so that her crotch is as close as possible to the root of your penis.

“How do girls flirt—-how is it most comfortable to flirt with a woman”

2, male station female sitting

Using this posture can make her excited in a short time by stimulating the G-point. However, while maximizing her chances of sexual arousal, this position can easily lead to premature ejaculation. Due to the angle of insertion, the way the penis head rubs in her body makes it difficult for you to control your orgasm. Another benefit of this non-traditional pose is the freshness it brings.

3, men and women

This is the most traditional sex position. We shouldn’t ignore it because we all like something new. It gives the partner a sense of close connection. The comfort of the bedroom also helps to add pleasure, as it is a place where most people would like to lie down and relax after a passion. Another benefit of this posture to your body is that you can kiss, touch, and look at each other all the time.

Men must learn sex skills

“How do girls flirt—-how is it most comfortable to flirt with a woman”

1、play hard to get

Use her temperature to lead your movements, instead of burning her out with your desire to burn her out at once. This should be the guideline for any of the techniques you use next. For example, don’t touch them until she’s actively lifting her seductive breasts; Before she grabs your hand and places it between her legs, only her waist and abdomen.

Well, even if you think you can get her to orgasm even if you don’t, the difference between a master and you is here: they can turn a woman who’s up against it into a kind of bed.


2, random strain

Don’t think that your three tricks, which have made other girls happy, are just as effective in front of her! Not only are women and women different, but even the same woman has different needs with different emotions and atmospheres. Learn to observe the form and random response is the top master “one-step river and lake” martial arts true meaning.

3, if there seems to be no

It’s not just slow and slow that strips her off all at once. the little vest that left her close, or did not take off her high heels; In fact, even a necklace and two earrings are left, enough to keep you excited to the extreme. Moreover, these bound clothes and accessories, but also greatly stimulate her physical and psychological sexy valve. Instantly igniting a woman’s desire for hunger and thirst requires men to have this power.

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