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1, give him unexpected sexiness

Sexy lingerie, of course, is very attractive. But another sexy shot for men is the refreshing, make-up-free look after your bath.

Who can resist a scented, smooth, perfect woman? If you live with your lover, enjoy your bath time and leave a slit in the bathroom door so he can catch a glimpse of you applying moisturizer.

If you’re dating, tie your hair in the shower, put on a feminine dress, such as a close-up sling skirt, and meet your dear him at the door.

“How do girls flirt—-how do women flirt during sex”

2, let him feel your gentle stimulation

In romantic novels, there is always a good way to make your lover feel you with gentle contact.

The next time you love them, ring him with your arms and gently cross his back or thighs with your fingernails, top to bottom while using as much force as possible. A gentle touch will cause a slight tremor in his spine… And it stimulates every other inch of skin.

3. Let him massage your back

Let him help you massage your back because your neck is a little stiff. We know it sounds like a stupid plan, but if you can find something ridiculous, you’ll benefit from it.

You may not understand why men like this type of conversation, but trust me, it will get his attention and get you into the foreplay below. 

“How do girls flirt—-how do women flirt during sex”

4, a little freshness on a date

The next time you go out to dinner with your lover, or go to a bar, pretend to be someone else. Pretend to be a secretary interviewer and say, “Thank you for taking the time to meet me.” I feel like I’m going to benefit a lot from working under you. ”

He may laugh first, but he will eventually cooperate with you and move on. Another option: When you return from the bathroom, you deliberately bump into him and pretend you’ve never met him.

Make him feel like you’re in love at first sight. This will allow both of you to blend in and feel a new passion on a regular Saturday night.

5, give him a gentle “handcuffs”

The next time you meet in the bedroom, gently sit on him and fade his shirt. Stop your undressing when your hand reaches his wrist.

One hand grabs the shirt (holding the area between the arms) and uses it to hold his wrists against the bed and make makeshift handcuffs. The more confident you are, the better you will do. You’ll be under control, and he won’t know what’s holding him back. But he’ll love it.

“How do girls flirt—-how do women flirt during sex”

6, don’t rush to touch each other

This is for the foreplay: when your lover is lying on the sofa, you have to keep a deep eye on him. Let him tell you what he wants you to do with the details of the image, and vice versa. Don’t worry, listen to music and have a glass of red wine, but don’t touch each other. See how long you two can resist this temptation.

7, give him a romantic champagne kiss

Remember the Chinese New Year’s Eve you those bottles of champagne that were lying in the fridge at night? Now is the time for it to play well for two drinks and a leisurely drink.

Then snuggle up to him, raise the heat, take a big sip of champagne, pour it to your lover, and kiss him. Just like you, let him feel a few drops of champagne delicious. The foamy taste and cool temperature will take your kiss to a new level of sexiness.

8, learn to delay the joy of sex

Next time you take a naughty photo of yourself, don’t rush to email or text your lover. It’s a particularly surprising way to wait until you’re in the same room, restaurant, or building and then press the send button. It works better than you think because he knows he can’t do anything about it. “Pre-designed, delayed sex is always great.

Second, learn the technique of kissing

1, spiral kissing. Stick your tongue into each other’s mouths and rotate constantly. This method can only be used if the two people cooperate.

2, kiss deeply. Put your tongue deep into each other’s mouths and even deep in your throat. This method is not suitable for people with tongues that are too long, as it touches the depths of the other person’s throat and can cause an untimely feeling of nausea.

3. Suck your lips. Hold or suck each other’s lips. Because the mucous membranes of a woman’s lips are fragile, men must be gentle when sucking and stop immediately when they see the other side’s expression in pain.

4. Kiss your teeth. Lick each other’s teeth with the tip of your tongue. It’s best not to take care of every tooth, otherwise, it will feel like a dental check-up.

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