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   1, men’s correct way of flirting has the entertainment of mouth

Oral sex should no longer be an unfamiliar form of sex for modern men and women, and pre-sex stimulation is a beneficial weapon for rapidly accumulating excitement. Maybe people will say, don’t you mean to make women emotional? Isn’t oral sex a simple physiological stimulus? In fact, women for the male population more, and men are willing to be women and passionate and skillful oral sex or very few, of course, perhaps women have exclusion of this behaviour, but once they try a few times, I believe they will like this feeling, because not only physical stimulation but also to their own men to pay a joy, shyness, moved and happiness, these mixed, enough to make your woman’s inner feelings surge up, so fast up.

2, the correct way for men to flirt has a finger dance

Men prefer to go straight into the subject, but if you have a pair of gentle hands, then lay out a quote before the theme, then your fish and water article will become gorgeous and moving. Like babies, women and babies have a natural desire to be caressed, hugs and fingers on their skin gently floating dance, can let women tremble all over, naturally follow your fingertips to release their desire. Therefore, don’t cherish the time too much, in the sex, “waste” point of time is definitely worth it, slowly, from undressing, from head to toe bit by bit gently caressing, palms to remember to make warm, gentle action, every inch of skin slowly caressed.

“How do girls flirt—-how do men flirt with women”

3, men’s correct flirting style has a step-by-step

As I said in the last section, fast and direct large-scale flirting is actually doing speed screening, and safe flirting, must be gradual. To give you a direct example: the first day you looked at the girl’s circle of friends, and the girl said: Your type of photo makes me no resistance. She can’t refuse you. On the third day, you and the girl said: I feel very happy to chat with you, more and more like to chat with you. She can’t refuse you. On the seventh day you and the girl said: Mom egg, I actually think of you from time to time today, strange. She won’t tell you to roll. So slowly heating up, a month later, you can directly say: what are you doing dear? Suddenly you find that you naturally enter into an affair – this example, do you understand?

What are the right ways to flirt


1, the correct way to flirt has physical flirting

Mainly for physical contact and so on, to convey sexual interest to potential objects. Relationships usually develop rapidly and are more in-call, and the resulting emotional relationships are better.

2, the correct way to flirt has traditional flirting

Mainly refers to the male initiative, while the female maintains a passive role. People who flirt traditionally are usually introverted and tend to take action after a period of meeting the opposite sex.

3, the correct way to flirt with text messages can be a flip table

Send a text message during the day flirting. If you want to enjoy a “sex dinner” after work, start flirting during the day. Send a text message to your lover telling him or her that there will be a surprise in the evening, but don’t reveal more information and let him or her imagination.

What are the taboos of flirting?

1. Don’t give your partner tips before orgasm

Near orgasm, partners should give each other hints, such as “I’m fast”, “yes”, “come” and so on, women are more “strong point”, “faster” and so on, but also can use somebody language to express your orgasm, such as biting your ears, holding tighter and so on.

2, only focus on sexual organs

When making love, don’t forget to touch each other’s bodies, gentle touch can express love, can increase pleasure. So when a woman caresses a man’s sexual organs, don’t forget the man’s other sensitive areas. Men can’t just focus on a woman’s sexual organs and breasts, and the stroke of the back and legs can moisturize the lower part of a woman.

3. No kissing during sex

Many people don’t kiss their partners during sex, the study found. The reason is to eagerness to reach orgasm or the negative sexual posture of kissing each other. But experts believe that a lack of kissing during sex can reduce emotional satisfaction, and the best way to do this is to kiss more during foreplay or to find a sexual posture that is comfortable loving and kissing each other.

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