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Because you are not compounded in a normal and reasonable way, you two in the process of compounding, there are certain problems and errors, leading to your now compound relationship becomes particularly awkward. For you, you just through the begging and retention, that is, you said the cry to save each other, you did not really change your impression in the eyes of the predecessor, so in the predecessor and you compound the reason, not because you feel “you have made a good change”; And why did your predecessor start to be with you again after you gave up your initiative? In fact, he is not because of how much to cherish the feelings of the past, but because of “disgusting loss” so choose to be with you. That is to say, the reason why he chose to compound with you is simply that he felt that if he did not take the initiative at this time, he would soon lose you. So in this case, you have not changed your original image in his heart, and he is not really can not let you go back, so you are now in a state that is just back to the way it was before the break-up. It may seem good, but the key point is: the relationship before the break-up, there has been a rift, has produced a spear shield, so you will of course get along very awkward. What you have to do is actually very simple: to get the normal back-to-do things, now little by little to add up. First, you have to make some changes to your current situation. I know that for many people who have lost and recovered after breaking up, they are actually particularly insecure: they will tighten that string, for fear that person and their own break-up, for fear that the feelings that are not easy to recover finally disappear again.

“Couples who broke up and got back together” 

While your relationship is now complex, all you have to do is spend as much time as you can on yourself and let him see the changes in you – you have to make him realize that you are no longer who you were before, and you are starting to get better. For example, changes in your appearance, such as you are more positive career, and for example, when you get along with him become more reasonable … It’s all something he didn’t find in you before, and it’s all in the current relationship that makes you look good. When this person and you get together and realize that you’re getting better, you don’t have to worry about this person breaking up with you again: because unless this guy is a fool, he can’t choose to give up a growing another half. Second, you need to increase your interaction and connection as much as possible. Because now just compound, your feelings are still in a particularly fragile period, so you need to increase the emotional bond between you at this moment, if you feel embarrassed at this time, do not contact, then you may have been embarrassed and cold down. What’s the biggest problem after a breakup? The biggest problem is that our new topics and interactions haven’t come out yet. Of course, after the positive aspects, we also need to calm down and think about the reality: because after the break-up and good feelings are not right between the two situations – on the one hand, you are actually very good, but because the embarrassment of the heart did not step past this bump, so that you may appear in the short term some inconsequential; You see, I said from the beginning of the article: your compound is not really a correct process of the compound, you are likely to have not thought clearly, has not made up your mind, because the impulse to choose to be with each other. Now you feel “how wrong”, probably because of these three reasons:

Couples who broke up and got back together

1. At first, you are not actually “I want this person back”, but “I need a boyfriend”, that is, you mistakenly think you like him very much, you can not let go of him, but in fact, you are just looking for an object, so after compounding, you suddenly feel that he does not seem to mean so much to you 2. Some of your past problems have not been solved at all, and the two of you have not seen any signs of solving them during this time together. So you subconsciously start to think that your feelings may have no future, and you start to swing. 3. The other side’s attitude towards you, it is likely that at first is not completely sure to be with you, when you compound, he feels that you are actually that way, so his attitude gradually began to cool down, and this emotion is actually you feel, so you also the corresponding posture, you are estranged from each other. Therefore, I am only responsible for analysis, the choice to you, the next way how to go is your own business. What’s happening now is why I never suggested using “entanglement” and “begging” to save your predecessor: Because you have no idea whether your redeemed predecessor came back because you loved you or because you pitied you.

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