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 Fake compound Many people have mentioned false break-up, then I put forward a concept, called: false compound.

“Couples who broke up and got back together—-What is the premise of compound success”

Yes, there are many ways of compounding, some rely on the use of each other’s heart soft composite, some rely on their own insistence compound, some because of each other’s regret compound, different compound ways, in fact, directly determine the emotional quality after the compound, and whether it will be broken up again. In many cases, the superficial composite is not a “true compound” but rather a “false compound”. Let’s look at the difference between different compounds: true compounding: often the other side actively ask you composite performance, the other side really realize you’re valuable

Although on the surface of the compound, class two people’s state is still very bad, their feelings are very hard; Then ask me what I should do.

Why we work hard to compound, but after the compound is so hard? Or will it be split up again soon? Fortunately, I finally found the answer. Many compounds after the problem, the root cause is not really after the compound your way of getting along, but the root cause is the compound way there is a problem! Or, more precisely, compounding is too hasty, pursuing only formal compounding, rather than inner re-acceptance and fondness, leading to – “false compounding”. The so-called false compound, I summarize, is mainly manifested as:

“Couples who broke up and got back together—-What is the premise of compound success”

You are broken up, and then adopt a flattering, or moving way, just as the other side temporarily has no new goals, compound. This compound, not based on the counter-attack, compound after your relationship you are still in a serious low position, compound after often lead to you are not cherished and valued or even face a second break-up. 2, the compound did not pass his test to accept a relationship, especially as an emotional relationship is easy to be passive girls, test each other’s sincerity and sincerity is more necessary, which is particularly important in the compound stage. A lot of times on the surface you do compound, but in fact, in each other’s mind may just temporarily find a plan b, you temporarily turn positive. He doesn’t really want to be with you again. This time you did not test his sincerity, on the rush to compound, the back will naturally encounter a lot of difficult problems.

Compound without going through his punishment There is a kind of compound, really based on your attraction, and indeed succeed in attracting the other side again, the other side also feels regret losing you.

However, this can lead to a serious problem: the other person regains you before experiencing and feeling enough punishment and pain. Even in the absence of a profound reflection on their own situation, casually again with you, then, after together he will not think and experience the pain of losing you. If the pain is not enough, the reflection is not enough, which may lead to another more important problem, that is: he may not cherish you and cherish this relationship. Therefore, not a break-up and compound will not be happy, not necessarily will certainly repeat the mistakes of the past, the key question is, your compound is not the right way, he is not enough to want to cherish you, you are not the same to change their own problems.

If you want to break up and recover from the compounding, you are more likely to achieve true happiness, my advice is:

1. Composites cannot be moved and prayed for, because they are not based on your attractiveness, and there will be many more problems afterwards.

2. Compounding requires testing the other person’s sincerity to avoid being spared and breaking up again.

3. Before compounding to let the other party experience the pain of losing you, you need to punish the other side for your abandonment, so that after compounding he will cherish.

4. Composite should be based on full re-trust and acceptance between the two parties, the fundamental issues resolved and the equality of the two.

“Couples who broke up and got back together—-What is the premise of compound success”

What is the specific manifestation of “composite behaviour”? Landing to specific behaviours, each other or their own performance, to remind you that you can compound it? 1, master the initiative When you feel that you have the initiative of the relationship, you can propose a compound. This initiative usually comes to silence. I’ve proposed a “reseeding compounding method” before, and that’s the essence:

The other person will feel unaccustomed or even introspected because of your departure. That’s when your initiative came. At this point, it is no longer your emotions that are pulled by him, but you are pulling his behaviour away.

The other person because of some opportunity to give you memories of the two people once the memories are tiled, to every park, eat every fast food, shared every movie, after the break-up will play a vital role. The more chances he has of reminding him of you after a breakup, the more he will miss you. To a certain extent, your chances come.

It’s a physical principle that distance must be possible when you find that effort is effective, rather than moving forward without effort. When you find yourself working hard enough, but still to no avail, even can only be counterproductive, don’t think, your direction is wrong.

Whether it’s a temporary break-up after a breakup or building self-confidence, the essence is to let the other person see you better. It is normal logic that people will be attracted to good things, and when a person implicitly expresses this attraction, he or she gives you an “invitation”. After breaking up, crying is OK, but let him see no; self-deprecation is normal, but it only makes him more proud to hear him. If it’s not your pain, he’ll come back, but if you’re good enough, he’ll come back.

Make sure you don’t solve the problem emotionally If you meet and you cry, that’s it. The premise of re-attraction is that the other person sees an independent, complete, flashing you. You can communicate soberly, explain rationally, put your own conditions in your hands, wait for each other to come and go. He didn’t want to see an attachment that he couldn’t live, but all his benefits in his hands, and knelt to ask him to accept them. Remember, people like to actively chase, to chase what they can not get, rather than passive acceptance, accept an emotional kidnapping of their own soul nanny. Separated, it must be because there is not enough love; the bell must also be tied to the bellman, compound fundamental, but also must be because he is attracted to you again – in addition to this, other ways, even together, will not be long-term.

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