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Break-up compound is not difficult, but more difficult than compound is how to maintain good feelings after compound, repair the previous problems, eliminate the inner estrangement, heart feelings today said after the break-up and good couples how to do.

1. Life independent, self-support many couples once contact with love, forget so, do not know who they are, will completely forget that they are an independent individual and have the ability to live, think that feelings are everything, love can be eaten as a meal. Everything to ask each other, completely rely on each other, rely on each other, but this is precisely the most important, couples should also maintain mystery and freshness, can not be completely exposed, can not become each other’s attachment.

Couples together to live easily and happily, can not become the burden of each other, more can not do love slaves, to treat feelings rationally. Life must be independent and independent and not dependent on anyone. Remember, love is also a shelf life, in the shelf life it seems that all the pay is justified, but time will change a lot, will slowly dilute the temperature of feelings, when feelings into a bland period, if there is no independent ability to live, then there will be a series of problems, you will slowly become a burden in love.

“Couples who broke up and got back together—-How to return to the past after breaking up and making up”

2. Cultivate common interests to maximize the interests of two people, such as each other like to watch movies and travel, then watch together, go out together to play, after watching can be discussed together. Meet mutual friends and family once in a time to get to know each other better. In the process of communication can also find differences between each other, then when you encounter these differences in the future, there is psychological preparation, then these differences will no longer appear so prominent and inexplicable.

“Couples who broke up and got back together—-How to return to the past after breaking up and making up” 

“Couples who broke up and got back together—-How to return to the past after breaking up and making up”

3. Have more plans such as each other want to tie in the city, have their own house, every month we will save a sum of money in a common account, watching more and more money, feel closer and closer to their dreams, this part of the money will not be used to spend, watching two people little by little close to their dreams is a very good thing.

4. The key way to create surprises and romantic forward feelings is to constantly create surprises and romances, for example, to give each other some gifts representing the heart, the boy with the heart can make every day into a variety of anniversaries, imagine in the ordinary strange day, in your surprise, the other side because of your romantic surprise and hugged you tightly. So every time you go on a date with someone, you should find ways to be more romantic, such as choosing elegant places, such as a coffee shop or a Western restaurant. This is not only a good atmosphere but also to enhance each other’s yearning for the good, as well as enhance each other’s position in their hearts.

There are no bad feelings, only the management of bad feelings of people, learn more ways to operate feelings, to put their own marriage management better.

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