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Then the unresponsive person also has a sixth feeling, can also feel that a person, in the end, is annoying or accept themselves. Most people just linger in the ratio of “disgusting” and “accepted” and can’t confirm the other person’s attitude towards them. Sometimes feel that the other side seems to be quite able to accept their own, and sometimes feel that the other side cold decision. For example, if your predecessor and the people around you say how bad you are, everywhere “bad” your reputation, and you cut off a cut of contact, on the same occasion if you meet, turn around, or do not want to talk to you, serious may go somewhere else, other cities and so on. If the other side has already done these steps, you also think that the other side is to you have love, can not put down, then I can only say that your emotional information and perception is really a little low. In other words, after breaking up with you, and did not black you out, you can chat normally, and even show active concern.

“Couples who broke up and got back together—-After breaking up, which behaviors show that there is a chance to get back together”

What do you feel like, if you feel that the other person has been in better shape recently, and your behaviour and behaviour are very positive, then it means that the other person has recently been able to accept you, can chat with you, a joke? Conversely, if the other person may not be very friendly to you recently, also do not care about you, you send him a message, he often does not reply, then it means that the other person is currently to you, is not a positive attitude, maybe because of your relationship, maybe because of his own troubles. In short, people get along with people, can feel to each other’s state, feel good is good, bad is bad, the first feeling is what, do not deceive themselves. Don’t give each other or find excuses or reasons for themselves, and don’t doubt and question each other without being born out of nothing. For example, some people think, “Well, he recently chatted with me very well, the feeling is to treat me as a friend, will he have put down, do not like me, we can not?” Or “the more you pretend you don’t care, the more you care, and he certainly hasn’t forgotten me,” and then I picked out a few obvious composite signals from a few cases to share. When you see these signals, or similar signals, coupled with your own inner feelings about each other’s state, it will certainly help you to judge your relationship, how to recover, the timing of the compound, the success rate, and so on: We can explore these “composite codes” in three main ways.

First: State 1. The mode of getting along At least two people can get along peacefully. Whether two people have a good way of getting along is the most basic prerequisite for whether two people can come together again.

“Couples who broke up and got back together—-After breaking up, which behaviors show that there is a chance to get back together”

The so-called most basic mode of good coexistence is: you send a message, others are willing to reply, and not perfunctory attitude. Or you just broke up, but the other side still has no way to refuse you, such as you go to the other side to send something, she is still willing to go downstairs to get, or thank you, or appreciate your efforts.

2. Ways to get along If the other person can get along with you in a harmonious way after breaking up with you, rather than fighting you, then your recovery is promising. Because this represents – the other side is not because they hate and hate you and your hand, but because of some other factors, such as objective factors, off-the-ground ah, family opposition ah, or objective factors, I like you, but not so like. The most basic ways to get along, such as still joking with you like a friend, and maintaining a basic relationship with you through entertaining methods

3. The best understanding of the rhythm of getting along is that although two people are parted, the pace of life and get along is still very consistent. For example, some people break up, is because the pace of getting along is very different, such as the man wants to stay in place to do a good job of life, and the woman wants to drift to the distance, to rush to break through; But if you find the other person, or yourself, willing to cooperate or be matched to another person’s rhythm, then this composite hint is obvious. For example, people who didn’t like slow life before are now willing to spend two hours sitting quietly and having a cup of tea, experiencing the joys of the other half, slowly willing to change the pace of their lives, is the most advanced composite hint and the highest success rate of one.

“Couples who broke up and got back together—-After breaking up, which behaviors show that there is a chance to get back together”

Second: Language 1. The content of the conversation Judges the content of the conversation between the other person and you to judge your compounding odds. The most obvious one is that when you break up, you talk about the future. Before I met some friends who told me that my ex would talk to me about a plan and plan later, and I didn’t know what the other person meant. You should feel very lucky when you feel that the other person is talking to you about the future and planning. We know that planning for the future is actually a very personal matter, and many people are ashamed to express a plan, but if this person is willing to share it with you and discuss it with you, then it means that the other person actually sees you as important, and at some point wants you to give a little opinion and advice.

2. The words of conversation This point is actually very linked to the mode of getting along. An attitude that the other person talks to you make it easy to see whether the other person rejects or accepts you. It’s easy to understand that, whether it’s a boy or a girl, I’m an example myself, if I really don’t like a person either, or really don’t want to have any more entanglement with him. Then I don’t even want to hear his name, and when I have to, I try to be cold and boring – the purpose is to end the conversation quickly.

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