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People always do this: when you get do not cherish, after losing to know precious.

Falling in love, who would not think of the pain of losing, so will be unbridled when the other party really left, you find that he has become an integral part of their own.

Some people are good-faced, refused to take the initiative to say and good, but the words between the lines, every move have expressed your full love.

Everyone’s true thoughts will be expressed through details, if the break-up, the other person has the following performance, indicating that he still loves you

“Couples who broke up and got back together—-After breaking up, if the other party has these four performances, it means that he still loves you”.

1. Keep in touch

Generally speaking, breaking up with each other will be a certain degree of harm, get along will feel unnatural, more reluctant to open the scars.

If there is no feeling between each other, it is bound to be no longer to contact, which is why many people will choose to delete after breaking up

Or blacken each other, after all, no one will waste time for irrelevant people.

If the other party does not do so but will maintain a certain degree of benign interaction with you, the chat is very positive, do not exclude you at all

Meet, then you can rest assured to save, his heart still has you!

“Couples who broke up and got back together—-After breaking up, if the other party has these four performances, it means that he still loves you”


Like a person is not hidden, just like the sunrise and sunset tide, is so natural thing.

Even if you try to cover up, but your gentle eyes, subconscious behaviour, has long sold you out.

When you care about a person is just can’t help but want to pay attention to him, want to always understand the other person’s dynamics, want to know the other person without you after

Good or bad.

If he specifically asks your friend about you after the break-up, then you can relax, only the person who really loves you will think


3. No news of the break-up has been announced

If the other person is determined not to be with you, he will certainly announce his return to singles as soon as you break up.

One is to provide more opportunities for your own re-ordering, and the other is to firmly put an end to this relationship from the heart.

If, long after the breakup, he did not speak publicly in the circle of friends, nor did he mention it to his relatives or friends

To show that he is reserved for your feelings, that is to say, he is still hopeful about your feelings, and he can not let go of you.

“Couples who broke up and got back together—-After breaking up, if the other party has these four performances, it means that he still loves you”


When there are other opposite sex around you, he can always know for the first time, behave unusually angry, and deliberately say something ugly

words to stimulate you.

Jealousy is the best way to test a person’s feelings, in his heart, or put you in the girlfriend’s position, so when you have it

His suitor, will have a jealous performance, do not love you people do not bother to care who you are with.

Love is a matter for two people, whether it is love or recovery, to consider each other’s feelings, rather than just follow their own ideas.

You have to understand that the recovery is to come back, not to repeat the mistakes of the past.

More from each other’s point of view to think about the problem, love is an ability, there is always a way to make each other satisfied.

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