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How long can a new emotion last? How do you judge your importance in the other person’s mind? Did he just need you to get lonely, or did he see you like a newspaper? Want to find out? Maybe psychology can help you!

Method 1: Observe the similarity between two people

People tend to be attracted to partners with very different personality traits, which means that most people actually prefer to associate with a partner with a different personality, but only for a short period of time.

“How long do relationship breaks last”

More perceived similarities can help you maintain a long-term relationship, ask yourself tough questions, and analyze your relationship with your partner in terms of values, goals, leisure preferences, openness, and so on, which can help you gain insight into how long the relationship can last.

“Out of character” is the reason why many couples break up.

If you don’t want to be dumped frequently, for this reason, don’t try to socialize with someone you don’t “have a personality with.” For example, he always spends a lot of time creating inexplicable romances that seem boring to you; he always takes you to movies that play half the time you fall asleep; he wants you to date him in something you think is tacky… Judging by things like that, your relationship ends as soon as your passion is exhausted.

Method 2: Observe whether you or the other person has integrated into each other’s circle of friends and family

If your relationship is certain to develop over the long term, it usually involves contact with the other person’s family and friends.

“How long do relationship breaks last”

People tend to let important people join their social circle. In fact, the support of friends may be the key to a long-term relationship. The more friends you know about each other, the higher the approval rating you win, and the less distant the relationship may be.

If you’re in a relationship and you’re not taking your lover with you, you’re choosing another heterosexual partner to go to a friend’s party, and if you find that a lover is always keeping a secret from your family and friends, you’ve never met any of his friends. Your relationship is unlikely to have a chance to develop in the long run.

Method 3: Watch if your new partner will still focus on other good opposite sexes

When a couple is in an exclusive relationship, the fundamental change is that they control their attention.

Studies have shown that when a person who is likely to develop into a partner passes by, a faithful partner automatically suppresses his or her eyes. If your lover’s eyes are not just you, it shows that your relationship is really just a passion. A person who thinks he or she is single will pay attention to other attractive people.

“How long do relationship breaks last”

Walking down the street, his eyes were drawn to a hot-looking beauty, which was not to focus on other excellent opposite sex. But if you find that he’s repeatedly staring at a heterosexual person who’s always in his sight, whether that opposite-sex person seems to be more attractive than you, it means that your partner may not be loyal.

Method 4: Determine whether you have a fear of being single

If you care about private space, this will be a new entry point to establish a relationship with the ideal object. This is not to say that people who are afraid of being single lower their standards for their partner’s demands, but their behaviour suggests that they are more likely to accept a non-ideal partner.

There is no doubt that relationships can last longer if you choose the ideal partner to socialize with.

Are you the ideal partner for each other? Or that he just opened up a relationship with you in a casual manner. In addition to your personality differences, do not know each other’s friends, each other also pay attention to other opposite sex, and then see how long he needs to be alone on weekdays can basically conclude.

Method 5: Observe how your new partner reacts to a commitment

If people want a short-term relationship, they often use a clever and flexible approach to controlling anything that might lead to a commitment.

Lovers who don’t think about your long-term relationship can avoid making commitments in a variety of ways.

He may avoid contact, such as not returning short messages or e-mails, avoiding intimacy, avoiding sexual behaviour, and restraint of intimacy, and may even use a hurt-wringing approach to prevent any change in relationships.

If your partner behaves like this, your relationship won’t last long.

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