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After two people meet, it does take a while to fully understand each other’s common points and differences, but I personally feel that the length of love is not the most critical determining factor of marriage or not – I and my lover know six months of marriage, has not quarrelled, I think a big reason is that we are relatively mature mind (so in a short period of time can also have a certain understanding of each other, and in the future in the relationship to know how to cherish and benign interaction).

“How long do relationship breaks last—-How long is the best time to get married”

Personally, I think it’s important to have similar or compatible goals, values, and attitudes that both appreciate each other and accommodate each other’s shortcomings.

Whether you are naturally comfortable, peaceful and happy together, there is each other in future planning. Do you have a similar view of money and consumption, and do you recognize the way the other person spends your spare time? Do you respect and trust each other, satisfied with each other’s ability to work, continue to learn and develop space/trend, have a common determination to face unknown difficulties and risks, and are willing to help each other grow (true love is not an indulgence, nor bondage)? Do you agree on fertility? Whether you can accept the reality of both families and have the appropriate psychological preparation and willingness to support your family on one side.

Hope to be helpful to the friends you are looking for/in love with – if you find that the person holding hands, love and trust are greater than your hesitation and concern, you are ready to face up to each other honestly, understand each other, you can get married, life is short, marriage and family is a beautiful and worthwhile thing (this certainly does not mean that the other person must be perfect, not to mean that you will not encounter any problems and challenges in the future, but in the combination of mutual understanding and tolerance of the emotional basis, there is no difficulty in working together).

The main thing is to recommend Intimacy (Roland-Daniel Pearl)

This is an academic work on the science of interpersonal relationships, focusing  and friends and people. Although it is academic work,

But because it’s a social science (there are many interesting facts and stories ), it’s hard to read: it’s plain and easy to read.

This book will refresh our many psychological awareness, interest in reading friends, there will be gains.

I think a lot of friends might have been reluctant to look down, and I had to hurry up and throw out some interesting research in the book – a follow-up study of the “results of different cohabitation times” about the best time/opportunity for the subject to get married, and found a correlation: over time, the likelihood of a cohabiting couple getting married decreases, but the likelihood of breaking up is not. What?! Also, intimacy mentions the difference between intimacy and generality: What exactly is intimacy? The answer depends on who you ask because intimacy is a complex concept that contains many different ingredients. However, researchers and the average person agree that intimacy and generalization differ in six ways: knowledge, care, interdependence, mutual consistency, trust, and loyalty. These aspects may be able to give the subject some reference, as to how to think / decision-making is their own thing – marriage is a kind of commitment ah, students, to combine rationality and density to be more long-term proper post.

A passage in the book answers my confusion when looking at emotional questions: “People like easy answers, they like simple and simple information.” If scientific facts are difficult to grasp, many people actually prefer simple fallacies.

“How long do relationship breaks last—-How long is the best time to get married”

The author adds: As a reader who is new to the science of relationships, you have an obligation to uphold facts and oppose superstition, even if it is difficult to understand the complexity of relationships. Don’t misunderstand scientific caution as a flaw. On the contrary, we would like to give you the belief that it is precisely this careful expression of the dignity of science that enables people to face frankly the strengths and weaknesses of their field. Those who claim to have always been right are undoubtedly the fraudsters who have made their way through the city, and cautious scientists will not do so, they will only try to keep themselves close to the truth.

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