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Too early to have sex? Women who don’t know when they can have sex must see it!

The first part gives you a psychological analysis of when it is better to have an intimate relationship, the second part gives you an analysis of how to go to bed too early to save the relationship, that is, how to continue to be healthy and stable after sleep, and even more emotional.

“How long do relationship breaks last—-How long is it normal for modern people to have relations”


How long is it appropriate to have a relationship when two people are together?


My answer to this question is: If you want, then, of course, you can.

However, if you do not want to have a weak resistance, encounter external difficulties, it is easy to break up, do not want to need higher maintenance, such as in front of the other side at all times to maintain the best state, always guess the other party’s mind, spend a lot of energy to maintain such a relationship, or after the relationship feel that boys no longer pay attention to themselves, no longer spend time and energy for themselves, do not love themselves as before, then you have to learn to run a high-quality intimate relationship, in the right time to have an intimate relationship.

This is because if you and another person have physical intimacy in the beginning because of a physical passion, then you will unconsciously focus your energy and attention on the other person so that you can’t observe the other person rationally and lose the judgment you should have. That’s what we call “passion makes the line of sight blurred.”

This is a lot of girls, why, clearly from the beginning in a relationship out of high, and once the relationship with boys will be, the status will be quickly reversed, become suffering from loss, but more often to pander to the reasons to please each other.

“How long do relationship breaks last—-How long is it normal for modern people to have relations”


There are five levels of relationships between people, according to the famous American psychologist Terence T. Gorski in the book Getting Love Right:

1 general acquaintance

2 Activity Companion (Playmate)

3 Friends (Friendship)

4 couples

5 Lover (contract concluded)

And a good intimacy, preferably on the fourth floor.

You meet a person for some reason, often, so that you are already more familiar, to meet polite greetings to say hello. Later, you can make an appointment to do certain things together, such as playing ball together and eating together.

Through this process, you observe how he treats people and how things are handled, and you feel that this person is worth socializing with. So, then you have more and more contacts and find more of the same interests and attractions to each other.

Then slowly open up to each other, share secrets and troubles, have mutual understanding, to the end to each other feel appreciation of love and separation anxiety, until this process, you and he have an intimate relationship is relatively safe, and also relatively solid foundation.

And generally, such a process takes at least 8 to 10 weeks to complete, that is, two people together after at least 8 to 10 weeks of mutual observation, contact, mutual understanding, intimate relationship is more suitable.

(The situation in different places may take longer because there is very little direct contact with the other person during your interaction, and your contact is likely to be lacking in the absence of someone else, only in the case of both of you, so you cannot judge him or her by observing his contact with others.) )


Some people might say, then I am now very anxious to find such a person, with me to establish a close relationship, or I also have this need, I also want to have a quick relationship, I can not control myself, then what should I do?

Start with yourself. Ask yourself, why do I want to have sex with each other as soon as I meet, why am I attracted by his appearance and lust, why can’t I calm down to learn more about him?

Ask yourself to find out your inner voice. Then elevate your sexual instincts to the things and activities that promote your ascension, to learn, to improve yourself, to study your area of expertise, to spend time learning, to spend time learning, to make yourself better, is a particularly important thing in life, so that you do not care about the immediate happiness of the people without worrying about their overall happiness.


And whether it’s 3 days, half a month, or a year of relationships, you need to keep the following points to maintain a balance in your relationship, you will not be because after sleep will not be cherished, no previous love, cold and other similar sufferings and losses, seriously affecting your relationship ideas and ideas.

The relationship is just another shift in the progress of your relationship, and if you want to deepen his love for you and make your relationship better, all you have to do is focus more on building your charm:


Don’t change before or after intimacy

You should change your mind. Whether it is a girl who tries to get the love of the other person by the sexual way or a girl who wants the other person to love herself all the time or loves herself more after sex, there is a subconscious: I am already his man, I have completely belonged to him, and my happiness is entrusted to him.

Therefore, no matter how cold the goddess, and then become a good wife and good mother’s sweet sister, even if the original independent progress, and then will become a sticky kitten.

And such a change, not only will let men feel that they are eaten, will not put a lot of attention on them, but also will give boys a potential pressure so that boys have the idea of escaping responsibility.

So after an intimate relationship, it’s best to have an independent mindset and continue to be in the same state as before. 


Keep your life

Boys have a desire to challenge, but after a night of fun with him, the center of your life is you, your daily life is still very rich, very exciting. He doesn’t become the center of your life.

“How long do relationship breaks last—-How long is it normal for modern people to have relations”

Zhang Ailing once said that the place that leads to a woman’s heart is the vagina.

Then you don’t behave like most girls, or if you’re not like his ex-girlfriend, he’ll wonder if he’ll be attracted to you. Attracting this state requires a “field”.

So he’ll keep an eye on you and chase you, and that’s an investment, and he’ll love you more.


Make rules

Some girls, because of the first relationship with boys, so when boys ask for the second, third, nth time, it becomes extremely obedicisity.

Because in their eyes, after the first relationship, this layer of sexual window paper, has been broken, so the back should be no boundaries.

Such an idea, in addition to a long time, later let the man feel no desire to conquer and mind of the throbbing, basically, no help to your feelings, because you have been completely tamed by him, then why should he spend more energy on you.

The right thing to do is to remain independent and make rules for him in his heart.

For example, for every three times he asks, you only say yes once and refuse twice.

Every time he agrees to your request so that you really feel that he is income than understanding, excellent performance 3 times, you meet his wishes once.

Of course, we’re not doing this in exchange for you, but by setting up a reward mechanism for him to realize that the decision to do it from start to finish is in your hands.


Build multi-dimensional attraction

In the absence of sex, men in love secrete large amounts of dopamine because of sexual attraction and novelty, and large amounts of dopamine can maintain their strong feelings for women.

Once sexually, dopamine levels naturally drop after orgasm to a lower level than before (female sexual attraction decreases and there is no freshness), and the likeness of women naturally decreases.

But if your attraction to a man is not just “sex”, but is based on multiple dimensions, then a single dimension of sexual attraction is reduced, the overall effect on the overall good feeling will not be too great, is the icing on the cake.

So, if you want a man to have more and more love for you after having sex with you, first you have to make yourself attractive to men in multiple dimensions.

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