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Don’t be silly, if the boy offered to break up, he has a good chance will not find your compound. Because most of the boys are rational-led characters, words must do, often accumulated a lot of disappointment, decided to leave the true break-up.

“How long do relationship breaks last—-After breaking up, how long will the boy miss his ex, or even take the initiative to find his ex to get back together”

First, the reason why boys actively break up 1) because of the loss of freshness and break up when the two people get along for too long, easy to enter a period of tiredness, even if people together, but also care about each other. Perhaps the two people themselves do not have a great contradiction, but this constant low pressure, people feel “not love.” In the absence of some stimulating, fresh interaction for a long time, the two will achieve a “stable roommate relationship”, increasing inertia, but the relationship also becomes fragile. Such a life lasts for a period of time when there is an opportunity, boys may suddenly feel tasteless, doubt whether the current feelings are suitable for themselves, want to pursue their new life. Such break-ups are often accompanied by a problem, boys increasingly do not see the value of girls. In other words, some boys in the pursuit of girls, may overestimate the value of girls, and into life, step by step to find the true value of girls, and then there will be a psychological gap. Of course, this is not that girls are really worthless, but because the two people together in a boring mode, so that boys more and more lost interest and confidence. Therefore, in this case, in the first few months after the break-up, boys often do not miss their predecessors, because the break-up is often not too reluctant, eager to look forward to the excitement of a new life.


2) Due to external factors, including off-site love, family opposition and part of the problem of cheating, can be external factors caused by the break-up, this break-up is characterized by the relationship between the two people is not really too big problems and conflicts, but because of certain objective factors have to be separated. In this case of a break-up, boys tend to miss their predecessors more quickly, and miss the time will be longer. There is a “Romeo and Juliet effect” in psychology, which is stronger when their relationship is externally hindered. But in reality, most people choose to let go when faced with an external threat. But because this kind of abandonment is not active, so in the subliminal level, boys will feel that this is a last but not enough, I did not completely put down from the psychological. The break-up of this situation, if you can not solve this external threat, the possibility of active compounding is extremely low, but boys will continue to miss their predecessors.

“How long do relationship breaks last—-After breaking up, how long will the boy miss his ex, or even take the initiative to find his ex to get back together”

3) Because of the constant conflict and bitter break-up this kind of break-up often appears in the two people dating for a year or three years, with a certain understanding and long-term run-in, but because the two people’s cognition and behaviour patterns are far apart, at the beginning can respect each other, give in to each other, but a long time, will accumulate very

Will not miss each other, will not take the initiative to ask for the compound. It’s even a no-go for girls. But this emotion is actually very unstable, the relationship is easy to go to two extremes or no longer exchange, or because of the girl’s entanglement after a short complex break up again. No matter what kind of situation of the break-up, when a boy took the initiative to leave, girls will always have a feeling of being abandoned, betrayed, this feeling will often have two down, one is to make trouble with boys, entanglement, hope to regain attention, hope to be affirmed. Second, gambling, no longer contacts with boys. In fact, you should think, he does not want to abandon you, wants to make you feel bad, he just wants to find a place to hide, just want to protect themselves. Once you understand this and want to save the boys after breaking up, you won’t take too many detours. Second, how long after the break-up of boys misses the former general break-up, boys in the break-up will have five emotional stages: relief, nostalgia, stupid move, contradictions, calm. Among them, in the two stages of nostalgia, contradictions will miss the predecessor the most.

1-2 months after the break-up, began to miss

Girls tend to threaten boys and say, “You’re going to lose me completely if you do this again.” And in boys’ hearing, this sentence is not lethal, they will only feel that this is a gas, a word you to save them and expose the need for gas. So when girls say things like that, boys don’t feel like they’re “lost.” To be precise, when boys miss their predecessors, presumably when girls have completely put down boys. That’s when boys will have the feeling of “losing” and miss it. However, the boys at this stage, although very lost, but do not mean that he wants to be with his predecessor. Because the problem with the breakup has not been solved, he may tentatively contact you to see if you still need him. If at this stage, girls take the male test as a composite signal, so that the attitude of the boys change, immediately express the sense of need, the boys may immediately back down, not necessarily willing to compound. Even if it is compounded by a temporary into-adaptation, it will soon break up again because of similar problems.

“How long do relationship breaks last—-After breaking up, how long will the boy miss his ex, or even take the initiative to find his ex to get back together”

Six to eight months after the breakup, contradictions ad emerging

But by 6-8 months, boys are developing a new way of life, such as may be finding a new one or living a quiet life alone. At this time, if there are some problems in the communication with Xinhua, the boys will unconsciously compare the new Huan with the old love, comparing their current life with their previous life. For example, the boy’s predecessor is strong but able to clean up the family-organized people, he found a gentle new happy but lazy, every day to make the family very messy. That’s when the boys will miss their predecessors indefinitely. Therefore, the boys at this stage will fall into a contradiction, on the one hand, because of dissatisfaction with their current situation, doubt whether their decision to break up is wrong, on the other hand, the mood of the break-up was almost dispelled, so the boys will miss their predecessors more intense than just a month apart. This is the time when boys have the strongest intentions about their predecessors, but they may not be able to act. If by this time the predecessor has nothing to do with themselves, most boys will choose to give up, bless, accept the present life.

Maybe you’ll ask, why miss your ex and not take the initiative to save it? This is because, in the male mind, it is a shameful act to say what is necessary and to promise to be consistent with the behaviour of a person who has a sense of charm and authority, and who often repeats and tangles. So, to keep their image, most of them will choose to continue to stick to their decisions, except that they can find a reasonable reason to convince themselves. So at this stage, if you want to compound with boys the highest chance, but have to meet three conditions. Help him find an active compound reason, offset his concerns uninterrupted contact, reduce his active threshold to show a higher sense of value, stimulate his possessive desire rather than waiting for boys to mention compound, it is better to take the initiative in their own hands, girls to save boys do not lose face, a miss is a pity. These three steps, which seem simple, are actually very difficult to operate. Because they need your strong psychological support, carrying the emotional pressure of two people, to do the right thing.

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