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Adults should end a relationship in a decent way. In the bear’s view, the break-up see character, see is a person to end the relationship processing, see is a person after the break-up of character and manners. So today, want to borrow a book, with you to learn “break up” this topic. This book, which has also been introduced to you, is The Very Simple Law of Love. The author of the book, known as the “personal growth” of the mentor, the famous British best-selling author: Richard Teppler. He created the “Teppler’s Law of Life series” book, which is a well-known set of classic bestsellers in the United Kingdom, the cumulative global sales of more than 2 million copies. 

“The Law of the Minimalism of Love” from the partner, parents, friends and other roles, for us to summarize 116 rules of emotional management. According to incomplete statistics, more than 2.4 million people worldwide are following his proposed rules. Part of it is some of the “sub-techniques” proposed by Teppler; These sub-techniques allow us to better handle the end of a relationship. In his opinion, even if the break-up, even if injured, we should try to maintain the deity, character. Today, Mr. Xiong, on these “sub-techniques” to share with everyone, I hope to inspire you .

“Why do breakups hurt even when you wanted it”

1. Feelings are most afraid of procrastination, Follow your inner feelings. When people look back on those unworthy feelings, they often say: “Actually, I knew he didn’t love me.” “Now I want to come, and from then on, our feelings began to go downhill.” And in the author’s view, feelings are about to die, the hearts of the two people more or less have a hunch; It’s just that in the months and even years that follow, we all choose to struggle to maintain the feelings of survival, to struggle with our partners, and to get deeper and deeper… “If they had been precise, they wouldn’t have been sad in hindsight.” So the author wants to remind all the couple friends who sense the precursor to a “breakup”: Listen to your inner thoughts, and once it tells us things are not going to get better, let go as soon as possible. Procrastination only adds to the pain. In my opinion, there may really be a “sixth sense” in the relationship. Knowing that continuing will hurt yourself, it’s better to break early so that you and others lose less.

2. Break up, both parties are responsible. When a relationship breaks down, we are overwhelmed by negative emotions: regret, injury, anger, pain, embarrassment… So in the early days of the break-up, we may intentionally or unintentionally find a blame object, and the predecessor becomes this “reason”. And the author says we must understand that breakups are often caused by both parties and that no party is to blame. “If you don’t realize your mistakes, you’ll probably fall in the same place the next time you fall in love.” The author believes that every time we break up, we must realize our mistakes.

“Why do breakups hurt even when you wanted it”

3.Although these mistakes will not bring feelings back to life, at least they will keep us from wasting time on the wrong feelings. Bear felt that the break-up does not shirk responsibility, is a kind of character, responsibility; Not only that, dare to admit their mistakes, learn some lessons, to slowly find a more correct way to love it. In any case, keep the moral bottom line. There are some break-ups, not so peaceful, smooth, and even mixed with some provocation, unreasonable … But in any case, the authors say, we have to stick to the moral bottom line. No matter how unsatisfactory the situation may be, we cannot retaliate against each other, be reckless and cannot harm anyone in any way. Perhaps in the immediate, we feel to swallow, slightly unhappy; But after a complete break-up, we will understand that it is a thousand times better to hold the moral high ground than to retaliate. In Xiong’s view, after the break-up can also maintain kindness, decency, tolerance, which are the most basic requirements of character.

4.Don’t always turn over old accounts. “I’m telling you, my predecessor didn’t want a face!” “The predecessor was a liar!” When it comes to their predecessors, there may still be people who still find it hard to complain and like to turn over old accounts and demonize the other side. There are some complaints about being hurt in love, but as the author says: If we have been indulged in these negative emotions, the damage to ourselves has been unable to let go; “Well, you’re just going to be a victim of negative energy, and the past will keep you stuck in place.” Bear felt that, in any case, and each other’s everything, has been the past. Compared with turning over the old accounts, we should try to live better than before, so that we and those around us can live happily; In this way, can not take any additional emotions, bravely meet the next relationship.


“Why do breakups hurt even when you wanted it”

 5. After the break-up, they still have a life. For most people, the shadow of break-ups and divorces doesn’t come out overnight. And in the sad, reluctant mood, perhaps many people will do some irrational behaviour, such as entanglement with each other, frequent contact with each other to try to recover and so on. And the author wants to persuade such a person a sentence: “After the break-up, leaving only love, always still, is our own life.” ” After the break-up, the new normal life order will slowly recover, we must always believe that we will be more mature and wise to continue to live. While you’re single, do something you want to do that you can’t do. Go and see the world travel, to enrich themselves, to go and long-lost friends to retest the old… “It seems like a painful life now and looking back, it’s probably just a light cloud.” Bear believes that time is the antidote, and over time, we will all slowly recover.

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