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In fact, every couple together, more or less have thought of breaking up, but after the misunderstanding is solved, the two will return to good. But do not understand the operating feelings of couples, the estrangement between each other more and more deep, feelings in the contradictions increasingly exhausted, the final result is self-evident.


If you think you’ve got rid of your faults and weaknesses, he’ll come back, and you might as well think, when you were with him, didn’t you? Are these questions affecting your feelings?


Not really. If you have a misunderstanding, if you every time you encounter problems in the relationship to choose to break up, then you talk about any relationship will not last long, because you never know the next love encounter, will it be more let you hurt people. If you don’t change this mode of thinking, you’ll only fall into the trap of constantly looking for someone who really loves you.


To save a person’s heart, the most important point is not to ask him not to leave, but should spill free, emotional cracks from two people can not understand each other’s needs, let go of each other from the last period of failed feelings out, in order to let that person fall in love with you again.


It’s easy to cover a cold heart with heat, and it’s hard to sew up a broken heart, but it’s not impossible.

The predecessor is a special existence in everyone’s mind, because you have seen each other’s light, but also know each other’s vulnerability. There is joy between two people, but as long as the right way to recover, he love you again is not a problem. 

“Why do breakups hurt even when you wanted it—-There is no need to break up when there is a rift in feelings. With this soft power, it’s easy for him to fall in love with you again!”

1. Eliminate alertness and adjust your mentality


If you’ve ever been obsessed with him because you’re in a hurry, the taboo-fighting behaviors you’ve done will leave a lot of negative impressions in his mind, making him more bored with you and making him think it’s wise to break up with you.


If you want to compound with him, be sure to stop those ineffective recovery behavior. Because as soon as you contact him, he will be wary of you, beware of you asking him to compound.


In the meantime, don’t let yourself immerse yourself in the sadness of the break-up, start the spirit, let yourself out of the shadow of the break-up, this time, need to re-set your feelings, find out the root cause of the break-up, and then find a way to solve.


2. Rebuild attraction and awaken love for each other


Love, in fact, is a “positive resonance of the small moment.” Feelings to break up is certainly not a person’s problem, broken relationship through time can repair a small part, want him to come back to you, the core is to attract, rather than blindly to change themselves.


True love is not eternal, so no one will ever love another. Love is not perfect, but because we are willing to accommodate each other, we will look like a natural couple.


Next as long as you want to do to re-attract his attention, but can not let him see that you are deliberately, can do re-attraction, two people’s feelings heat up again, you can lead his relationship with you into a real love period, so that two people’s feelings more sweet and solid.


True love will not roar, nor is it all plain, because quarrels and stumbling, love will become more plump and true. True love, is two people grow up together, gradually understand the real each other, “love” is not to take each other’s own pay as a matter of course.


Break-up is not terrible, love is flowing, each of us will change with time, break-up said not to love only because of the situation at that time decided.


If you want to save and don’t always be afraid to act, you always think about it very hard, is to set up psychological barriers for yourself. Take this step, the dawn of happiness is not far away!

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