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When a woman is in love, he can’t tell the difference between a man’s feelings for himself, and there are times when a man if he’s tired of a woman, doesn’t tell a woman directly that a man will use some behaviour, or what we call Honeydick, to force a woman, so we’ll talk today, and men will use These Honeydicks to force you to leave him if they don’t love them.

First, there is a backlog of problems, and then an outbreak

Once, perhaps between you just happened a small thing, but the other side is a violent jump, said you hurt him, sad, shouting to break up, you think it is really the other side hurt, so put down the body to seek a rap and apologize, in fact, this is just a fuse, he just put the previous backlog of anger out, let you feel guilty, let you think you put your feelings to this point, in fact, this is just a man’s break-up Honeydick.

“Why do breakups hurt even when you wanted it—-Signs that men want to break up”

Second, treat yourself coldly

After a man has the idea of wanting to break up, his first characteristic, absolutely cold, you call him, he always said he wants to drive, overtime and so on and other excuses, see him busy, your first reaction must be me a little bit, don’t disturb him, you have to try to restrain yourself, reduce the frequency of contact with him, and he never takes the initiative to contact you, the only excuse is busy until you are completely ignored can’t stand, finally said break up, he will put on a look like I am the injured person, Then successfully get rid of you.

Third, always hate you trouble or hate you

Because he doesn’t love you anymore, your presence is just a problem for him, your grievances and tears have become a burden in his eyes, your anger and complaints have become unreasonable, and these have become one of the many reasons he proposed to break up.

“Why do breakups hurt even when you wanted it—-Signs that men want to break up”

Fourth, don’t meet to say break up

There is also a kind of scum commonly used to break up Honeydick, that is, do not meet to say break up, but through text messages, WeChat and other ways to put forward. In this case, said the break-up of the man is generally cowardly, because of fear of facing you, so selfish regardless of your feelings, in his heart can only achieve the purpose of the break-up, all your feelings, and he has no relationship, such a man, the proper scum man no doubt.

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