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Feelings are a strange thing, and some people are very nice to you when they fall in love. But after breaking up, often know what kind of person the other person is, true or false, you can see clearly, see.

Two people once loved each other, some things still leave each other have some good memories.

Break up to see character really love each other, break up will not hurt you like this

“Why do breakups hurt even when you wanted it—-I’ve been in love with each other, and breaking up won’t hurt you like this”

It’s too clear.

Some people break up, will immediately count all things too clearly, such as how much it cost to invite you to dinner? How much does it cost on every date?

The number of times you spend on movies, the gifts you buy, even the fare for a date have to be calculated with you, and you are asked to give it back after the break-up.

Even anything he’s done for you is clear. Always feel that in love only he pays, and you are just asking for it.

He even asked to give you a gift and return it in cash. The clearer the other person is before the breakup, the more likely he is to make a face-to-face and break-up plan with you at any time.

Even if the other person buys you a gift, gives you money, gives you what you want. It’s also temporary flattery for you, just for you to like.

When you turn your back on him or break up with him, you’ll get everything and money that pleases you, and you’ll get it all back without reservation.

Say bad things about you.

After the break-up also deliberately say your bad words and bad, spread all kinds of rumours and bad things about you, find the opportunity to smear you. It’s not that he hates you, it’s that his character doesn’t work.

This behaviour can be said to be very bad and gentlemanly people. If a person ever liked you very much, even if he broke up, he would not be willing to hurt you in this way.

“Why do breakups hurt even when you wanted it—-I’ve been in love with each other, and breaking up won’t hurt you like this”

Because they have been serious, although left also do not want to hurt each other. After all, two people used to love each other so much.

If the other person does not love or like you, there will be this kind of bad retaliation, let you get hurt.

If life really meets such a person, break up is a normal choice, because do not break up will only hurt you more deeply.

After all, even if the character of such a person together, the future life will not be very beautiful and happy for a long time.

There was a new joy immediately.

After breaking up with each other, in a blink of an eye, there is a new happy and sweet love. Just a few days after you broke up, there is a new live show and looks very sweet and beautiful.

Maybe he didn’t love you in his heart, or he didn’t love you as much as you thought he would. Otherwise, how can you immediately come out of the sadness of breaking up?

“Why do breakups hurt even when you wanted it—-I’ve been in love with each other, and breaking up won’t hurt you like this”

Then immediately fell in love with others, to put it across, I never liked you. This also just shows that the process of getting along with you has long been out of like feelings.

However, you are still in grief after the break-up has not been out, see their new love so sweet and beautiful, let your heart pain and pain.

Sure you will think why he once so much loves him, once two people so sweet happiness, why he never liked himself, why he can casually put down a relationship and then another relationship.

Because you put in feelings like him, like the kind of a pain in the bone so that you can’t breathe. It’s probably just a casual thing for him because he’s not emotional.

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