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Parting makes people consume a lot of energy at the same time as grief and difficulty, so don’t try to part when it’s a last last last minute.

There will be a parting when there is a meeting. Since to love others, then, “parting” has become an inevitable fate. Of course, no one will love each other from the beginning to prepare for parting.

At the beginning of love, people expect their love to last forever, but as time goes on, the thought of parting will come between two people.

For parting, most people think: “Since we must leave, we must leave clean and beautiful.” “However, the word “beautiful” sounds easy, but some of it is too much to believe.

“Why do breakups hurt even when you wanted it—-How to break up gracefully”

Especially men and women who have close sexual relations and truly love each other, their parting is by no means a matter of saying something beautiful. Maybe there will be emotional entanglements or unpleasant quarrels between them.

If it can really be “beautiful”, then it can only happen on the following occasions: the relationship between the two people is not deep, did not produce a certain degree of love, or both men and women are tired of each other at the same time, want to break up. Especially when both people are other than others, the rate of an easy break-up is higher.

However, there are only a few situations where both parties are tired of each other at the same time, mostly when one party wants to break up and the other side is in love.

It can be seen that, in general, parting, men and women are like a delicate rope on the same, as long as one party is strongly attached to the other, then they can not break up smoothly. Even if you can get away with it in the end, there will be a lot of trouble, and sometimes even a lot of fierce fighting.

Therefore, “beautiful” is nothing more than a fantasy, because the departure of the two sides will naturally expose the selfish and ugly face.

All in all, parting makes people consume a lot of energy at the same time as grief and difficulty, so don’t try to part when it’s a last last last minute.

However, since you want to love others and know each other, it is inevitable to deal with break-ups. Therefore, how to get over this obstacle has become a major problem affecting people’s lives.


When it comes to breaking up, the way people accept it varies by age, and the reasons for breaking up vary.

For example, young people between the ages of fifteen and twenty, male and female, have not yet entered into a marriage consciousness, so they simply rely on their own likes and bad feelings to decide to associate or separate.

In this sense, they have a wide choice and more opportunities to engage with each other, while at the same time they have a high rate of separation. That is, because they are currently dealing with no one to bear social responsibility and burden, they can freely choose and choose.

However, when a person becomes aware of the age of marriage, he or she will encounter situations in which he or she has to break up despite his or her discomfort with the partner, and the break-up is more complicated. Married men are divorced on different grounds than singles because they have a home and are inextricably linked to society.

Despite this, men of all ages have a common and unique sense of parting. Moreover, they act in a completely different way than women when they part.

“Why do breakups hurt even when you wanted it—-How to break up gracefully”

First of all, men are lonely and cowardly animals who don’t want to be alone. Because they grew up not used to writers, grow up suddenly become a person, life will be extremely inconvenient, for this reason, they are not willing to part.

Second, because men have a strong libido when they are young, women who lose a stable sexual relationship are a fatal blow to them. Therefore, even if there is no relationship with the current woman, as long as they do not find the next lover, they will not make up their minds to break up. This is a man-specific pattern of behaviour. Even if love is gone or long gone, they often ask for joy without care.

If a man proposes to break up, first of all, he must have another woman.

In this respect, women are very different from men. When the character does not fit or hate each other, even if there are no other men, women will consider breaking up in advance.

Also, once a woman decides to break up, she will tell the man very clearly, and he will explain the reasons for the break-up. Men, by contrast, are usually ambiguous, using almost no direct language such as “I hate you.”

The reason is that men subconsciously think that “they can’t say too much to women”, “they should protect women”, and so on;

In this way, women may not notice the true intentions of men and often have misunderstandings.


When a man plans to break up, he first appears to reduce the number of phone calls and appointments. At this point, if the woman asks him, “Why haven’t you called very often lately?” Then he’ll say, “It’s busy at work”, or find some other reason to stop.

There are truly quite a few women who believe that they are real. No matter how busy you are, you can’t even make a phone call. In fact, at the beginning of the relationship, they are diligent contact, in any case, will take time to meet the woman. Therefore, it is simply not reasonable to presume by busywork.

The lack of warmth is also one of the signs of an impending break-up. For example, in the past, when a woman proposed “to go somewhere”, the man would readily agree, however, when he wanted to break up, he heard it and he went deaf. However, it is easy to get it wrong in this respect: because the two sides are too close to produce a sense of peace of mind, and this sense of peace of mind can make both sides do not have to pay attention to each other can also achieve a harmonious effect, then the man will also ignore the woman. However, such “negligence” is plausible to the aforementioned negligence.

These two signals can be said to be a yellow signal from a man ready to break up. Once this stage is reached, the possibility of recovery depends on the attitude of the woman.

“Why do breakups hurt even when you wanted it—-How to break up gracefully”

But if a man is self-desist and says things like, “I’m an irresponsible woman who doesn’t deserve you” or “I’m not the man you think I am,” it’s like he’s suggesting, “I can’t be with you anymore,” which is close to the red signal.

Because a man-like line can be understood as “I hate you anymore.” Once the situation has evolved to this extent, I’m afraid he’ll have a hard time turning his back.

If an unidentified woman replies, “No, you’re a good man,” the man will think, “What a dull woman.” ”

In short, at this stage, men make a little excuse for women.

For example, even being forced by your own woman to ask, “Did you date other women?” Nor would he refute it. Or just say angrily, “Disgusting!” “Or pretend to be wrong and say, “Think what you love.” “It’s already a pretty serious red signal.

However, even if this development to this point, most men will not say “break up” in their own mouth. If the woman says, “You’re such a desperate man,” then he’ll be wrong to say, “You’re right, I’m the kind of person.” ”

In this ambiguous language to express the intention of breaking up, the purpose is not to cause a blow to the woman, this is also the gentle side of the man. But if they look the other way, they don’t want to make themselves evil, they don’t want to be guilty of abandoning others. It can’t help but say that this is a man’s cunning place.

In this case, most men want to be hated by women. They don’t want to say decisive words themselves, just waiting for the other person to say, “I can’t stand a heartless person like you anymore.” ”

In this way, men are habitual and extremely cunning animals.

However, if you look at it another way, in order not to hurt each other, they are not even willing to say mean words, it can be seen that they are cowardly animals.


So, the relationship broke down so far, men can still return to the woman?? In fact, it is not without this possibility, which is also a strange thing for men.

Men and women do not interact between them, they often interact with multiple women at the same time, to facilitate comparison with each other.

For example, in the relationship with A female, B woman again appeared. At this time, if he likes B-girl, then he will empathy with her, and walk away from A girl, and reduce the number of times to meet.

However, he did not fully want to break up with A girl. Although the chances of the meeting were naturally reduced, occasionally I still wanted to see A-girls.

Although 80 percent of the feelings have shifted, still 20 percent of the attachment to A women is difficult to give up. Therefore, if time and financial conditions permit, although most of the emotions are used to B women, he still wants to properly associate with A women.

At this time, if there is another C woman, he may be with these three people at the same time. Moreover, in the process of dealing with B women, if found or A women good.

He’ll go back to A-girls, and if he doesn’t make good progress with C-girls, he’ll probably return to A-girls again. That’s it, and there are a lot of men who are cleverly circling between a few women.

This situation can be called “two boats on foot” or “three boats on foot”.

Men are more likely to take such action as long as conditions permit. The reason for this is that, on the one hand, men are hard to give up on the women in front of them, on the other hand, he does not feel that there should be a sense of guilt among many women.

Women also have several men at the same time, but most women break up with their ex once they have a new boyfriend. Maybe that’s the difference between a woman and a man.

All in all, if the benefits say that women are fair if the bad things say they are too cruel. When they break up, they don’t care to say “never want to see you again” and “never love you again” and so on.

However, even if a man empathy, will be dependent on his ex-girlfriend, as long as there is no special reason, he will not open his mouth hurt.

Because a man who loves someone else will not completely forget his death, he is likely to return to his old lover once the situation changes.

Therefore, for the woman, even if aware that the man seems to have a different love recently, as long as he is not the person you want to lose, you and his anger, early despair, rather than think of ways to repair the relationship as well.

Unfortunately, most women can’t bear it during a man’s empathy. They blame each other, sometimes cynicism about each other out of jealousy. Doing so would, in turn, bring the relationship to an early end.

Women often say, “He must have regarded my love as a burden.” “In fact, men want to break up, rarely because of a simple burden.

The reason for this is that even if men feel a little weight from a woman’s love, they will think that it is the other person’s love that has been deep, wholeheartedly for their own performance, and therefore do not feel heavy. 

If the other party’s feelings are too fierce, the man will feel a little depressed and unhappy, but the thought of herself for her own efforts to such a point, also feel embarrassed to unprovoked rejection of people thousands of miles away.

The same is true of women in this regard, when the man dedicated his love to her, she will also feel: “He is so good to me, how can I…”, so the heart will suddenly soften.

If a woman wants to end their relationship, she will feel it quickly if she is not too slow. Because a woman is very honest about love and love and wants to break up, she will clearly express her words and deeds. A woman’s love is not ambiguous. In contrast, the man’s character seems extremely warm and perfunctory.

When the woman comes forward, the man will panic and try to make her change her mind. If she is in the stage of confusion, we can leave it to the end, but once her mind has been determined, the man will not be able to retain it.

Men, however, always like to be themselves, thinking that even if a woman leaves herself, there is a possibility of return. But to this kind of share, if the man is still reluctant, then there is a possibility that the woman robbed white, what “face really thick” “I don’t know the harm”, and so on, but was more distant.


In this way, through the “separate” phenomenon to observe men and women can find the difference in men’s and women’s understanding of love.

When the fire of love ignites, women’s feelings fluctuate violently, and when they decide to break up, they will leave with determination.

On the contrary, men are not as emotional as women, but, in general, they can maintain a permanent love, for each other. That is, relative to a woman’s decisive and resolute character characteristics, a man’s character appears extremely sticky and cowardly.

All in all, breaking up is a very difficult thing to do. But we can’t just think of it as a sad thing, a bad thing. The experience of breaking up is indeed painful, not only I was hurt, but also, many times will expose their ugly side, let oneself regret it for a long time.

However, it is never a bad thing for men and women to fall in love, even if they eventually break up. They bump into each other and fight, not only to deepen their knowledge of life but also to know themselves better.

Also, people who have not experienced love and parting have richer life memories than those who have not experienced love and parting, and they can take more opportunities to develop valuable insights into the heart and observation of life.

But love doesn’t just bring favours. Some people will also be hurt by love, lost, tired of the world, out of contact with the world. However, all of this varies from person to person, and can’t be general about good or bad.

The only thing worth mentioning in this regard is that even if you are unfortunate lying hurt, you have to get up again.

Because Japanese parents expect their children to grow up safely, most Japanese mothers stop their children from experiencing hurt-effective relationships and don’t allow them to come. Of course, their idea is out of concern for the well-being of their children, but I always feel that it is too narrow.

Hurt but can stand up again, with this knowledge, injury itself will become the treasure of life. Moreover, after the grinding of time, the break-up will certainly add lustre to his (her) life, so that his (her) life more rich fragrance.

If the meeting is the beginning of parting, then parting becomes the beginning of the search for a new self. I sincerely hope that the princes concerned will adopt a more positive attitude and grasp the bright future.

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