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Tears in love, eaten crying can only be their own clearly. Those who have passed without love are also in vain. Without a love to do anything, there is no use, the heart is not in you, you are struggling, what use? Therefore, even if the break-up is injured, these 4 things must not do!

1, self-harm

The pain of love loss only personally experienced will feel, is the love is really hurt, think before in a sweet time, walked together, have been to the place have been in sight. So losing love is really like a knife into the heart, but love is not just this one, losing this one and another, don’t self-harm because of this matter, it’s not worth it.

“Why do breakups hurt even when you wanted it—-Don’t do these four things after breaking up”

2, become not self-love

There are a lot of people because of the loss of love, the heart will become irrational, because the heart of that gas, because love for TA injured, so move some not simple ideas. To let the predecessor regret, feel free to find someone to start a new relationship, even to make the predecessor angry, casually sleep with others, this does not make any sense, will only let the predecessor look down on you, will also let you suffer more harm!

3, hold on tight

A feeling without love, even if you want to save, no matter what you do will not have any use, but many people are unable to turn this bend. Clearly has no possibility, but also every day will die tangled and beaten not to let go, has been tightly grasping is not to let go. It’s no use doing this, it’s just going to make the other person more disgusted with you, and you’re going to get hurt even more!


“Why do breakups hurt even when you wanted it—-Don’t do these four things after breaking up”

4, retaliation

Although there are very few such people, there are still some people who, because of the loss of love, become irrational, do some confusing things. No matter what you two because of what things separate, but after all, you two in a piece, even if it is no love, can not be friends, at least do not want to be an enemy ah, after all, love to be an enemy how bad ah!

Perhaps you very much want love, the heart is reluctant to have a good feeling there is no, think of recovery, want to desperately do something. But sometimes, feelings are gone is gone, don’t try to do something, don’t casually do these 4 silly things, because there is no use, you will only get deeper injuries, in doing everything will not have any good results!

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