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In the face of feelings, women in most cases are more emotional, love when roaring, quarrelling when also roaring. So, when two people are together, once a woman becomes irrational, she says something ugly. And these words to men is undoubtedly a kind of hurt, if women often say so, then men love you will leave.

Therefore, women in the feelings must understand, then “break up”, these three words more let men want to leave you!

“Why do breakups hurt even when you wanted it—-Compared with “break up”, these three words make men want to leave you”


You see how someone else’s boyfriend/husband is so good.

“The secret to staying with someone you love for a long time is to give up the idea of changing the other person.” The longer two people get along, the less love they feel for each other. Despite this, you can’t hurt him. Since you have chosen him, you have a responsibility to share his suffering, you can come together, must have experienced a lot of laughter and tired, it is not easy.

So, when he doesn’t do what you want, please give him some tolerance, please believe he can give you a better life. If you always tell him, other people’s boyfriend/husband many good, you envy others, his heart must be as cold as heavy snow. After all, no one wants their lover to compare themselves to others, and it is disrespectful to you to praise other men in front of him.

Compared to “break up”, this way lets the man want to leave you because you do not know how to respect him, he will slowly do not value this relationship. 


You don’t always understand me, you don’t love me at all.

The meaning of the word “always” is completely positive or completely negative. Whenever you have a little contradiction, you make a big noise about him and complain that he always doesn’t understand you. You know, “always” completely negates everything he does for you. He has been crazy for you, perhaps in his heart, he has not changed, or so loves you.

You often say this, and he will doubt the love of you, and over time, he may actually leave you. Therefore, such words can not often say, when you quarrel, you should first calm down and think about whether they have done anything wrong, if wrong in him, please communicate peacefully, do not think he does not love you.

Operating feelings, the most important thing is communication. And in this way, it will make a man feel that you can’t see his good, and he pays for you.

“Why do breakups hurt even when you wanted it—-Compared with “break up”, these three words make men want to leave you”


“You’re making me sad.”

Women since ancient tenderness like water, in the feelings, are also easy to hurt, once injured, will directly tell the lover “you make me too sad.” In fact, this sentence is enough to let a man break his heart, he will feel that he can not give the love of happiness, and thus easy to produce negative emotions.

“Why do breakups hurt even when you wanted it—-Compared with “break up”, these three words make men want to leave you”

Perhaps they didn’t mean to make you sad, not even to realize that one of his words, a certain action made you angry again. Many times, it may just be your guess that he’s not good enough for you, makes you sad, and then you express your displeasure.

This practice is wrong, the emotional world needs to be inclusive, which is not easy, please do not give each other too much pressure.

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