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Break-up also has the difference between true and false, false break-up is good to say, two people can slowly communicate can be compound. And some are really break up, they are mostly tired of each other, or there are irreconciescible contradictions, such a situation is not without the possibility of recovery. True break-ups are sometimes an escape attitude to a problem and don’t want to touch again. So how do we take action to recover from a real breakup? Let’s get to know each other.

“Why do breakups hurt even when you wanted it—-4 ways to let your ex take the initiative to save you”

First, timely understanding of each other’s status.

In the meantime, you can gather information about the other party through relatives and friends and correctly understand the other party’s dynamics, but do not disturb the other party. Calm you and the other side. At this point, you are considering the other side. Just because the other side rejects you with unusual determination or even harshness doesn’t mean the other side doesn’t want you… Don’t be fooled by this fantasy. Of course, the degree of thinking depends on the actual situation. What did you miss? Maybe think about your happy time together, maybe think about your goodness, maybe another person also regrets or hesitates to break up, or maybe even thinks about their own harm.

It varies from person to person, from situation to situation, and not everyone needs it. Some people always say they can’t help but connect. I still need to talk about “can’t help”. I’ll miss each other a long time after the breakup. As I have said many times, this is not a necessary process. Some friends are actually much better. There is no need to hold on. If you can still communicate with each other and the other party does not reject you, you can continue to maintain it. Active contact does not mean frequent contact. This particular situation will be analyzed in detail. After all, contact is a prerequisite for restoring relationships, so take care.

However, if the other person doesn’t know you at all, you’ll have to contact the other person. I haven’t found any effect other than changing the other person’s silence and even hurting you, other than making you sadder. At this point, it must be handled calmly. The meaning and purpose of calm handling are to weaken your opponent’s resistance to you. If the other person’s emotions are very strong, then you are not interested in your connection and recovery, which is tantum to fuel the fire.

If the other person wants to calm down and wants you to stop pestering, then the apathy at this point is consistent with the other person’s idea. In the process, the other side may even be curious about you. Everyone has different emotional foundations and different reasons for breaking up. Some people will try to contact you proactively. In the meantime, you should clear yourself up, actively change yourself, improve yourself, and become your own star. In the meantime, you’d better build a relationship with yourself, get rid of your troubles, don’t think about “recoverable,” “what if I refuse to contact her again” and so on. In the meantime, trusting yourself and improving yourself is the right solution.

“Why do breakups hurt even when you wanted it—-4 ways to let your ex take the initiative to save you”

Second, let each other always remember themselves

Many people ask themselves what to do if they forget about themselves. Let me ask you a few questions before answering. Do you remember your elementary school classmates? So if the primary school is too long, do you remember the teachers in junior high school? What’s your impression of the best test scores in high school? Do you remember the students who had been divided in college? I think you should remember things from various periods. Then I’ll ask you again, my former lover, that you’ve only been breaking up for weeks or even a month or two. Do you think he can forget you? I don’t think so, even if he turned you down very firmly, maybe he remembered that time in his heart!

In fact, what you might want to ask is that he doesn’t care if I become! In fact, there is no need to ask this question. Why do you say that since you decide to save it, it must be because the other party refused, refused, and was indifferent to you? Since the other person doesn’t want to contact you and their feelings for you have waned, it’s pointless to ask if you don’t have a relationship with the other person.

Third, calm handling of the time master

It depends on people and circumstances, some people half a month is enough, some people maybe three months! During this time, you need to think and reflect positively, and you need to “reinvent yourself” when dealing with problems, you can eliminate the negative attitude towards you, the less negative attitude towards you, the easier it is to change your mind about yourself! At this point, you’ll intervene again as a friend and let the process go on suddenly. I’m sure the rejection of you won’t be so strong. This is a good start.

Some people say I have been away for some time, try to contact each other if you refuse me how to do! Well, all I can say is that it’s normal. Some people relax after a period of separation, but others don’t. Because this factor contains too much, it is a specific analysis of the specific problem to be recovered. Feel is not a set of programs, a set of formulas, direct application, if it is so simple, I think the whole world is very simple! Contact starts again with the attack, so you hit the wall normally and the other side still has the same attitude, which proves that you have not dispelled the other side’s concerns and that the other side is still not satisfied. Your initiative doesn’t work, continue to be passive, disappear temporarily, and see if the other person can find you? Don’t expect a quick result.

Fourth, timely grasp of negative emotions

In the course of action, joy, sadness, sadness and joy in each of their own actions will affect your nerves, so that you suffer from the loss. Your heart beats faster and then you feel lost. These mood changes are normal and emotionally calm. This is unlikely, but you must try to get rid of some negative emotions. 

Some say the process is tortured. How do you experience the sweetness of love without pain and suffering? Only by overcoming all kinds of twists and turns can you two cherish the process and cherish each other more. Therefore, think that this pain is normal to each other, and recovery is another way you love each other, so what you have to do is figure out how to solve these problems, not get into trouble, do things emotionally, don’t say to restore feelings, even if the habit into life, it is not feasible!

“Why do breakups hurt even when you wanted it—-4 ways to let your ex take the initiative to save you”

First of all, don’t do anything when you’re crying or feeling down; in the meantime, don’t contact others, don’t let yourself calm down, don’t think tit-for-tally about why he doesn’t care about me, why he’s so cold to me, why he’s so cruel, don’t take all your emotions to heart, don’t pay too much attention to each other, because you need family and friends.

All of this distracts you from negative emotions. Don’t let others guide you with your nose. Any attitude towards you, positive or negative, is normal. Don’t torture yourself for feeling uncomfortable. Don’t change your life. There is nothing wrong with the world, mediocre people will disturb themselves! When you can control and master your own negative emotions, the negative things get further and further away from you. On the road to redemption, we will be one step closer to success!

Second, in the meantime, be brave and not be afraid of what you’ve done wrong. Right? Don’t get caught up in this cycle again and again! If you calm down, you can reflect. Don’t think I should call someone? Am I right? Or should I ask someone to go out? Don’t think about it unnecessarily. If you’re right, you’re right; It’s no big deal because you’re wrong. If the method is not correct, we just need to change it.

I think you must be nervous. Your heart may be a little afraid, afraid that the other person will refuse, afraid that the other person will talk coldly, afraid that the other person will have new friends of the opposite sex. In fact, what I want to say is that this is probably the scariest! In many cases, if you don’t master the right methods and are eager to resume your previous relationship, you will be brutally hit by the other person and your heart will be devastated! Because you love each other, when two people are separated, the past of love will not disappear in your mind. The true break-up is also redeemable, don’t be afraid, to bravely pursue their own happiness.

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