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Have you ever been in this situation, with a friend of the opposite sex has been friends for a long time, has not felt anything different before, one day suddenly began to ask themselves, the feeling of this person is love or friendship. The idea may be that the friends around you are asking if you’re in love, or maybe it’s because you find yourself jealous of the other half of the opposite-sex friend. Whatever the situation, you should re-examine your relationship with him.

“He just wants to be friends but likes me”

Method 1

Listen to your heart


If you’re really just regular friends, you should be happy to see the right date for each other. This is a key to exposing what you really think inside. Your heterosexual friend may tell you that he is dating another person who he thinks is likely to be his doomed another half, or that the person is so charming that he deserves to put everything down for a while to see her. How do you react when you hear all this? If you’re happy for him in your heart or even want to meet that particular girl early and be friends with her, then your relationship is a true friendship.

Do important friends or relatives around him like you as much as he does? If the answer is yes, it also means that you are pure friendship, and those important people around you do not see you as a threat.


If you have unknowingly loved him, you will find that you are always dissatisfied with the important people around him. You’d think that for him, those friends weren’t smart enough, not beautiful enough, not humble enough, not decent enough, not funny enough, and you think that as his friends, they were too mediocre to deserve his excellence. Even if he doesn’t show a fond love for someone, you’ll still be jealous. In fact, you feel that no one in the world deserves him except you.

In a moment, do you always think he’s been dating some bad people?

“He just wants to be friends but likes me”


If your relationship is friendship, you feel 100% relaxed when you are by his side. Even if you’ve just recovered from a bad cold and speak like an asthmatic old man, you’re not afraid to be seen by him. Others will find it uncomfortable to appear in front of him without makeup or a bath. If you only think of the other person as a pure good friend, you can’t apologize even if you hiccup or fart in front of him (which sounds rude, but it’s true). Are you like this in front of him? If so, your feelings for him do not love.

Of course, when you find true love, you end up 100% relaxed and at ease in front of your lover. But in the ambiguous phase, your feelings can be filled with tension and uncertainty.


When you start falling in love, you’ll find that you’re just a friend. When you really fall in love with him, you’ll find that you’ll be nervous or even a little bit smoerned in your normal conversation with him, and you’ll cover up your excitement when you see him. It’s all a normal performance. You’re haunted by this, worried that you look stupid and nervous, become completely out of touch with yourself, and can no longer get along with him as normal as you used to. If you find yourself with the above “symptoms”, then you have to react earlier, in fact, you have unknowingly fallen in love with him.

If you find yourself suddenly starting to care about the appearance and manners in front of him, you must be in love.


If you were just friends, you wouldn’t care if you didn’t contact him for days on. Friends for a few days no contact between the situation is normal so that you do not lose sleep. Unless you have the habit of meeting every day, you don’t always want to know what he’s doing, where he is, whether he’s safe. Even close friends don’t worry too much about each other’s situation because they haven’t been in touch for days or even weeks.

That doesn’t mean you didn’t care enough about him, but as a friend, you really don’t have to care about him “so much.”

“He just wants to be friends but likes me”


In love you will always want to know what he is doing, all the time miss that so-called “good friend.” Even if you’ve just met, you’ll care what he’s going to do next and who he’s going to meet. You’ll always want to see him and think about him when you’re in love.


If your relationship is just an ordinary friend, then there will be no dramatic bridges in your relationship. Friendships between the opposite sex are often like this, and you all think it’s cool. That’s probably the advantage of being friends with the opposite sex, and there’s no easy argument or quarrel between you and the average girl.

You’re really good friends, aren’t you?


If your relationship is love, you are likely to be like a man and woman on a date, often quarrelling or even mad at each other. If you find yourself in a fight, always full of tears, howl, irritability and argument, sometimes you even rush out of the room in anger on a date. It’s all because you’re in trouble in love, otherwise, there’s any reason why you value the feelings of another person so much.

If you find that you have frequent and violent quarrels directly, congratulations, your relationship is no longer a relationship between ordinary friends.


If it’s just friendship between you, then you don’t mind his words and deeds too much. A person can’t be perfect all the time, and if he says something wrong or does something wrong, you won’t be particularly worried as a friend. Being a friend may occasionally feel a little awkward, but you don’t have to change him or tell him every little place you’re not happy with, which isn’t what friends do. You don’t treat your friends as harshly as you treat your lovers, you know you’re all ordinary people and you can’t be perfect.

Friends don’t usually interfere in too personal matters. Unless you find that your friend is doing something dangerous, you don’t have to intervene if it’s not a relationship.

Method 2

See what you’re all going to do together


Friends don’t meet at those times that are usually used for appointments. On a Friday or Saturday night, you’ll choose to go on a date or go to some dating matching website. Although there are times when you go out with a large group of friends on a Friday and Saturday night, there are usually so many things you can do on a weekend night that you don’t choose to meet an ordinary friend at such a time.


But if you’re in love, it’s different, you’re probably used to going out together on a typical date evening, and you’ve probably been unknowingly dating for months. Do you dress up, show up on time, go to dinner with him, watch movies, go to concerts, or do what other dates people do together? You don’t realize it yourself, but in fact, you’ve been dating for a long time.

Ask yourself, why do you choose to spend all these date nights with this best friend instead of some other possible dater?

Who did you pay for when you went out together? If it’s always a boy paying the bill, it’s also a sign that you’re actually dating.


If you’re just a friend, you can show up at his house in a casual sports suit. It’s a sign that you’re relaxed when you’re together and don’t expect to spark romance with each other. You may be wearing pyjamas, or you may have just come out of the gym sweating and gone to his house. You don’t think you need to dress up and be amazing.


If you feel love for him, you’ll mind what image you’re in front of him. You dress up because you want to see him, look in the mirror again and again, always feel that you don’t look good, in fact, you want him to see you can have a romantic feeling. Otherwise, why do you change into the most popular clothes when you see him, draw careful makeup, go out and look in the mirror countless times, I hope he sees you better?

Do you think that friend is praising your appearance more and more often? Does this make you blush? Or is it no different than usual? If you blush, it may be because you feel that some romantic relationship between you is developing.


If your relationship were just friendship, you wouldn’t think it would be a big deal to meet him and his other important friends. If you don’t like him more than a friend, you won’t feel embarrassed when you meet his or her close friend, and you won’t feel like he or she has been hoping you’ll leave early. It’s a two-way street, and if you’re not a threat to that person, he’ll feel at ease with you.


If you feel love for him, you can’t stand seeing other friends when he goes to see important friends, which makes you feel uncomfortable. You’ll feel like you’re just one of his many friends, and he’ll see you today and maybe see another person who’s as important as you tomorrow. This will make you very unhappy.

You may never have thought of this before, but if you’re really just friends, how can you be embarrassed between him and his other important friends?


Know that sometimes love is actually a normal part of friendship.

Because love and friendship are so similar, you really have to carefully observe yourself, listen to their feelings and voices to distinguish.

Many relationships develop from good friends.

True friends and true love are hard to come by.

To be your true love must be your true friend at the same time, but only one level higher than your friend’s relationship.

In fact, you just need to ask yourself: with him, am I happy?

True friendships are very likely to eventually turn into true love.


If you fall in love with each other and the other person does only see you as a friend, you may be very sad.

It’s a shame if something like this happens, but you also need to look at yourself and accept the fact that the other person can’t be a lover.

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