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They all say, “You can’t hide like a person.” When boys like a girl, even if they do not directly show the heart, they can find some traces from the subconscious words.

“He just wants to be friends but likes me—-men like you, can not hide the performance”

When he likes you, maybe he’ll look at you and smile and boast that your smile is the most beautiful person in the world.

Love will make people coated with a layer of gold, love has a dream filter, so it will make people feel better.

Maybe he’ll ask you, too, what you think of his existence in your heart.

Because at this time he has liked you, so also care about his image in your heart.

If you have other suitors around you, it will stimulate the man’s “possession” and “conquering desire”;

He will jealously raise himself, appropriately “lowering” the image of others in your heart.

He wanted to tell everyone in this way: He likes you.

Men subconsciously say these words, clearly, like you, don’t miss.

1 Like your man, always can’t help boasting about you.

Men express their feelings more directly than women.

When he likes you, he doesn’t stingy his language, appreciates your smile, your looks, your figure or your clothes and lifestyle.

When you hear, “You look good laughing,” “You’re really a girl who can make a living with a lot of love.”

“He just wants to be friends but likes me—-men like you, can not hide the performance”

This kind of word represents his appreciation of you.

In the TV series “Censorship”, when the emperor and the king of Go county together to enjoy the painting, the emperor talked about the beauty needs to be dynamic and interesting, otherwise, it is a wooden beauty time;

The king of Go county said subconsciously, “No wonder the royal brother is so pampered.”

In fact, the emperor did not mention who he said, but the king of Go County knew the first time.

Spirit and interest are to praise the screening because, in the heart of the king of Go County, screening is indeed such an existence.

It can be seen that the man’s subconscious praise, and in the face of praise from others, subconsciously put the woman into the seat, often shows his likes.

Love always beautifies a lover’s eyes and sees only pink happiness.

Like a person how can hide, often in the details of the show horse feet?

A man who likes you will always automatically put some good adjectives on you.

Because in his heart you are the most beautiful existence, so will also subconsciously praise you, to express his love and appreciation for you.

2 He will ask you how you see him in your heart.

When men like you, they actually want to show the best of themselves to you.

So when he starts asking you what kind of person you think he is in your heart, or where you put him, he wants to go inside.

If a man likes you, he will subconsciously ask you about his image in your heart.

Because he wants to be a perfect being, a person who is more suitable for you, and he cares if you care about yourself.

03 Possession to stimulate a man’s good heart, he will properly raise himself.

“He just wants to be friends but likes me—-men like you, can not hide the performance”

A man has a good heart and a “possession desire”, and when you have other suitors around him, it stimulates his desire to win and lose.

He subconsciously “suggests to you” that you are the best partner for you and that the other person is inferior to you.

When men like you, they tend to subconsciously improve themselves, belittle others, and give themselves a better chance to be with you.

He wants to know if he is the only one in your heart and will see you as the most beautiful person in the world.

At this time you will find that his heart has already secretly come to you, to express to you the heart of love.

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