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A boy in your life has captured your heart – perhaps only recently, or an old friend of yours has given you a fresh feeling. Whoever this person is, you’d like to know if you’re just a brother or if you want to develop with you. If you want to know if the boy likes you, you must pay attention to what he says and does when he is with you. If you want to know how he feels about you, check out the tips below.

Method 1: Analyze your conversations

“He just wants to be friends but likes me—-how to judge whether a boy likes you or thinks too much?”

1. Pay attention to how he speaks to you. The way he speaks can see how he really feels about you. The next time you’re together, pay attention to his tone and how focused he is when you speak. Based on your conversation, here are a few ways to tell if he likes you.

1. See if he has eye contact with you. He’s watching you with all his attention? Or what’s so fun looking around? Does he occasionally make eye contact with you, ducking but smiling because he is shy?

When he talks to you, is he very focused? Did he check his cell phone, stop talking to you and talk to someone else? If so, then he may not be interested in you. But if he chats to you like the only person in the world, he probably likes you very much.

See if he tries to make a good impression on you. Did he tell you stories that showed his manliness, he’s funny, his bravery? If so, then he may want to catch your heart.

2. See if he speaks softer when he is with you. Maybe he wants you to get close to him.

Pay attention to what he said. If a boy firmly sees you as a friend, he will talk to you differently than he wants you to like him and see him as a friend. Not only should you pay attention to the way he talks, but mainly what he chooses to talk to you about.

“He just wants to be friends but likes me—-how to judge whether a boy likes you or thinks too much?”

1. See if he talks about his privacy. If he confesses his troubles with friends or family, he values your point of view on his behalf, and he likes you. But if he tells you he’s been in love with a girl lately, you’re in trouble.

2. See if he mentions his childhood. Childhood is very personal for most boys, and if he mentions it to you, he must want to be close to you.

See if he praises you. If he tells you you’re beautiful, or vaguely likes you, maybe he’s already in love with you.

See if he makes fun of you. If he makes fun of you when he’s with you, he might like you.

5. See if he tries to be as gentle as possible when he is with you. If you notice that he hiccups, swears, and acts a little disgusting when he’s with his brother, but never says dirty words when he’s with you, but he’s talking politely, he’s trying to impress you.

See what he said about the other girls. If he talks to you about other girls, there may be one or two reasons. One is that he wants to make you jealous, and the other is that he treats you as a friend and wants to listen to your advice. Here’s how to tell:

1. If he’s always praising the girl he’s dating, or saying, “None of them are what I’m after,” he may be implying that you’re what he wants.

If he often asks you for love advice, no matter who you’re dating, he may think of you as a friend. If he says you’re good at giving you advice, he probably doesn’t think of you as someone other than a friend.

3. If he is always talking about recent results but does not ask for your suggestions, he may just be showing himself to win your heart. But be careful – you don’t want to be a number on his roster.

If he always compares other girls with you and often says things like, “She’s fine, but she’s not as interesting as you”, then he wants you to know that he’d rather date you.

Method 2: Think about what he did

1. Pay attention to his body language. Body language can tell if he wants to approach you, or if he sees you as a brother. If he put his arm around your shoulder, you need to know if he likes you, not if you’re a good partner. Here’s how to teach you to tell from his body language whether he likes you more than his friends:

“He just wants to be friends but likes me—-how to judge whether a boy likes you or thinks too much?”

1. Pay attention to the distance he is with you when he sits. Does he always try to sit next to you, knowing that your knees are on, or is he sitting a metre away from you?

2. See if you can sneak in your direction. If you catch his sight, see him blush and look elsewhere, he knows he’s been found!

3. See if he is always making excuses to meet you. Did he meet you when you were playing volleyball or football? Does he often ask you to be his partner when you go down to the pool?

4. See if his body leans towards you when he talks to you. Does he prefer you to make gestures or gestures to his side at the same time? If so, he may want to pay full attention to him.

5. See how he touches other girls. Is he hooking up with every girl, or is that just for you?

3. See if he has tried to pat your hand gently, including during a joke. It’s a very intimate gesture that might indicate that he really likes you.

Pay attention to what he has done for you. He may be a truly good friend, or what he does for you has a deeper meaning. Pay attention to these things and think about what they mean. Here’s how to tell:

1. See if he is considerate of you. Did he bring you a cup of coffee or get a ticket to a movie you suggested you wanted to see when you were nervous? If so, he is likely to remember every word you say and want to make you happy.

See if he is so good to everyone. He’s just a “good gentleman” who likes to do rides for everyone, buy lunch, or he just does these things for you? Remember, if he likes you, he’ll be different from you.

He helps you with trifles, such as washing clothes, so he definitely wants to be your boyfriend.

If he volunteers to help you repair your car, he doesn’t just show his friendliness – he wants you to make a good impression on him with his manliness.

3. Look at his movements with the other girls. You need to pay attention to the way he talks to other girls to see if it’s the same as the treatment or if you think you’re special. You don’t have to stare at him or follow him to see how he treats other girls, to understand your progress.

1. See if he often flirts. Does he flirt with every girl, or is he just with you? Remember, even if he flirts with other girls, he may still like you, but only to make him less obvious to you.

2. You can also look for signals of ideas. Does he flirt with every girl, just not like you? Then maybe it’s because he only likes you, so he doesn’t flirt with you. He may be too respectful of you to make fun of you or flirt with you.

3. Does he feel embarrassed or shy when he is with his new girlfriend in front of you? If so, then he probably doesn’t want you to see his relationship because he wants to be with you more.

4. See if the girls around him know who you are. If he’s with another girl and that girl’s expression tells you, “Ah, I’ve heard of you,” then this girl may be jealous of you because you’re important to him. 

“He just wants to be friends but likes me—-how to judge whether a boy likes you or thinks too much?”

4. See if he often wants to be with you. If he likes you, he’ll try to surround him. Performance may or may not be obvious. Here are a few signs that he wants to see you because he’s not just when you’re a friend:

If in a group of people, he regards you as the only person in the room. At a party, concert, or bar, if you find yourself talking to him all night, he must be trying to get close to you.

If you have a class together and he always tries to sit with you and even give you a seat, then he may want to go further with you.

5. Pay attention to whether he will meet you occasionally in your favourite coffee shop or bar. If he “always” appears, he may be following you, but if he only appears occasionally nearby, it may be because he expects to see you.

5. Analyze your meeting time. Pay attention to how often you meet, when and where you meet, and you can see that he treats you as a friend, or that he wants you to meet like a date. Here are a few points to consider:

1. Pay attention to where you meet. Are you dating him in a romantic place, such as a park, a nice bar, or a lot of couples dating? If so, he may like each other as much as you do.

2. Pay attention to the people around you when you meet. If there are always only two of you, then he may secretly like you. But if he always invites more than a dozen other brothers, he may just think of you as a friend.

3. Pay attention to the time when you meet. If you only see you once a month, he probably doesn’t want to stay with you anymore. But if you’ve seen him almost every day lately, yes, he might like you.

Pay attention to what you do when you meet. Friends are more likely to go out for a cup of coffee or a simple lunch, but eating dinner or watching a movie in the evening is more than just a friend’s relationship.

6. See if he flirts with you. It may seem like a no-brainer, but maybe it’s much less obvious that he’s flirting with you than you think. Every boy has his own way of flirting, and there are always several ways to flirt to tell you that he must like you. Here are a few signs that he flirted with you:

If you’re in class together and he’s always trying to make you laugh and even doodle on the edge of your notebook, he must be flirting with you.

2. If he sends you a lot of expressions by text message, he is flirting with you.

If he is always jokingly seducing you, or gently pushing you, he is flirting with you.

If you’re in the pool and he likes to push you into the water, he’s flirting with you.

If he is always trying to make you laugh or giggle, then he must be flirting with you. If he blushes when you smile, he must think you’re flirting.

Method 3: Ask others what they think

1. Ask your friends what they think. If you have close friends and always meet you, you can ask them if they think he likes you. You may be blinded by Cupid’s arrow and can’t see the situation clearly, but your friends may see something.

1. Ask a friend you can trust who already knows the situation. If she knew you two had met hundreds of times, she would have had her own opinion.

2. Ask your friend to observe it the next time you are with him and report it to you. Just make sure your friends don’t get too obvious.

3. Choose a friend who values your opinions and judgments. Choose a friend who has a good sense of sociality and knows the best answer.

4. Tell your friends to be honest. If they really think he doesn’t like you or even knows that he likes someone else, then you can actually benefit from the truth.

If you have the courage, you can ask your friend. This step is very dangerous. Some boys break the “brotherhood code” and don’t immediately promote your problems. If you don’t have anyone else to ask, or if you really trust your friends, feel free to ask them how they feel about you.

Although this step is dangerous, his friends will have better answers because they can get first-hand information from your mouth.

6. Ask his friends if he likes you, which is also the way to let them know in private that you are in love with him. If you dare not tell him yourself, then if you tell the wrong person, the message will be uploaded to his ear.

3. Ask yourself, when you feel good about yourself and think he likes you too, and you’re tired of not wanting to guess the hints he gives, then maybe it’s time to tell him directly how you feel and ask him if he’s the same. He may be shy and relieved by your initiative. Here’s how to ask him if he likes you:

1. Find time to be alone with him. Don’t ask while his friends are around.

2. Be honest and frank. Tell him you’re in love with him and want to know if he likes you, too. Before he responds, let him know that even if he doesn’t like you, it doesn’t matter.

You should only do this when you are very sure that he likes you. If he shows a few signals like yours, get up the courage and ask him. If he doesn’t signal like you, he may still have to wait a while.


Smile and be friendly to him.

Don’t give in too easily. Boys like challenges.

Try to make him laugh. Boys like this!

Make fun of him, but smile when you do.

Always be friendly to him and support him. He’ll know you care about him.

Play with him in a joke. Boys like it. For example, “punch him.”

Don’t provoke him or seriously displeased him, he’ll think you’re a nuisance.

Don’t talk about personal things that annoy him.

Don’t try to force him to accept your likes. This is not always useful. But sometimes jealousy is useful.

In short, it makes more sense to judge whether he likes you or not. Come on!

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