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1, a boy’s like, is an irresistible instinct. In the face of you, he will become overwhelmed, can not help but. He won’t take out Honeydick to treat you because he doesn’t want to tarnish his pure likes. On the surface, it may seem light, but his behaviour is careful, always for your own care, but also afraid of causing you boredom. And a boy just wants to be friends with you, he may come to you to chat, will also ask you out, but you are not his only option. The purpose of making friends is actually to make yourself comfortable. And for a person who likes, the boys are more willing to make each other comfortable, even if they will wrong themselves.

“He just wants to be friends but likes me—-how can I tell if a boy likes you or regards you as a friend?”

2. Potential inferiority You know what scares boys the most? In fact, it is – afraid of their own ability is not good, can not give their loved ones want to live.

There are times when boys don’t ask for anything in return for the people they like. He bought you a present and was surprised to see you. He chats with you, is afraid that you are alone. He sent you home for fear of what was in danger. And a boy just wants to be friends with you, his pay is very much looking forward to the return. He bought the gift to receive your gift as well. He chats with you, afraid of being alone. He sent you home, probably just because he was on his way. Needless to say, the key to maintaining a friendship is the “equal value exchange”, once you do not come up with benefits to return, the long friendship will naturally fade.

“He just wants to be friends but likes me—-how can I tell if a boy likes you or regards you as a friend?”

3, thoughtfully good to you

You said you didn’t need him to clean you, he picked up the pickaxe irony and helped you clean it spotless, even though his own room had been in a mess for a long time… Only want to make friends with you boys, will not cause trouble for themselves, friends are happy with each other, rather than to their own mess. And a really like your boy, they will not bother to do things for themselves, sometimes in the eyes of girls may be “more than this”, but for them are happy.

4, abnormal curiosity A boy who likes you, his curiosity about you will be unusually heavy. You send a message, and he’ll think about your mind in his back. If you share a song, he will secretly listen to all the songs. You send a sad message and he thinks, “Are you unhappy?” How can you channel your emotions? Sometimes, like is to love the house and Wu. You’ll be surprised to find that “what you’re interested in, and he seems to understand”; But to tell you the truth, what’s such a coincidence in the world is that he prepared his lessons in advance. And a boy who just wants to be friends with you, he won’t just for you and cultivate things that are not interested, you talk about each other’s common interests, you eat both sides love to eat things. It means “he doesn’t have much curiosity about you”, and the purpose of his dealings with you is just to talk to each other, and that’s all. 5, suffering from loss-sensitive doubt is actually really like your boy, more sensitive than you, more than you are afraid of losing. You casually said “it’s too hot, I don’t want to eat”, they will begin to involuntarily reflect on “is not their own words said wrong” “is not their own and make you unhappy.”

So girls, meet you like, and really like you boys, in fact, the best way to hurt them, is to “have something to say”, don’t let him guess your mind, but directly to say how you feel. When you can give him transparency, he will be more dependent. At the same time, when your tacit understanding is cultivated, his anxiety and sensitivity naturally disappear, and instead, with a look in your eyes, he understands your thoughts. And a person who just wants to be friends with you will say what he cares about, but rarely do what really cares about you. He’s not going to affect his emotions because of you, in other words, you’re not that important.

6, like is to do their best and friends are to do their best for a person who really likes you, he will give you his scarce resources, for this relationship, he can do his best. And a man who just wants to make friends with you will only pull out ordinary resources to socialize with because you don’t deserve to spend his scarce resources.

Whether a person is willing to give you scarce resources is one of the important criteria for judging whether he likes you or just wants to make friends with you.

7, the inside is willing to hurt you externally will be for you a really like boys, especially young boys, you will find that “he sometimes both mouth damage, but also love to be mean.” When you two get along, he always likes to hurt you two sentences, but never put too much weight on it, it’s just a way to attract your attention. And when he’s out there, he won’t allow anyone to say you’re bad, and when you’re wrong, he’ll stand by you unconditionally and stand up for you. And a person who just wants to be friends with you may always pick on your benefits and say that you can feel the estrangement of compliments. But friends will weigh the pros and cons, he may lead for you, but it is only a point, he will not because of their own image and interests.

8, the unknown side is very real, a boy who really likes you, at first his surface may be mature and strong, but as time gets along, you will find his unknown softness and childishness. Boys are really reluctant to show this side to others unless the person is worthy of their own trust and absolute trust. So you will find that a mature and strong man will also have a tender tearful side, a warm extrude man will also have a non-smiling side. That is to say, the boys have a corner of their own, he will not easily let a person into, but he wants to communicate with you in good faith, he will be from some of the details of life constantly passed to you, which is a performance of trust and dependence. But a boy who just wants to make friends with you can clearly feel that “it’s fun to get along with him, but it’s not enough.” “You know him as well as any other friend of the opposite sex, and so does he.”

“He just wants to be friends but likes me—-how can I tell if a boy likes you or regards you as a friend?”

A boy who likes you, get along for a long time, you will find that this person is a special word. He has interesting things to share with you, and his past and childhood are always mentioned to you, and sometimes he reports to you in the bathroom. In essence, he particularly wants you to be interested in him, and he wants to be part of your life, and he’s going to be your first confider. And a person who just wants to be friends with you is willing to share with you, but not everything. Maybe you had a hot chat on the first day, but on the third day the next day, the person disappeared without a trace. Because only want to be friends with your male students, he is not impulsive to you, so not everything to think of you. There’s also a strong sense of boundary between you, you don’t know what his social circle is like, and he’s not so interested in your social circle and life.


Don’t think that “boys are a kind of thin and sentimental creatures”, psychologically speaking, people’s emotional cycle is generally 28 days, regardless of men and women, when their pursuit of very like things repeatedly hit the wall, then it will produce good feeling fatigued, and finally difficult to produce secondary impulses. To meet a boy who likes you and you, you may as well give him some positive interaction and hints, so that he can understand your mind, more courage to upgrade the relationship with you. If you do not like, you may as well reject the boy as soon as possible, this is also their own word-of-mouth responsibility, but also to the boy’s success.

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