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Friends above, lovers are not full. With male friends for a long time, women often have the illusion that “he doesn’t just want to be my friend, he wants more”.

However, this is only a feeling, a guess, the woman is not sure whether he likes himself or not, and is embarrassed to ask him directly. If so, how do you confirm that his feelings for you are beyond friendship? After all, not every man is brave enough to express his love and pursuit directly to a woman he likes.

“He just wants to be friends but likes me—-“he doesn’t just want to be your friend.” male friends like your 10 subtle expressions”

Although male friends are not directly singled out, if he likes you, often hidden, will reveal his caution from these 10 subtle performances.

1. He will often contact you, and try to find a variety of topics of interest to you to chat with, make you happy, and you meet by chance. One or two chance encounters are accidental, but many chance encounters are man-made. He wants to brush the sense of being and familiarize you with his existence.

He will interact with you frequently on social media. Once you send a circle of friends or a tweet, he’ll like and comment the first time, as if he’s always there waiting for you. In addition to commenting on interactions in your circle or on Weibo, he’ll also follow your dynamic topics and chat with you.

If you go to the same party with him or chat in the same group, he will pay more attention to you, for example, he will sit next to you and chat with you. He doesn’t have much interest in other party members or group members, he’s targeting you.

He will ask you many questions, including your life, family, career, feelings, values, etc. On the one hand, because he is interested in you and wants to know everything about you, on the other hand, he wants to find more commonality between you and him, with commonality as the entry point, to win your affected feelings. 

He is in a different state in front of you and front of others. For example, he is not very warm to others, but very kind to you; He’s not like you, you’re the one who’s been treated specially by him.

He will imitate some of your habits and mantras. On the one hand, he thinks your habits and mantras are cute, and he can’t help but imitate and amuse you;

“He just wants to be friends but likes me—-“he doesn’t just want to be your friend.” male friends like your 10 subtle expressions”

7. He will reveal his secret and past to you. Men are very defensive and are not keen to share their personal information. Men are only willing to open their hearts to people they really like and are close to, revealing details of their lives, even privacy.

8. When you meet, he will approach you intentionally or not, as long as you do not exclude, he will get closer and closer to you and even break through the safe distance between friends. He does this, on the one hand, can’t help but want to be close to you, on the other hand, to let you slowly familiar with him, close to the more times, you will not be close to him will not be excluded, and even feel safe and comfortable.

9. You think he is sincere with you and worth relying on. When you talk to him, for example, he will look you in the eye, listen carefully, and comfort you, which will make you feel that the man in front of you is trustworthy and trustworthy.

“He just wants to be friends but likes me—-“he doesn’t just want to be your friend.” male friends like your 10 subtle expressions”

10. When you are by his side, he is always laughing and in high spirits. This shows that he likes to be with you, you may be the sunshine in his life, your presence, can let him forget the haze of life.


If a male friend shows you most of the top 10 signs, it means he’s secretly liking you, which means he doesn’t just want to be your friend. If you like him too, just wait for him to tell you one day, and if you can’t wait, ask him how he feels about you.

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