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This is a typical scene, that is, after a boy contacts a new girl, he still entangles with his ex.

Such a situation will make many girls confused, including ex-girlfriends will be confused, including new girls will also be confused.

One of the key points of confusion is that for the subject, the former girl, does he like the new one?

“How to get your ex back after cheating—-why did my ex come back to make up with me while talking about new love”

He may also tell you that after the break-up, he regretted it, he found that he still loves you, he did not have much love for the new girl.

What would you think if you heard him say that?

Some girls may think he’s lying, a lie.

And some girls will think it’s true, she doesn’t believe he gave up on himself so quickly, so quickly like others. How deep is our relationship, we have been together for so many years, experienced so much together, how could he fall in love with someone so quickly? ”

What’s the truth?

We only look at behaviour, we only look at the specific behaviour of boys.

If he’s really still in touch with that girl, he’s still in touch with that girl, and even two people went to the movies together, to make one point – he likes that girl.

Anyway, he just likes the new one and has to admit it.

After the break-up, don’t listen to what he says but look at what he does.

You said, if he really doesn’t like that new party, what else does it have to do with that girl, right?

So, in front of you, why does he say he doesn’t like Xinhua?

Three reasons.

“How to get your ex back after cheating—-why did my ex come back to make up with me while talking about new love”

1) I’m afraid you’re sad.

If he tells you very directly, he just likes the new happiness, he is very happy with the new happiness, they went to see the film together last week.

That’s too exciting for you, it hurts your heart, he doesn’t think it’s necessary.

After all, we have spent so many years together, there have been real feelings, the heart is long meat, he felt no need to stimulate you.

Even if he and Xinhua relations are very good, very sweet and loving, he will not come out to say, is afraid that you heard sad.

So what he says in front of you that he doesn’t like new joy is the equivalent of giving you a kind of psychological comfort.

PS: There’s another situation where this man will be in front of you and tell you directly that he just loves the new one.

If that’s the case, presumed to be that you’ve been entangled too much before, and he’s doing it to make you die early and stop pestering him.

2) Maintain your image.

When he pursued you before, when he was in love with you, he said he would love you all his life and accompany you forever.

If he breaks up with you now, soon with another girl, soon fell in love with another woman, what’s the name of this behaviour?

It’s called change of heart.

He changed his heart so quickly, then ask, such him, in the eyes of others, is still a heavy-hearted man?

Therefore, he will try to show that he did not like new people so quickly, he did not come out of your relationship with him so soon, he still has nostalgia for you, he will still cherish each other’s past beauty.

So, such a he, in the eyes of others, including in his own eyes, is still a good man’s image.

3) Leave the room.

Speaking of which, it’s about fear of losing.

Why did he contact you and the new man?

Very simple, is reluctant, both sides can not bear.

He should observe, examine, which side is more suitable, which side prefers, which side is better to get along with.

In fact, is greedy, he wants both girls to have.

At this time, you go to force him to ask him for a result, he is in fact very reluctant, reluctant to put down one. Because good with you, will give up that like;

You see, that new girl is not idle, will also be all kinds of care for him, will also be like you to force him to make a decision, in the end with whom.

Well, from a selfish point of view, he’ll start cajoling between you two girls.

Have you ever thought of a problem, is he in front of you, said he did not like the new happy, did not consider whether to be with the new happy together, then, he in front of that new happy how to say?

Do you think he will directly tell Xinhua girl, Xinhua you are not good, I want to break up with you?

“How to get your ex back after cheating—-why did my ex come back to make up with me while talking about new love”

If you think so, you’re naive.

I’m telling you, he’s probably going to say this:

“Actually, there’s only you in my eyes. I and my girlfriend actually have no feelings for a long time, I still contact her just because I have been dating her for so long after all, between the two people involved too much. I didn’t make it clear to her that she wouldn’t put it down. Believe me, give me time, and I’ll take care of my relationship with her. Then the two of us got together. ”


What’s this called?

This is “coaxing on both sides”.

Both coax your side, but also coax the new happy side.

Haha, do you think men are cheap?

Men are now coaxing on both sides, what should you do?

He can contact you, you can ignore it, you can ignore him.

The problem is, you still care.

Why did you make up your way? 

For fear of losing.

Yes, he’s afraid of losing you, and you’re afraid of losing him.

When it’s more deadly than fear of losing, there’s a weakness in a girl’s character that’s inspired – that’s the right mentality.

When a boy wanders between two girls, it is easy to stir up the girl’s fight mentality – become a robbed man.

You’re not mistaken, that new human also has this mentality.

A woman, not only to rob a man but also to try to defeat another woman in front of a man.

If you end up grabbing this man, as a predecessor, you succeed in compounding, it means that the new Huan lost, her charm is not as good as you.

If you lose and he ends up with Xinhua, it means that your charm is not as good as that New Huan.

What an interesting picture.

Want to compound?

Yes, you can.

Try to overcome the weaknesses in your human nature.

Overcome the fear of losing.

Overcome the mentality of contention.

To overcome can’t lose, is to win the mentality. (Some girls are very strong, the stronger they are, the worse they often lose)

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