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How can you easily save your predecessor?

Breaking up is of course painful, and I can understand your regret and sadness after losing someone you love.

But have you ever wondered what makes it impossible for you to move on?

First of all to find their own problems, because the one who was broken up is you if you also think that the other side’s problem is impossible to recover success.

Recovery is not a step, find the reason for the break-up and their own problems, here are three tricks to teach you to save your predecessor:

First, accept the fact of breaking up, starting with a friend.

“How to get your ex back after cheating—three skills to make your predecessor irresistible”

Now that a breakup has become a reality, you can no longer ask for each other as a girlfriend or care too much about him as you used to.

Because you continue in this state, will only bring pressure to the other side, or even force the other side to flee you. 

You should go back to the original friend’s position to get along so that the other side feels comfortable and not embarrassed.

For example, when you contact, do not talk about your feelings, but should find some unrelated feelings and pleasant and relaxed chat topics.

This can also make the other person curious, will not make the other person disgusted and disgusted with you.

Second, good at understanding, thinking differently.

The average woman who breaks up will always complain about the former regardless of long-term feelings, heartless senseless, said break-up on the break-up.

Subconsciously, you can amplify each other’s bad, and even denigrate your predecessor everywhere.

And high emotional security woman even if hurt, there will be a tolerant heart, not accounting more than once paid, will not denigrate the former lover, she will be grateful, grateful for the encounter and each other’s company.

Men’s and women’s thinking patterns are not the same, high emotional security women know how to stand in the perspective of men to think, not just for their own consideration. She knew that it would only make each other farther and farther away.

Such a gentle and intelligent woman, the man will naturally think of her good, the recovery will naturally.

“How to get your ex back after cheating—three skills to make your predecessor irresistible”

Third, change yourself and enhance your attractiveness.

Why did your girlfriend leave you? What should I do if I want to put her in my arms again?

This is the problem you have to solve when you save it.

It’s only when you show up in front of her with a new look, get rid of your bad habits, and make yourself more responsible and attractive that she feels good about you again.

How do I change? That’s going to change from something she doesn’t like about you.

In fact, want to save love, do not need to be too deliberate, the way to fight deadly is not able.

In the process of recovery, avoid the sense of demand is too strong, the sense of demand is too strong will lead to the other side feel that you are at your hands.

If you want her to come back to you willingly, you need to reduce your sense of need and change yourself to attract her back. Only in this way can the recovery succeed.

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