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There are always all sorts of problems when you get along with each other, and good handling of these issues can promote your feelings, but if you don’t handle them properly, you’re likely to face a fight or even a breakup.

In the feelings, girls said that most of the break-up is to allow boys to retain themselves, to prove their weight in the other side and the sense of existence, but boys proposed to break up, most of them are very determined, how to retain girls still insist on not changing.

But you don’t have to worry too much, because next, we’ll teach you how to save the boys who are determined to break up.

First, calm down, think calmly

After the break-up, he stabbed you deeply, the mood is on the verge of collapse, you want to vent your pain, want to tell him how hard you feel.

However, I must tell you: this time, you have to stay calm, quarrel, the vent can not solve any problems, you now need to calm each other down, through this period of emotional instability.

Because you have just broken up with each other, have not had time to adapt and accept the fact that the two have been separated, have not yet realized a person’s loneliness and loneliness.

Therefore, this is not your best time to save, put down the dignity to save him, will only make him more look down on you, and even increase his vanity, let him feel that he ate through you, increase the difficulty of your recovery.

You have to wait for the opportunity, also do not because of the arrival of the seven nights and anxious to recover, you need to wait until each other have been relieved of the contradictions, gradually began to miss the past, can start to recover the work. 

Second, seize the opportunity to change the accumulation

As it is called, being single is the best time to add value.

Don’t let you go to him after the break-up, of course, not just to let you reduce the contact between the two people, but to give you a period of time to let you change yourself, improve yourself, and so on when you meet again, let each other shine.

If you have changed yourself in the past, you can let him see your change.

But if you have not changed, then there must be a reason for the incident, the other side was so determined to leave you, must be between you there is a problem, you have the other side can not accept the point.

You have to think carefully when we were together, the other side told you some dissatisfaction and let him not like points, can be listed on paper, bit by bit to change, make themselves better.

Whether it is appearance, internal, personality or lifestyle, try to be able to be promoted during this time, to be a textured girl.

Dress yourself up beautiful, increase your skills, travel with friends, occasionally take selfies in a circle of friends, release your unique charm, show your self-confidence and beauty.

May I ask, such a colourful girl, there will be boys refused?

Third, “unsetting chance encounter”

When you save, you can’t fight unprepared, but you can’t stretch the front too long, and now that you’re ready to let the other side see you again, you can start creating chances of your chance.

Of course, the way to meet must not be deliberate, for example: go directly to his company to find him, or go downstairs to his house to wait for him.

You have to choose “occasional encounter”, which requires the help of your mutual friends, to help you create the opportunity to meet, but can not let him know in advance, you also have to pretend not to know.

In the meeting again, the performance of natural generosity can show each other a sincere and open-minded smile, so that men feel very panicked.

Because your actions make him feel that you have put down the past and has made a big change, more charming, which will make the man’s psychology worse, which he can not accept.

In such emotional tangles, he is likely to take the initiative to come to you to chat, so that, in the holiday atmosphere, the mutual love of the stretch, your chances of compounding will increase in an instant.

Although boys face feelings, more determined than girls, reality, but want to save, is not without away, as long as you have mastered the right method, can still a dead game revived.

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