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The next thing to write is how to make your predecessor fall in love with yourself again after re-joining, a state in which you succeed in reconnpaying with your predecessor, who is not very cold to you, or at least cares about you. What can you do to make your relationship go further, upgrade your relationship, and even make your ex fall in love with you again, take the initiative to find your compound?

I think it is very important or mentality, it can be said that the mentality throughout the recovery of the whole time, it is the premise of the smooth recovery of a relationship, but also the guarantee.

Relinking usually starts online, so what works better?

“How to get your ex back after cheating—-how to make your ex fall in love with you again”

First, don’t expose your sense of need.

Now you are reconned with, but to the compound or a large distance, the other side at most you as an ordinary friend, then you must be clear about their position, do not mention feelings, so it is easy to expose their sense of needs, the other side will think that everything you have done before is only premeditated, just to save themselves. Likely, your predecessor will also be defensive to you, worried that your entanglement will deliberately distance you. Your efforts will be greatly diminished.

Second, create a relaxed and pleasant chat atmosphere.

In your communication, direct communication content, do not come every time a sentence: in? Let people see and don’t care. If asked, ask more open-ended questions, so that it is easier to communicate, do not come to block the problem, more than two do not want to talk to you. You can share some interesting things with him, such as some interesting things that have happened in the company recently. Anecdotes encountered on the trip can be shared with him, and if the other party does not reply to you in time, there is no dissatisfaction, perhaps he is very busy now, perhaps he does not want to chat now. At this time you also do not keep sending him a message, according to his circle of friends to guess his status and then decide when to send the message is appropriate. These exchanges as ordinary chat are good, do more static display, that is, the circle of friends and other social platforms to show themselves. Rest assured, he will silently observe, if you feel that now you are indeed better than before, in line with his needs, he will not escape you, after all, who are eager to be happy, miss a good you.

In short, in the process of communication, to trigger more can continue to communicate the topic, keep relaxed and natural. When you chat in a better atmosphere, you can moderately use emotional push and pull, let your predecessor invest in your emotions, follow your rhythm.

“How to get your ex back after cheating—-how to make your ex fall in love with you again”

Third, invite a meeting.

You’ve been communicating for a while, and your ex has a certain level of affection with you, so try to get your ex out and meet you. There are two main purposes: First, let your predecessor see your transformation. After all, a hundred times online chat is not as good as the reality of seeing once, stay too long online easy to lose attraction.


Get an up-to-close look at your predecessor. Online communication, the predecessor may not be able to truly express themselves, meet in reality, you can observe the predecessor in all directions, as much as possible to understand his recent situation, but also to plan the next step. When making an offer, express it directly: Come out for a meal recently. will appear too purposeful and is likely to be rejected. You can have a vague invitation, for example: recently opened a new dessert shop in a certain street, a friend has been to, said is opened by Hong Kong people, the taste is very authentic, one day or not to taste together, I invite you. If the other person is very happy to agree, indicating that he is happy to go with you, you choose a free time to go together. If the other side excuses, indicating that your previous homework has not been done, then go back to check the homework, check for missing places and then make an invitation.

“How to get your ex back after cheating—-how to make your ex fall in love with you again”

After the first invitation, you can show your changes, from the inside out, and social platforms to show the same. At this time, your familiarity is further than before the meeting, you can appropriately increase the frequency of chat, but still do not mention feelings. The purpose of this is to increase your familiarity, and he may occasionally recall the good memories you had. You also have to skillfully demonstrate your changes in your interactions with him, and so do social platforms.

As he develops an affected with you, you can meet more times. He thinks you’re still the best you were in the first place, even better than you were in the first place. Your love story may start over.

Each case is different, just as there are no identical two leaves in the world, don’t copy them.


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