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First of all, as the correct way to recover the “very important part” of the subject can clearly realize the importance of “attraction” is commendable.

Value attraction and creating an environment

Believe that after “noisy, noisy, scolded, crying also does not affect” we can clearly realize that trying to save a “left person” is definitely not an easy thing.

It is not a negotiation, not the number of times you represent compound, there is no test-making, it is a process that requires your careful maintenance!

I believe that after the break-up of many people and the subject thought the same “feelings are not easy, so I want to save.”

“How to get your ex back after cheating—-how to attract your ex girlfriend to come back to you”

As a professional emotional worker, I also advise you a “feelings are not easy, don’t blindly cherish.”

Because the recovery is not a broken mirror, it is more like you and the lost person, re-open a new intimacy, he is more than you chase a new joy, it will take more energy and time, so before deciding to save, the most important thing is to calm down to have a look:

Is this relationship worth saving?

Do you have the firmness and mentality to recover?

If after rational analysis, the heart is still full of regret and guilt, full of feelings for each other, after self-examination is also full of faith in recovery, then this article can be in the process of recovery for you to point out away. 

The number of words is more, if you really want to go back to each other, carefully read you will have something to gain.

When he was with you, it was also because of a blind feeling, and the relationship began to consume before it had developed its roots.

Love this thing to retreat from the romantic coat, the most real is that you and the other party value needs of the equivalent exchange.

Your problem, no longer give each other a new favour, no new attraction, resulting in a lack of freshness, pay and harvest the value of the emergence of “biased”

“Start” because of blind good feelings, “end” is not necessarily because you have emotional problems, but because of the lack of good feelings, you are not attracted to each other’s value enough to let “do not know how to maintain the other side” to bear your character.

“How to get your ex back after cheating—-how to attract your ex girlfriend to come back to you”

Then separation is sooner or later.

So a person always continues to create their own value, even if not to save, who is what we should do, so really want to save each other a road, but also their own into a familiar road.

First of all, to reduce the other side’s resistance to their own, the first change in demand, to focus on “reducing resistance to recovery.”

At school we have a lot of time to meet, natural love is sticky, but the other side refers to the “stick” refers to you “to meet their own sense of security and give each other too much mental pressure” is not mature enough, not understanding enough, let her appreciate your advantages, before wearing coloured glasses.

So to be realistic about creative attraction, you need to take off this layer of coloured glasses and rationally analyze your emotional problems and reasons for breaking up.

A lot of people after the break-up, are also noisy, noisy, scolded, crying, if you have not apologized, you will always maintain a long negative impression in each other’s hearts.

An apology is actually the first reversal in the recovery, not only for the previous emotional problems but also for the break-up of the other side of the entanglement to give pressure.

At the same time, apology, this also means that you “cut off the once intimate relationship” this is precisely in preparation for the establishment of your new intimacy.

The first stage of recovery: value attraction

For a predecessor, it was actually easier for us to create attraction, because it wasn’t the new trees that blossomed that attracted the most attention, but the old ones that sprouted.

This is the first value of attracting attention from the opposite sex, you can choose a hairstyle that is more suitable for you, learn new makeup, have clothes that are more suitable for your style, and so on.

Another state of life can also reflect the state of life of your whole person.

Why don’t people who are decadent and sunbathing get everyone’s attention after they fall in love?

The reason is simple: no one wants to be an emotional trash can.

What you want to present in a social dynamic is sunny enough to desire content that has a personal value boost.

Not today’s emotional chicken soup, tomorrow a funny paragraph, this will not increase your soul but will make you more hollow.

It could be your new dish

It could be your new yoga class

It can be your hobby of travel and photography

Wait a minute

These are all designed to help you build your own people, around the word “contrast” when choosing the direction of content.

He thinks you’re sticky, he thinks you’re good, he predicts you’ll be in a very depressed state after the breakup, and he thinks you’ll probably get tangled up with him after apologizing.

As a result, you maintain your social dynamics and tell him that after you break up, you become a more sunny self, you are more beautiful, you have a higher level of social circle, a better life, more desired content.

This sense of contrast will very directly cause the other side’s discomfort so that the other side of the break-up of this matter has been questioned! Let the other person may have self-blame and regret.

The second stage of the recovery: creating the environment

Analyze the current environment from the other person’s point of view:

He is a quarrel with you, noisy, do not as you do, do not want you cumbersome, but also offer to break up people, if you are such a role, after the other side becomes better, you are happy to save each other?

To save this matter, is equal to confess again, and for the confession, if there is no more than 90% of the grasp, people will not do, let alone a person to personally drive away?

So we’re going to give each other a hint of information in a new intimacy.

Whether it’s asking for help, or socializing through a platform, like a compliment, a comment, and then taking the initiative to stir up a conversation with the other person, we all need to get back into each other’s lives.

He will hide from you, indicating that he is worried about breaking up this matter, but the other side did not delete you, I think you go to actively contact each other, the other side back to you the chances are still relatively large, plus before the apology, cut off the once intimate relationship, then we cut into each other’s lives, it is necessary to take a brand-new attitude.

For example, in the tone of a friend, the topic naturally unfolds, creating a relatively relaxed communication environment. Then a few simple questions can be stopped, to determine the relationship between the friends of the time, it is equivalent to determining the right to continuous communication.

Then you can get along normally in a friend’s way, don’t mention any questions about feelings, try to “your communication atmosphere comfort” as the “focus of communication.”

In the process of communication, but also constantly guide your own values:

Easy topics and atmosphere cut in

Short and maintain quality communication

High-value reasons to evacuate.

“How to get your ex back after cheating—-how to attract your ex girlfriend to come back to you”

For example, a social dynamic of some content cut in, simple flirtation and small talk, after interest, to fitness, work, learning can reflect the personal value of the topic, end the conversation.

Remember, in the end, whether he can go back or not, you won’t reply to him again.

And after this chat, he took the initiative to talk to you, must not reply quickly, we do everything is to tell him that our life is very full.

If the so-called love loss is not terrible, can not come out to be embarrassed, first let life back on track, better than the other side of the person, is definitely able to lead the other party’s thinking.

Because the same “lost party”, your state is “better than” the other party’s state, will let the other party for you have a desire to question themselves!

After establishing a certain amount of communication stickiness, your attraction is enough for him to have the idea of saving you, this time not waiting for the other person to save you, but again reduce his resistance to save you.

In the new intimate relationship, actively guide the other party into an “ambiguous environment.”

You are using the act of getting along to tell him that you will agree to him to propose compound this matter, you two together let this road go 99 steps, the rest of the one needs him to go, we need to do, but to maintain the environment as “just a layer of window paper” situation.

If we take so many steps and the other side hasn’t recovered, you can also offer to compound, but I don’t really recommend that you do.

Because of your efforts, not only for this relationship, but also to make yourself more excellent, you have been active enough, and need the other side to take the initiative of that step, the other side is very hesitant, that also means that the other party may not really be worth your recovery, you have the right to choose a better person!

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