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When your recovery has been made, you should immediately end it.

In the process of my contact recovery, I have seen countless people who have been in the process of recovery, by that stage, they are not at all in the process of recovery, they have been their own obsession and demon control.

“How to get your ex back after cheating—-at what stage should I give up when I try to save my predecessor”

Maybe you sound mysterious, but believe me, someone’s going to do it, even after you break up.

In my mind, these are typical situations where they come to me and I will tell them that your most important thing is not to save but to put it down – you have strayed from the essence of recovery.

1. To save each other, delay their own lives

What is the essence of recovery?

It’s about making a better you, an improved you go and re-talk to the other person about a relationship, not asking you to pray for the other person to come back to you by sacrificing yourself.

I have met people before: to save each other, they put all their attention on each other’s body, their lives and work has long been disordered rhythm

– Staring at the dynamics of their predecessors every day, the predecessors began to sit still as soon as they were moving, and the predecessors sent out a message that they might not be able to read for half a day.

Some people even because their predecessors do not like their work intensity of work, after breaking up actually quit directly thinking that this way can save each other – you say you are not clear-headed, the other person and you break up not because of your work, but feel that your company is less.

You because the other side-parted on the resignation, the other side knows after will not be moved, or even psychological pressure will increase, will feel that they delayed your development.

Again, the purpose of our recovery is to become a better self to save each other, you because of the other side and lost their lives, the final result can only be to destroy themselves, the other side will not return to you.

2. Just think about the other person coming back to you, regardless of the reality

I know that breaking up makes a lot of people miserable, and I want the other person to come back to you.


But one thing you need to know: recovery means not only that the other person returns to you, but also that future feelings need to be maintained and carefully.

Therefore, I generally do not recommend that those who have not yet solved the reality come to me to recover: whether you are because of a different place, or because the three views are inconsistent, once these reasons have not been resolved, the recovery is just a second break-up.

Many people want to save each other, eager not to consider your future life, said to me as long as the other side can return to their side others can slowly find a way – you think too simple, many problems in the relationship can not use love power generation, not you love each other can solve all the problems.

The reality is clearly there, but you don’t care, you’re thinking about getting the other person back to you – are you saying you’re possed?

“How to get your ex back after cheating—-at what stage should I give up when I try to save my predecessor”

Calm down and think about it, can you really take responsibility for the people who come back to you?

If not, then recognize your situation, should let go must be decisive to let go, otherwise, you will only cause secondary harm to the other side.

3. The reason you want to save the other person is simply that you are not willing to save the other person’s anger

Among them is the kind of person who doesn’t want their ex back at all, or who doesn’t feel like they can find anything better than their predecessor.

The reason they want to save their predecessors is simple – because they feel that breaking up is a negation of them, and they can’t stand it.

Now to the people, I’m trying to save, I’m going to ask them a question – why do you want to save it?

At least one of the following conditions should be available for the object you want to redeem:

1. It means a lot to you

2. And you have a very deep binding

You are willing to pay a lot of time and energy for each other

Only in this case is suitable for you to save each other, otherwise, your recovery is a waste of their own time – you are not the other side can not, you can find better, but you just want to get rid of this feeling of negation.

In such a situation, even if it helps you to recover success, you will not cherish this relationship, because from the beginning you are caught in the desire to prove yourself.

Once you’ve recovered your success and you feel affirmed, you’ll lose the incentive to continue the relationship.

Breaking up doesn’t mean who’s wrong, not being with you doesn’t mean you’re not good enough, if you just break up and feel frustrated or regretful, because you want to make up for the heart’s insanity and save each other, in fact, there is no need.

If you want to prove that it’s okay to find someone who loves you, why not get on with your ex?

If you really can’t put it down, you can definitely think of your predecessor as blind – a simple and crude reason that, while not necessarily true, always makes sense more than your previous persistence.

So when you have all three of the situations above, you should think about whether you should stop your recovery:

1. Thinking about each other coming back, to save the time and energy spent has completely delayed your normal life, you for each other’s input has exhausted the whole person

2. The reality has told you that the problem has not been solved, objective obstacles have made it difficult for you two to return to the good, but you still can not let go of each other, or want each other back to you.

3. You start because you are not willing, you feel that only the other side back to you you can rest assured that if the other person is not around you you will feel negative, will feel angry

“How to get your ex back after cheating—-at what stage should I give up when I try to save my predecessor”

What’s saved is to make us better ourselves and to find the one who’s important to us.

When you deviate from the nature of recovery, your recovery is already possible, and what you need now is to put it down more than to recover.

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