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Many women will complain that men are two different things when they are married and in love, with a 360-degree change. It used to be gentle and considerate to ask for warmth, now it’s love to ignore.

Usually, women complain directly to men, who choose to hide when they are bored.

If there are a small three who take advantage of this, marriage problems become natural.


Women, in addition to complaining and crying, have you ever thought about how to solve this problem? Some people stubbornly believe that the husband has changed his mind, it is his fault. I’m not wrong, why should I change it?

If you think so, the relationship between two people can only be completely broken.

 ”How to seduce a guy physically—-Women who attract men often have these characteristics”

Whether a man is a man or not is a trance after marriage, we will not discuss the authenticity of this proposition for the time being.

Ask yourself, are you different when you get married and fall in love?

In fact, when the emotional development to a later stage, appearance for the other side has no freshness, then a person’s inner, played an increasingly important role. Women who attract men often have these characteristics


Sensibility and reason are both

Women are always emotional, many times in front of their loved ones, always emotional thinking, doing things.

But most men are the opposite, perhaps at the beginning of the relationship, a man can be very emotional, but over time, he will become more and more rational.

At this time, if the woman is still bes all-in-one, simply want to use “feelings” to communicate, to communicate the hearts of two people, it will be counterproductive.

At this time, a rational woman, but will become a man’s favourite.

In fact, this is also very understandable, imagine, when the two are in a period of love, men come home, there is a woman pounced on petite, both sides can be very happy.

But if they’ve been together for years, men come home and may want to see a delicious meal rather than a petite lover.

 ”How to seduce a guy physically—-Women who attract men often have these characteristics”


Good at communication

Most of the contradictions between men and women, or between people, are communication problems.

The inability of both parties to communicate effectively, so that each other’s demands can not be effectively transmitted, is the biggest crisis of all feelings.

Think about it, when men and women quarrel, if the man continues to explain, the woman has been “I do not listen, I do not listen”, then good feelings will quickly cool down.

So, for everyone, knowing how to communicate can make you relatively popular.

In the feelings, a woman who knows how to communicate, not only can effectively resolve contradictions, but also better deep into each other’s hearts.

 ”How to seduce a guy physically—-Women who attract men often have these characteristics”


Know the man’s heart

Simply put, it’s about thinking differently.

In fact, most men and women have three views, ideals, hobbies, etc., there will be great differences.

Although differences can produce beauty, they can also produce contradictions.

A woman may be pursuing a happy, secure family, and her lover may want a great future.

What you may be after is a roar, but what he likes is blandness.

Therefore, there is always a party to wronged themselves.

However, one can not let a person has been wronged themselves, otherwise, the other side will inevitably produce “not worth” the idea.

Therefore, a woman who can think differently and understand the man’s heart is definitely a woman who lets the man “can’t quit”.

In your opinion, what should a woman be like when a man can’t quit?

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