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For men and women, there are many important things in life, such as eating, falling in love, looking for the meaning of life, making money at work and so on.

But for an animal, the most important thing in its life is two things, survival and reproduction.

“How to seduce a guy physically—-What kind of woman has a fatal attraction to men”

So every time you reproduce, finding the opposite sex becomes a very important thing, and it is also a very interesting thing.

They attract the opposite sex in a variety of ways.

Like what:

Bees dance;

Male peacocks will unfold their beautiful feathers;

Penguins sing one-on-one songs, in addition to singing, there are some funny and interesting body movements, such as inciting wings, bowing to each other, or pointing slender, flat mouths into the sky together.

These are all ways to gain the favour of the opposite sex, and each animal has its own unique way of courtship, which is called courtship rituals.

If the rituals are correct, they repeat the courtship ritual over and over again until they mate with the other person.

If the ceremony is wrong, it will lose the opportunity for the other person to favour itself.

Since courtship rituals are designed to gain the favour of the opposite sex, do we, as human beings have similar courtship rituals?

Yes, we also have courtship rituals.

“How to seduce a guy physically—-What kind of woman has a fatal attraction to men”

Sometimes can not attract the other side, will it be because the courtship ceremony did not do the right thing, resulting in the other side interrupted the favour of you?

Yes, there are many ways we can’t be a couple with each other, to be a couple, probably because we did the wrong thing with the courtship ritual.

When did the courtship ceremony take place?

For boys, when a girl is concerned, will unconsciously move away from their own line of sight, in fact, she is not interested in men, but they hold.

If it doesn’t take long for her to keep looking at you, there’s no doubt that she’s really interested in you.

For girls, if you see a handsome guy, a favourite gentleman. After seeing him, the girl will make brief contact with him for half a second, and then immediately divert attention.

Bold girls will smile, and then divert attention, and then expect him to take the initiative to approach themselves, after all, girls do not want to appear too active

But if you only do that, you have less than a one in 50,000 chance of falling in love.

“How to seduce a guy physically—-What kind of woman has a fatal attraction to men”

Because it’s time for a courtship ceremony, you don’t carry it on, so it’s hard for you to follow up.

So girls must look at the man they like with their eyes and smile at him.

When he finds you, whether it’s hiding or something, as long as he looks at you again, you continue to smile at him, and after a few rounds, he’ll come and talk to you.

It’s interesting that when you take the initiative to create this “non-language seduction signal”, the man doesn’t think you’re active, he feels it’s active.

This is part of the courtship ritual.

Our courtship ritual is actually a dance of love, which is a success when both sides complete the following 5 steps.

1, non-language signal

When two people are within range of conversation, one of them smiles, nods, or looks in a way that makes the other perceive their presence

But many women just look at each other, found the existence of the other side, but did not give back to each other, did not let the other side perceive their own existence.

And then I was there to imagine if he was going to come over and meet him, whether he was coming over next and I knew him.

When you don’t give back to each other, you don’t let the other person perceive your existence, your imagination can always be imagined, the other person will never come and you know.

So at this stage, be sure to give back to each other, look at him a few times with your eyes, smile at him a few times, let him perceive your presence.

“How to seduce a guy physically—-What kind of woman has a fatal attraction to men”

2, talk

If you are not allowed to connect, you must talk to each other and let both sides deepen their impression of each other.

But many people will abide by what women want to hold on to, let the other side take a little more initiative “love norms.”

Don’t give back at all, leading a man to think you’re not interested in him, and eventually he ends the dance of love.

So when one of the two begins to speak, perhaps one of them is just echoing, but even if it’s a simple hello, yes, yes, at least it means you’re talking to him.

3, turn around

Now things are starting to get interesting, and when one side sends a language signal, the recipient turns its head, from the side to the language sender, and a little bit to the positive language sender.

If the recipient does not turn his body around, the sender will not continue.

Because your body tells him that you have no intention of continuing to dance.

If you have the will, make face-to-face, shoulder-to-shoulder, and even body-to-body as much as possible until the body is completely right to the other person.

The intimacy between the two men also rises in a straight line as the body becomes more positive.

4, slight physical contact

After a happy conversation, the other person is likely to hand you a glass of water, a drink, or a glass of wine, and when you accept it, the other person may accidentally touch the other’s hand.

Even when two people go to get paper towels at the same time, they will accidentally catch each other’s hands, or he may help you remove the confetti from your hair.

When you start to have this slight physical contact, if you’re stiff and nervous, the other person will mistake it for a sign that you’re not interested in him.

There is also an eye trip, such as looking at each other’s hair, eyes, nose, lips, cheeks, arms, and legs in addition to looking at each other’s eyes.

This is the other person’s desire to make physical contact with you, eager to continue dancing with your signal.

5, synchronization

The last step in the dance of love is the most interesting because you will behave very much like each other.

For example, two people are likely to take a cup at the same time, or a tissue, or put down their cup at the same time, put down their own tableware.

If you hear music at this time, two people will shake their bodies at the same time, when there is interference outside will look past at the same time, and then look back at each other.

Once syncing occurs, there will be more syncing on your acquaintance tour until the appointment is complete.

This is the courtship ritual of the first encounter and the 5 steps of the dance of love.

If you’re never meeting the person you want, or if it’s hard to get a good result with someone else, you’ll have to take a good look at your favourite dance and get these 5 steps right.

If something doesn’t go wrong, it’s naturally hard for a man to like you if you don’t get the ceremony right.

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