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There is a word in the psychological term, called “subconscious”, which refers to the part of human psychological activity that cannot be recognized or is not recognized, and is the process of psychological activity that people “have occurred but have not reached the state of consciousness”.


The subconscious is a very magical thing, although you can’t see or touch it, but it invisibly affects people’s thoughts and behavior.

“How to seduce a guy physically—-subconscious attraction makes men fall in love with you unconsciously”

For example, the advertising posters we see on the street, and the advertisements before the TV shows are broadcast, are an influence on our subconscious.


Although once or twice we will not be attracted to these ads, but under the influence of a long time, as long as we need to buy such products, the subconscious first reaction will be those advertising brands. 


Beyond that, we are influenced by the subconscious all the time in our lives, even in relationships.


Today I come to teach you how to use the subconscious to make men unknowingly fall in love with you in the process of interacting with men!



Mirror action, close up


At the beginning of the acquaintance with men, the use of “mirror principle”, with men to do some of the same movements, say some similar words, can let him in the subconscious quickly attracted to you, you have a “familiar” and “close” feeling.


For example, you can imitate the other person’s tone in a conversation, make gestures like the other person’s, and if the other person stops for a drink during the conversation, you can pick up the cup with him at the same time. If you especially like to eat a dish during the meal, then you can also show that you also like it.


In short, in the process of getting along with the other side pay attention to observe the other person’s behavior habits and preferences, to imitate him.

“How to seduce a guy physically—-subconscious attraction makes men fall in love with you unconsciously”

To know that people like people like himself, when you are like his “mirror”, always with him, will create a kind of emotional same frequency with him, then he will naturally from the bottom of his heart to you to emerge a “close feeling”, you are a few points more than ordinary people.



Touch your body to break the comfort


Sometimes we encounter an awkward situation where the relationship still doesn’t escalate after two dates, even though the other person thinks you’re kind and have a good feeling for you.


You know, men and women, if a long time in a more “comfortable” environment, difficult to break, then it is easy to fall into the “friendship zone” difficult to climb out.


So in order to avoid this situation, you must know how to use the “subconscious” to make men realize that your relationship is not just a friend, but can go in the direction of men and women to develop.


How do you do that? The answer is to break the comfort by touching your body.


For example, when you’re chatting and walking together, you can touch the back of your hand, intentionally or unintentionally. Most boys are sensitive to this physical touch, and this “touch” that transcends friendship can make them want to get into the right and wrong.

Or, while you’re eating, you can suddenly reach out and gently wipe the corners of his mouth and say, “You’ve got oil in the corners of your mouth.” And keep a few seconds of between him and the moment he takes his hand back.


Although, such a moment, the two sides will certainly feel a little bit of embarrassment because of this action, but to know that the men and women before the relationship, this break the relationship comfort of the “embarrassing feeling” is very necessary.


Because only when this “embarrassing feeling” appears, causing the other person to take the initiative to repair the previous comfort, the other person is more likely to be attracted to you.

“How to seduce a guy physically—-subconscious attraction makes men fall in love with you unconsciously”



Judge the value of his interest in you from the other person’s subconscious behavior


In addition to using the subconscious to motivate men to be nice to you and make them attractive to you, you can also tell if a man is interested in you at the moment.


The body language expressed by a person’s actions under the subconscious’s control cannot be hidden.


So, if you want to know if a man is interested enough in you, take a closer look at his body movements and subtle expressions.


If he is with you, whether standing or sitting, the body always leans in front of you, when crossing the road, always unconsciously raise his arms behind your back to protect you, in the case of many people, always in your side, want to be closer to you, whenever you speak, will immediately face to listen to you.


Then this man has not even verbally expressed to you, and you confided in what, then his heart has already planted a different kind of love for you. The next thing you need to do is continue to increase your attraction on the basis of staying comfortable, while continuing to test the boy’s attitude towards you and guide him to fall in love with you.

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