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A man is a visual animal, and it can be judged from the first sight whether a woman likes it or not. Women want to get a man’s heart, first of all, know what he likes, appreciate what kind of woman, like what clothes she wears, how to show his body … This is a learning, and only by knowing this can a woman make him feel very interested in you.

“How to seduce a guy physically—-six must kill tricks for women to attract men”

1. White teeth

Women with white, neat teeth are more attractive to men, a study has found. The reason is that human teeth symbolize health and good genes. Therefore, develop good oral hygiene habits, brush your teeth before dating, keep your teeth white, fresh breath, will certainly double the charm. 

2. Sincere smile

Happiness is the key to success, and attracting the opposite sex is no exception. Keeping a smiley face makes women more approachable and more likely to attract men, the study found. However, it should be kept in mind that smiles must be sincere because men can easily identify the truth and falsehood of women’s smiles. Moreover, laughter from the heart can also help increase life expectancy.

“How to seduce a guy physically—-six must kill tricks for women to attract men”

3. The way you speak

One study found that participants generally believed that women who spoke like Marilyn Monroe were more attractive to men. This way of speaking is thin, high, more reminiscent of youth, vitality and health. Another study found that women tend to speak in a higher tone during ovulation, which causes men to instinctively associate fertility with the subconscious.

4. Unique body odour

Women’s unique fragrance often makes men feel fascinated, light shampoo fragrance, some kind of elegant perfume taste, are good choices. But don’t use cosmetics that smell strong.

5. Red lips

A woman’s lips are one of the most attractive parts of the body, and applying red lipstick can attract men’s attention. Men stare at a woman’s lips most of the first 10 seconds of their first encounter, a study has found. Pink lipstick and large red lipstick increase the length of time a man’s eyes spend on a woman’s lips to 6.7 seconds and 7.3 seconds, respectively. So choosing a lipstick of the right colour is a timeless way for women to add glamour.

“How to seduce a guy physically—-six must kill tricks for women to attract men”

6. The act of holding on

Sometimes attracting attention from the opposite sex is like a “cat-and-mouse game” in which a woman is more likely to be attracted when she appears stubborn and does not show good feelings to men.

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