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There is a saying in the relationship: meet sex, meet love. Can do with a person’s heart, the heart is sharp, will not be able to fall in love with this person. This feeling, which seems to resonate in the depths of the soul, can make men more unable to help themselves than ordinary material help and physical attraction. This is also the reason why men can not let go of those so-called confidants, those who have the qualities of confidants, women, always easy to touch the excitement of men, so that men with their hearts to take oral, infatuated: “You really know me too much!” Instead, he paid for his hard-working girlfriend, only to get them or helpless or impatiently complain: “Why don’t you understand me?” So what in the end, so that men think you really understand him? Those highly effective women, in the end, how can only chat to let men rely on them convincing, active approach? Having said that, we have to mention that the Gindo moms, who practice fine on the talking trail, are in good spirits.
“How to seduce a guy physically—-how to understand men and men”
They have been walking in the public relations world for many years, it is by thorough male psychological research and outstanding speaking skills, men play with applause between men also make men willing. There are basic steps in Gin Gin’s Mother Sang Talk:
In fact, the first two steps are inescapable, the two complement each other: he removes the heart defence, will allow you to listen, he is willing to talk, but also allow you to let him remove the heart defence. We use confidants as examples and you’ll see. Many women hate those so-called “friends”, always a mention can not help but scold their face, in fact, really unnecessary, first think why: Why do men like to talk to her? Is it so comfortable to talk to her? When you take a hard look, they may not have good chat skills, but one thing is particularly striking: “Listen, don’t blame.” Men with them, the gushing is often men, simply to the point of opening their hearts and speaking freely. Men say everything is taken for granted, even if there are emotional ups and downs, are accompanied by men with enemies, scold others sinister, heartache men are not easy. On the other hand, the woman in the house, another painting style.
“What’s wrong with you lately?” Why do you drink so much wine/smoke so many cigarettes today? Didn’t I tell you not to do this, isn’t it good for your health? ” Well, it would be nice not to lose your temper, but where is the mood to say things to complain about the bitter talk about the heart? 
“How to seduce a guy physically—-how to understand men and men”
Men are vulnerable, and although they are the backbone of the social division of labour, they also need to release their depression and gloom from time to time. But he has too few channels to vent. Friends, afraid of trouble others, but also afraid of shame, colleagues, and competitive relations, but also afraid of private words out; So you see, a man’s sense of security is actually very low, want to let them open their hearts to you, we must give them a safe environment, let him feel that he is safe, will not be betrayed, negative, complain, blame, hate, look down, but will be affirmed, supported, encouraged, inclusive. Are those confidants not always like this? So how do you create that atmosphere?
(1) Stop other things and pose as “I’m listening to you carefully.” Make him feel that you are taking him seriously, not on the surface of perfunctory. (2) Eye contact, the maximum time is about 2-3 seconds, with a concerned look at the man. Don’t interrupt him while he’s talking. Don’t respond to him with impatience or preaching, listen patiently and attentively. (3) appropriate nods and responses, thoughtful repetition of each other’s words, rhythmically match each other’s frequency to judge the timing of repetition. (Don’t use the word “I understand”!) (4) Show rich expressions: exercise the facial muscles that control the expression, and use the facial expressions to convey your feelings. During this time you can use gestures and eyes to help. Small finger body language, only applicable to the finger, slowly in the air than scratching, as if in
What do men like about topics and resonance? No more than work, travel, food, sports, hobbies, friends, family and so on, nothing great, a lot of us can’t talk about, than a lot of boys like hand-made, online games, locomotive racing, a lot of girls really have no interest. If you force a chat or fake to pander to it, it’s more embarrassing to be torn down. So it doesn’t really make you look for a topic, it resonates by expanding the topic. So how do you extend it? It’s really layered by layer to increase his self-exposure to you – self-exposure, which represents the level of intimacy and trust. At first, you can start by simply complaining about the facts, just say things, do not say people, give each other some sense of security. You can then add some emotions and perspectives for third parties. For example, after what he says, you can say something: “I think this guy’s doing something weird?” I’ve never met a person who “is involved in a person’s self, starting with exposing his or her views, opinions, attitudes, and values, especially against a third party, and not making the other person uncomfortable.”
“How to seduce a guy physically—-how to understand men and men”
The third step is to talk about the other person’s views and perspectives. What does it take to resonate with you?
I recommend three categories of topics. (1) Talk about your own shortcomings. This is the reverse of the “self-exposure” method, giving him a feeling that you are seeking his approval: “If I can open up to you and face up to my bad side, I really trust you.” The heart is wonderful, when one hears another person’s privacy, out of compensation psychology, he will also increase his own exposure. And because it is girls first to make a revealing move, boys will feel that they have the initiative, more sense of security, but also more likely to trust the female students in their own heart. And, talking about your privacy and stories you’re reluctant to mention, not only to reassure them, but also to give them a signal: “Your business is really normal, look, I’m miserable, I won’t laugh at you.” Next, the man is likely to talk to you about some of his similar journeys, take out just taught everyone to listen to the attitude to listen carefully, and finally sum up: “It is those difficult experiences, only to make us today.”
“Mother Sang’s Way of Talking” mentions a point: “Men’s weakness is uneasiness.” Men look not at each other, but the other body and their own want to share the part, therefore, to master the weakness of men, as long as he shows that you also feel the same way, find a way to find the center of men’s faith, and pay tribute to his faith. Maybe you don’t understand his brain circuit at all, you don’t understand the situation he’s facing, but don’t question it at this time, but let him know that you’re on his side, with his heart. In fact, just chatted about deficiencies in the second half, using this method, identity with him, and he has a heart.
The third step begins by continuing to dot your identity into your daily life. Here’s the real beginning to praise men. It can be a compliment from the middle bull’s-eye, that is, “The place you’re most proud of is also my favourite.” Before ingesting the first implicit compliment, ask yourself, “What is this person’s proudest thing?” Then aim precisely at the bull’s-eye, but also consider the timing, praise the recent achievements can bring more warmth to the hearts of Italians.
It can also be implicit praise: hiding implicit praise in the second part of the statement, thus laying a path to his heart. For example, you can also imply that the Chinese are part of a good group and euphemistically show their preference for him. Or, with expression assistance can also be, smile, stare round eyes, cover the mouth, body forward, shocked and incredible expression, worship eyes, etc., are very persuasive. People trust each other’s natural expressions, smiles, and cheerful conversational temperaments more than words, which is why men like to talk to women: “Finally, when you make him feel that you fully understand how unique he is, it’s time for you to throw out killer compliments.” There’s only one sentence of killer praise: “You’re the best person I’ve ever met.” Looking for the most unique, hidden qualities in his body that most people would never mention, and then staring into his eyes, calling out his name, saying this, hitting the other person’s heart directly. But in general, there is a big principle: try to be with him, but there is no need to accommodate him too reluctantly. The two of them are together, the most important thing is to be happy with each other. More importantly, all scientific research tells us that people are often attracted to people who share similar values, outlooks on life, attitudes and interests, but that different and complementary needs are needed to sustain them for a long time. Love is not just about two people staring at each other, it’s about looking in one direction.

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